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  1. @YouReds, @Timma, @oriole01, @HOORAY HENRIK, @PMLF, @Razzler, @Collzy, @DB08, @LilSaint, @SouthCoastRed, @Orzelek, @CFuller, @GunmaN1905, @Marc.Foster050, @Readingfanman, @Crispypaul, @ArsenalFan7, @craigcwwe, @daylight, @toon_84 I have brought the table up to date to the end of the round 1 matches. I posted the earlier table because some people had not brought their predictions up to date but this is how it looks after round 1. YouReds retains his lead although it is now only two points from Timma, who jumps four places into second, with oriole01 dropping into third. Razzler is
  2. Excellent, well done JD. It didn't seem right when I was typing it but this makes sense.
  3. For the first time in any World Cup, no 0-0 draws in the first round of matches. Also, first World Cup where the hosts have won their first two games. Both from the BBC, so not necessarily accurate.
  4. It wasn't a criticism - it was a personal observation. There is lots to dislike with many of the male commentators, thoughts which have been aired and discussed on OTF at length over the years.
  5. You've done it again - my comment was meant as a joke and you have analysed it back through the original analysis and the corrective analysis has sucked any humour out of my comment.
  6. You see...if you over-analyse any joke it loses its humour.
  7. Keown and Danny Murphy are truly awful. Great for Vicki Sparks but I find her voice too shrill to listen to for any length of time (are we allowed to say that?).
  8. So, a great start from England's perspective and a great start for almost everyone who correctly guessed Harry Kane as England's first scorer. Commiserations to: Collzy, GunmaN1905, Marc.Foster050, ArsenalFan7, SouthCoastRed and daylight who chose different players. 10 points for everyone else, which will be added to the scores at the final reckoning at the end of the tournament.
  9. I'd be surprised if this was true. All players have to be in their own half before the game restarts.
  10. How utterly bizarre. Why would you not want to play for your country at the World Cup? Even if he is annoyed at not starting, surely you take every opportunity you can get?
  11. @YouReds, @oriole01, @Collzy, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Marc.Foster050, @Timma, @Orzelek, @CFuller, @DB08, @Readingfanman, @GunmaN1905, @PMLF, @LilSaint, @ArsenalFan7, @craigcwwe, @SouthCoastRed, @daylight, @Crispypaul, @Razzler, @toon_84 Interim table based on the results up to Sunday the 17th June. An excellent start for @YouReds, who takes an early two point lead after two correct scorelines. Some very impressive predictions so far but everyone was caught out by the unexpected results for Brazil and Germany. Special mention for @Readingfanman and @Marc.Foster050 for correctly guessing the Argen
  12. Ok, since about 843 then, although an identifiable "Scottish" kingdom was in existence from at least Roman times.
  13. Of course we're friends. The Scots wish to see England lose (at any sport) is not to be confused with any anti-English feelings or sentiment. Rather, it is the accumulation of thousands of years of military and political history and almost total dominance of the use of hubris by the English.
  14. YouGov is not the Government - it is a public listed company.
  15. @daylight - You've only missed one game and one bonus. Feel free to join in. You can send today's predictions now if you like, which will give you more time to work through the list.
  16. Nice one @YouReds. If it comes in, 10 points. These "other" ad hoc, subjective bonuses will be counted separately to the main scores.
  17. SCR has raised a good point. Everyone - you are welcome to try for bonus points. Anything that you point out that tickles me, makes me laugh or I think is clever, may get extra points. Very subjective of course but points will be awarded (or deducted) for requests for bonus points.
  18. Nice try SCR but you have previous in the League Two Predictions thread!
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