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  1. Wow to think I'd almost forgotten about Bebe . I mean Nani was a pretty handy player so you could argue it's 3 good deals from Lisbon. Yeah the squad is looking in a better state than last year. We haven't played a system with wingers since Stendel's departure and I plan to keep it that way. It'll either be a diamond in midfield or some variation on a 5 at the back formation. Perhaps a 5212, hopefully I'll reveal the tactics and positions we need to strengthen in the next day or so. I've got a little shortlist written down, having done some scouting on the beta.
  2. The Squad: Goalkeepers Only two goalkeepers that are going to trouble your first team this season and as you can see there's not a lot between them. Jack Walton is your home grown goalkeeper and has nailed down the first team jersey over the past few months IRL. Brad Collins came through the youth ranks at Chelsea and joined last season on a free transfer from the Blues, he was in and out of the first team last season, sharing duties with Austrian keeper Sami Radlinger who has fortunately departed the club over the summer. Defenders
  3. Season One Aim: Another year and another season as one of the relegation favourites, with only Wycombe predicted to finish behind us, it's certainly going to be a tough ask to stay in the division but that's what we are going to aim to do. Club Vision: As I've mentioned in the intro Barnsley have a distinct style when it comes recruitment and how the beautiful game should be played. You will most likely see the likes of "Play entertaining football" and "Develop players using the club's youth system" with a lot of teams on FM, however
  4. Cheers, wow that's pretty cool I have to say! I've only ever spoken to Neerav Parekh from the consortium, he seemed like a decent bloke. Generally I'm happy with our approach, I'd rather be run like we are than how the majority of the division is run.
  5. FM 21: Barnsley Football Club Well here we are again, another year another Barnsley FM thread! Now where on earth do I start with this one! A lot has changed in the last 12 months, fan favourite Daniel Stendel who oversaw promotion from League 1 a few months previous was relieved of his duties in October 2019, with the Reds lying rock-bottom of the Championship. This saw the introduction of caretaker manager Adam Murray for a run of 5 winless game. On November 19th Barnsley appoint Austrian manager Gerhard Struber from Wolfsberger AC. The Austrian is very much a bi
  6. Think I may add a few tweaks to this, mainly around budgets for some of the teams. Having had a click around some teams basically have a squad of about 15 but now wage or transfer budget, I'm sure their real life managers will be allowed to bolster their squad even if it's just free agents you still need a budget for it. I'll try and tweak that.
  7. And we're live! Here's the file, not tried any of this type of thing before, so we'll see how it goes
  8. Just finished editing, not much to be done for League 1 and 2 (outside the teams promoted) imo. Mainly because they've not really played any football since the official update. I'm going to load a game up, just got to decide who to manage for the new season, I've already got my eye on teams for FM 21, so I'll stay clear of them.
  9. Yeah I'm currently sifting through the leagues, trying to apply as many CA-PA changes as I can, to the best of my ability. I have a decent knowledge of the EFL but I don't know exactly how each player has performed so most of the players are the same. I've tried to do a decent job of giving those that I know deserve an upgrade. It's quite the job, I'm through the Championship now, there'll be less changes to League 1 and 2 because I don't know quite as much about the players.
  10. Good morning people of the efl thread, it's been a long few months for me but yesterday I managed to knuckle down and think about some FM. Since the season has now ended, I've been looking for an update with transfers, relegation/promotions and a few tweaks to the efl database (CA-PA, finances, points deductions etc...) Since I couldn't find an update that was close enough too my liking, I doubt any update will look at the EFL with any great detail, so I brought it upon myself to do it myself. I didn't want to settle for just promotion/relegation and the addition of new transfers usi
  11. October: Barnsley vs Swansea Well after the international break we bounced backed, Jordan Williams certainly had an interesting game, scoring the winning goal then getting sent off with 10 minutes to go, just to keep his teammates on his toes I'd have thought West Brom vs Barnsley Next we faced arguably the strongest squad in the league, at the Hawthorns. It really was a dull game, I'm not sure there was a single highlight all game. But I'll take it!!! Huddersfield vs Barnsley An absolute heart-breaker at Huddersfield, in the 5th minute of 4 a
  12. Well the guy I signed Efkan Befiroglu is a great play but I wouldn't say he was a top championship player. He's really cheap though. I'll have a further think
  13. What sort of midfielder are you after? Defensive or a playmaker type?
  14. It would appear so Yeah he's been the starting left back for me this season, Leif Davies has been injured for the most part but he's already growing superbly. If he can grow his defensive stats he'll be absolutely fantastic. Luke Thomas has had a hard time of it, he doesn't really fit anywhere in my system, Brown and Schmidt are injured currently so he's helping out upfront as a sub. Also it's been nice to give Aidan Marsh a run in the team off the bench.
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