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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565364336 It's just that, I can't take any of the credit for it but it's helped me out loads. @Jogo Bonito Good luck with Colchester, Szmodics has always looked quality from highlights I've seen of him, should be good for you. @warlock Yeah, I often get plenty of ideas particularly around this time of day and end up thinking "Yeah I'll really enjoy ....... save" but when it comes down to it, it doesn't as you say light the spark, certain teams for me do light that spark such as Peterborough funnily enough. I've also looked away from the efl recently just started with AZ in Holland and that's really got me interested, I enjoyed Aberdeen last year as well, very similar saves really topple Ajax and PSV or Rangers and Celtic. @DefinitelyTaylor Thanks! It'll be a tough run this season for sure.
  2. This. Thank good I'm not alone in floundering for save ideas.
  3. Long time no see, people of the Football League thread. The last time I had spoken to you we had just secured an unexpected promotion to the Championship and now my job is to keep us there. There was some great news over the summer regarding the transfer embargo that the club had suffered through the past year. So now I was allowed to make some much needed additions to the team. Most of the summer was spent trying to recuperate the loan players that had left after their seasons loan expired, including Herbie Kane and our star man last season Nishan Burkart. This is how our squad looks going into the new season, as you can see we've managed to secure the services of some of our star players on loan last season, as well as adding a few new faces to the side. I could have bored you with screenshots of them all but decided not to, most of the people lurking around on here will know most of these EFL regulars I've brought in.
  4. Season 3 transfers Scatter-gun approach FC once again, two big signings really in Lafont and Asensio. Now there is one big loss on the out list. Paul Pogba, he wouldn't stop crying about wanting to play for Real Madrid and he wouldn't even listen to contract talks and with one year left I wasn't going to risk losing him for free. Almiron, Pereira and Mata, were all great servants and performed fantastically for us over the first 2 seasons but it's time for the a new crop of players to prove themselves. So who is going to replace the French midfielder? Currently on our books we have Tonali, De Jong, Gravenberch and Exequiel Palacios all vying for Pogba's spot in the team.
  5. Out on loan before I lost Sidibe. I played him a few times last season did well enough. As soon as I lost Sidibe it was my first thought but sadly he can't be recalled.
  6. Haha, yeah my scouts certainly don't like Calabria, Mbabu is at Napoli now and he looks fantastic. Weiser will do the job for now at least.
  7. @warlock @zlatanera Well it's a good job I went with Weiser then. £22.5m seems more like the price I wanted to pay for a right back.
  8. Yeah still here and he's been brilliant. Got this deal ready, £109m release clause and I've got more than enough money to do the deal. What do you reckon?
  9. Cheers, Kimmich at PSG so no chance of that. Mallo a good cheep option but a bit old tbh. Thanks, Henrichs too slow? 14 Acceleration, 15 Pace that's not bad. Does look a bit dodgy defensively though. Semedo at LIverpool so that's a none starter, Passlack pretty poor defensively it seems. Vagnoman looks okay as well. Weiser is a very attacking choice and cheap. Definitely want Odriozola as top choice though.
  10. Sorry to ask for help again but I suddenly find myself in desperate need of a right back after I sold Sidibe to Atletico. I've tried for Odriozola and Henrichs but undone know whether they're worth the money? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Well, what a run this has been Unbelievable. I won't bother boring you with the January window as we obviously couldn't do anything. Well you might have noticed a certain name popping up quite a lot on that results list , just in time really as Billy Kee's goals have well and truly dried up. So this is where we are now. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the little "P" next to Accrington Yay! Unbelievable really, I never thought in a million years we'd have a chance of promotion. Board loving it as well a budget of £2m and £60k a week is huge considering we are paying £30k a week atm. Still failing FFP though mind!
  12. Yeah the contrast between the two saves is great, certainly makes it interesting. Wow! what a run Top of the league, wins against some real big teams in their as well. The highlight being the 5-0 demolition of QPR at home. Another massive win came against, promotion rivals (I guess that's where we are now) Ipswich. Farrugia and Burkart have really stepped it up another level recently. January looks like it will come and go considering that we're still in the thick of a transfer window.
  13. A great second season! After all that effort to get Lafont I don't know whether I'll ever use him. As I'm undecided as to what the point of continuing would be now I've won the Champions League.
  14. Long time no see. I've been enjoying a mixture of revision and a Man Utd save. Wow! Unbelievable, the win against Shrewsbury pot us top for the first time this season. We've been flying somewhat under the radar gradually catching up the big boys of the league. MK Dons are really playing well, the best team we've played this season and the only team to outplay us. I wonder whether this form will continue through the rest of the season, we are definitely overachieving but the additions we made in the summer look to have been very smart ones. @ellzo Farrugia has been brilliant for me so far, although he keeps going off on international duty Billy Kee top scorer in the division again! With 14 goals. Oh and anyone wanting a cheap loan player Nishan Burkart is quality. Hopefully we continue this form and who knows is the impossible possible?
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