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  1. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    More like it!
  2. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19 - Rotherham United

    At Oakwell wtf is this
  3. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    February: You two were saying. For Reading away we switched to a 442 and who popped up on debut Mousset with the last minute winner. The next new signing to get on the score was Isak but the most important goal of the game was this a true FM goal. https://i.gyazo.com/34e568ddd9861b062a1c743098d59ab8.mp4 Honestly! 1 goal for Isak was clearly not enough so he started the game against Birmingham quickly, 23 seconds to be precise followed by 2 more including a 2 minute salvo from him and Pottsy. Middlesbrough have been chasing Cam McGeehan all season and he showed them just what they were missing out on a 25 yard strike gave us a crucial 1-0 win. January signings Morgan and Isak gave us our first win at Hillsborough since February 2009. The top two clashed in a game that could well determine who goes on to clinch promotion. Blackburn were put ahead by Joe Willock before Brad Potts finished a fantastic counter attacking move to draw us level and ten minutes after the break Isak put us ahead with his head, McGeehan missed a penalty and we then managed to hit the wood-work an incredible 4 times, I've never seen anything like it, I was so sure by this point that they would go down the other end and nick one. Which would have been a travesty considering the stats. An amazing month for us 6 straight wins from 6 is an amazing effort the January recruits have been simply brilliant. 4 points clear of West Brom in 3rd as well POTM: Isak, it could be no one else really 7 goals from 6 games is unbelievable, I hope he can keep that level of form up for the rest of the season.
  4. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    Transfers: Out: I'll start with the outs and well there's a few big ones. He was such a great player for us, probably one of the only players a the club who has Premier League potential but he wanted the move and it was decent enough money. Adam Davies leaves us after 6 years at the club. He was a great keeper for us but £7.75m for a 28 year old is something I can't turn down. In: In true Barnsley tradition we couldn't actually spend any of the money we bring in. No, of the £19m we brought in only £1.7m was spent. Leaving me with and the board with a profit of £19m this season isn't too bad is it? So who did we spend this £1.7m on, I'm sure you're dying to know; We'll start with the most expensive of the deals. £600k on Lewis Morgan, for anybody who read my Barnsley save last year my remember was fantastic for me. Hopefully he'll repeat his performances for me on FM19. Cordoba is a bit of a punt to be honest I don't know how we'll turn out and my Brexit means he can't be registered on an U-23 player work permit. Taublieb is a strange one to be honest he looks decent enough but he's only 5'9 and his technicals aren't good enough to play in midfield or at Full back. Joyce, joins from Billericay for £250K we'll see how he develops. Now, I was having trouble finding a replacement for Davies so I thought who has too many keepers and can't play them all oh yes! Wednesday , so I had a look at Kieren Westwood he doesn't do much these days apart from pick up £30k a week for doing naff all . But Dawson was in Wednesday's U-23s and for that price I thought why not 2 young keepers now. Walton will be number 1 for now, it's only right considering he's played understudy to Davies for 18 months for me so I'll give him a chance to make the number 1 shirt his own. We've had massive problems with strikers this season all our goals have come from midfield and the defence and I hope he'll be the answer to the problem, a great signing for us, I'm chuffed to bits tbh. Mousset will hopefully be the answer to our problems. A replacement of sorts to Lindsay he's got roughly similar potential to Lindsay by the looks of it the only problem is that he's not ours. Whether we can stay towards the top end of the league after January is a question I don't know the answer to. I wasn't planning to do anything in January but the change in circumstances meant we had to do otherwise.
  5. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    January: A great start to the month against a struggling Millwall side, a hat-trick for Aneke as well. Tariq Fosu some backs to bite the hand that once fed him, as we breeze passed Reading in the cup. A big televised game against Huddersfield next 2nd hosts 4th, we'd previously beaten them earlier in the season but I was certainly anything but confident against an incredibly talented Huddersfield side. Pinillos was sent off before Aneke gave us an unlikely lead but we couldn't see it out unfortunately. Jordan Jones back in form and back in the goals with a sweet strike into the top left corner. A disappointing end to the month as we go down 1-0 to Preston. A massive game for us in the FA Cup, we gave Liverpool more than a decent game but really didn't deserve to get anything from the game. 5th in the league and only 5 points off 2nd is not a bad return all things considered. POTM: Adam Jackson has been nothing but sublime in the last month, he's really stepped up and an assist too. Well done Adam.
  6. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    Not as good on my save, still on the shortlist.
  7. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    Thanks £40m!!!!! Why didn't you sat so? I had enough fencing off of bids in January as it was. Which I'll try and post soon. Barnsley do have some great young players Lindsay is probably pick of the bunch on FM, however I'm not his biggest fan url.
  8. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19 - Rotherham United

    Congrats. It looks like it has been going well for you. Just looked at how much you're paying Dean Henderson. 45k p/w Mental!
  9. Jamesbfc1887

    Advice on who to sign in my Charlton save?

