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  1. @Collzy, @HOORAY HENRIK, @oriole01, @DB08, @Timma, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @PMLF, @CFuller, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @toon_84, @GunmaN1905, @Razzler, @Marc.Foster050, @ArsenalFan7, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed Good morning comrades, Well, what an extraordinary round of 16 - Argentina OUT, Spain OUT, Portugal OUT. Dramatic victories for France, Uruguay, Russia, Belgium and of course, dear old England - who win a WC penalty shoot out for the first time in their history. I know you all fully expected England to win, in true patriotic spirit - the thing is, a fai
  2. Ronaldo said before the World Cup that he felt he had two more World Cups in him after this one, which would be extraordinary, given he will be 42 by then!
  3. Quite right GunmaN. This is deeply insulting for him but it is not racist.
  4. I don't know - you did ok - you only dropped two places after the bonuses, from 3rd to 5th.
  5. @Collzy, @HOORAY HENRIK, @oriole01, @DB08, @Timma, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @PMLF, @CFuller, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @toon_84, @GunmaN1905, @Razzler, @Marc.Foster050, @ArsenalFan7, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed Comrades, The knock out stages begin today and the same general rules apply - 3 points for a correct score, 1 point for a correct result. In addition, there are amended rules for extra time and penalties and I have copied these rules below as follows: If you opt to declare the result after extra time your score will only be considered at the end of ext
  6. Rules for the knockout stages. If you opt to declare the result after extra time and get the correct score aet - 3 points. Correct result aet - 1 point. If the score is correct at 90 mins but changes in extra time - and the result is the same, 1 point if you have opted for extra time, 3 points if you didn't. If you opt for penalties, 1 additional point if you get the correct winner after penalties, 2 additional points if you get the correct penalties score.
  7. Razzie, we agreed to keep the main table and the bonus table separate to avoid the contest being over too quickly.
  8. Round of Sixteen Saturday 30th June 3pm France v Argentina 1-2 7pm Uruguay v Portugal 2-1 Sunday 1st July 3pm Spain v Russia 2-1 7pm Croatia v Denmark 2-0 Monday 2nd July 3pm Brazil v Mexico 3-0 7pm Belgium v Japan 3-1 Tuesday 3rd July 3pm Sweden v Switzerland 1-2 7pm Colombia v England 1-2
  9. Of course it isn't @GunmaN1905 and @Readingfanman. I was going to run more bonuses for the knock out stage but the fixtures were posted before I could do that. Anyway - we have a number of options - we can run more bonuses, we can run the main table without the bonuses and keep the bonus table self-contained - which was why I posted it on its own initially.
  10. You know why - it was to add an element of uncertainty to the scores and to make sure that nobody became too detached at the bottom and gave up thinking they couldn't close the gap - and it was for a bit of fun!
  11. @Collzy, @HOORAY HENRIK, @oriole01, @DB08, @Timma, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @PMLF, @CFuller, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @toon_84, @GunmaN1905, @Razzler, @Marc.Foster050, @ArsenalFan7, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed Table with bonuses added. Collzy batters ahead, what a day he has had with HOORAY HENRIK and Sons FC zooming up the table thanks to the bonuses with Sons FC the biggest mover, rising 12 places. craigcwwe is also a big mover moving up 11 places to 7th - very well done craig. LilSaint and CFuller also did well, moving up six places each. GunmaN1905
  12. I was going to offer some further bonuses for this round with the fixtures but you appear to have started without me! If you want bonuses added, we can start a new thread for the knock out stages and transfer any existing predictions over.
  13. @Collzy, @oriole01, @DB08, @Timma, @GunmaN1905, @PMLF, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Marc.Foster050, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @toon_84, @LilSaint, @CFuller, @Razzler, @Crispypaul, @ArsenalFan7, @craigcwwe, @SouthCoastRed Bonuses for the Group Stages Which player will score the first goal? 5 points for correct answer Iury Gazinsky (Russia). No correct answers How many goals will be scored in the Group stages in total? 10 points for the correct answer, 5 points for 3 goals either way. 122 goals were scored in the group stages Collzy and daylight were absolu
  14. @Collzy, @oriole01, @DB08, @Timma, @GunmaN1905, @PMLF, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Marc.Foster050, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @toon_84, @LilSaint, @CFuller, @Razzler, @Crispypaul, @ArsenalFan7, @craigcwwe, @SouthCoastRed Zdravstvuj comrades. The last of the group games have finished and while a lot of the results and teams going through were expected, there were also some real shocks. Among other notable outcomes, Germany crashed out at the group stage (or the first round, if you like) for the first time since 1938 and we all know how well they took that. The German te
  15. Worst German team in Russia since 1941. The closer they got to Moscow, the more it fell apart.
  16. Good luck to Brazil. We can't have Brazil and Germany both going out at the group stages...or can we?
  17. Or, as we call it...normal Saturday night in Glasgow.
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