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  1. Very well done Wiggie!! It is always a real highlight of the year. Also, very well done to @Confused Clarity for winning the quiz. Wow - top of the non-cheaters league - don't know where that came from - a lot of luck in December - I had just come out of Gimpy's Christmas thread when the quiz was put up, so I managed to get al five - a lot of luck along the way. Thanks also to @Bliss Seeker for running the non-cheaters league.
  2. because no Gizzy = a great quiz that works!
  3. Sent - at least I knew a couple this month so not all guesses.
  4. Well I for one support our beloved leader and my answers have been sent.
  5. Extra question: who let everyone down by reneging on a deal, failing to deliver on it and running off at the last moment when everyone was waiting for a key decision?
  6. (Neither do I - it was a wee joke for Wiggie).
  7. Blimey, that was hard. Sent. Pretty confident about my answer for number 8!
  8. Ah CC - you are importing far more deviousness on the part of our OTF colleagues than I would ever dare to suggest.
  9. No need to look at the questions in any detail - you may as well just guess anyway - that's pretty much what the rest of us did.
  10. Sent. I could remember most of the topics but not the details, so bit rubbishy answers.
  11. @Collzy, @Timma, @oriole01, @HOORAY HENRIK, @GunmaN1905, @CFuller, @PMLF, @DB08, @toon_84, @Marc.Foster050, @Orzelek, @ArsenalFan7, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @YouReds, @Razzler, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed, @Spike55455, @wetfred. Comrades, The struggle is over. Those who tried to defeat the might of Mother Russia have all been sent packing and the motherland survives yet again. The proletariat will now return to the collectives for the common good. France has been accused of looting and the Red Army will be mobilised to take back what has been stolen in four y
  12. You know what they say toon - bold is as bold does. (Whatever that means).
  13. Welcome comrade. Very late in the day but you will probably still beat @Crispypaul!!
  14. Tricky really. I was going on the premise that prediction came from the Latin praedict- ‘made known beforehand, declared’, from the verb praedicere, from prae- ‘beforehand’ + dicere ‘say’. I may be wrong though!
  15. You did in the prediction thread - 2-1 to France.
  16. They're more summaries, or round ups though rather than predictions. Call me old fashioned but I maintain that predictions are supposed to come before the event.
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