    Hi, Check out if either Rob Hall or Adam Hammill (both wingers) have been released on your save, that were for my Barnsley save. If not just look for the most expensive players available for loan. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope it helps.
  10. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    November: A month to take us right back down to reality 7 points from 5 games won't get us anywhere near to the play offs this season ad is more what I was expecting going into this season. We NEVER beat Ipswich and this game was no different Cameron McGeehan saved us in the last couple of minutes to avoid defeat at Portman Road. A blast of reality from promotion rivals Newcastle who are easily the best team in the league, we actually dominated the game but their class shone through. No wins in 3 and I was having a mini breakdown for 5 minutes. Derby and Jack Marriott were again very clinical and both exposed our weaknesses to balls over the top and being counter attacked in general. Much better Cardiff aren't having a great season after relegation from the Premier League, Moore doubled his tally for the season and I've been massively disappointed with the contributions from our strikers this year. Moore has 5 by January, Woodrow has 1, Gallagher and Victor have 0. Another great strike from distance from McGeehan was enough to get us a big win against Villa to end November. POTM: Cameron McGeehan, he was the stand out player this month contributing 2 goals from midfield. December: Wow!, we're still up there and looking good for playoffs however top 2 is looking slightly beyond us, Newcastle in particular are starting to flex their muscles and potentially run away with the league. 2-2 against Bristol City was a disappointing result for us which shows exactly how far we have come in the last 18 months. Aneke and Thiam continue to churn out some great performances this season. Brentford was only the second game all season we haven't scored in strange considering we had 20 shots including 10 on target. But we move, there's always next week, swings and roundabouts etc.. I suppose. Rotherham have been pretty good so far this season mid table is probably more than they could have hoped for. The bookies had this down as a relegation clash with us predicted to finish 21st and Rotherham 22nd. 4-2 and what a game in front of the sky cameras we took the lead from a an early penalty, gave the lead up immediately and then went behind inside 15 minutes, we were much in the ascendancy and a 2 minute stunning brace from McGeehan, including two 20 yard plus screamers, was enough to give us a half time lead. A late Lloyd Isgrove counter attack killed the game off. Boxing day provided a home fixture against QPR a 4-1 win and I was suddenly much the happier after scoring 4 goals in consecutive games. The last game of the year was a really tough fixture against fellow promotion contenders West Brom, we went behind on 70 minutes and pegged West Brom backed immediately courtesy to Brad Potts on 71 minutes. A great end to a fantastic year we are right up there on course for 81 points (if my maths is correct) which should be good enough for play offs, but we'll have to see how January goes I guess, we have a few players who are stirring up some interset from other Championship and Premier League sides; Adam Davies, Liam Lindsay, Alex Mowatt, Cameron McGeehan and Jordan Jones are whipping up quite the interest. POTM: Mamadou Thiam, 4 goals and an assist in December is a fantastic return from left wing.
  11. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    Tactics: We've changed our tactics since promotion, we're not able to dominate the games in the same way we were able to do so in League 1, so adapt we must. We've stopped looking for the overlap, passing into space and we are now adopting a balanced approach rather than an attacking approach. All of these minor tactical adjustments have enabled us to keep control of games this year by somewhat taking the sting out of the game by having large amounts of possession. Unfortunately there are a lot of good teams with much better players than us in the championship and in order to limit the chances they get to come forward and attack I've felt it necessary to have larger amounts of possession than I ever thought we could. Now although this is not necessarily a bad thing per se but it does allow the opposition, if they want to to sit in and defend deep whilst watching us passing it around not making many inroads into their defence resulting in a large amount of long range shots. It's not all bad news though we've topped or been towards the top of every attacking stat namely: This is by the end of December which I will show you shortly but as you can see we are creating and scoring a fair few goals this season.
  12. Jamesbfc1887

    Red cards/ Penalties/ unusual match play

    I too have had this problem, more with penalties than red cards though. I don't know if I'm posting this correctly or whether I should have created a new thread but here goes. A couple of dodgy penalty decisions here. 1 of them from the corner probably is push but the others are just awful. I hope I've set it out reasonably well. Thanks. Dag & Red v Chesterfield.pkm ME1914 Chesterfield v Leyton Orient.pkm ME1914
  13. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    October: Sigh! The Sheffield Wednesday game was a real tough one to take, we dominated the game but unfortunately we just don't ever beat this lot, coincidentally Wednesday have been bought by a tycoon and are busy splashing the cash they've almost spent £40 million no transfer embargo there that's for sure. A second loss on the bounce and I was wondering whether the proverbial wheels were falling off! A 91st minute winner by Angel Gomes on loan from Man Utd, condemned us to defeat. That's better 4-1 vs Scunthorpe who to be fair have so far given the Championship a good crack, Jordan Jones has been absolutely fantastic for us recently after a seemingly slow start, Aneke has taken to life in the Championship in his stride as well arriving late into the box to slot past Freddie Woodman in the Scunthorpe goal. Oxford however have made a less than impressive start to the season and are already at risk of being cut adrift, after Karl Robinson left to become Cardiff manager after leading Oxford to promotion. George Moncur on great form to answer the questions of whether he could cut it in the Championship. A big win over potential promotion contenders Leeds, a bizarre 5-2-2-1 formation from Leeds offering absolutely no width to speak of, and we took full advantage of it Thiam with another 2 to keep his great early season form. POTM: Jordan Jones takes player of the month, 4 goals this month I'm really starting to worry about a £3.8 million release fee in his contract. Alex Mowatt was again unlucky not to win POTM, Mr Consistent in the middle for us. I've changed some of the tactics around for this season and I'll post them soon.
  14. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: The English Football League thread

    Having a great time managing Barnsley this year. It's proving a little harder than I first anticipated, so I might look at another EFL save or Chesterfield. You can read about it here: Sorry for the blatant plug.
  15. Jamesbfc1887

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    I have to say I'm used to seeing the odd Prem team kit like Man UTD but I would certainly be a bit confused if I saw a couple of lads in a Yeovil kit at Oakwell.