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  1. FM18 future transfers issue??

    This is a potential change I would like to see, realistically would your boardallow you to take the club into bankruptcy or fail FFP by putting clauses like he ones you see in FM, probably not! I would like to see he board stepping in and saying enough is enough when you've spent £200m with a £50m budget so you can't spend way beyond your means.
  2. FM18 future transfers issue??

    I agree entirely, it REALLY annoys me when there are such unrealistic transfers in FM (which there are alot of) it kind of ruins the game and especially he fact rival teams from the same country seem to treat you no differently to a team from across Europe.
  3. FM18 future transfers issue??

    The system is very unrealistic, I can resist doing it offline (to a degree) as it makes it very unrealistic, which is my number 1 gripe about FM is that 2-3 years in to the save you can have a ridiculous team by spending 4 times your budget. But if I'm playing against my mate on a network game I want to win so I do everything I can to do so. e.g. first year with Liverpool I spent about £120m with a budget of about £50m and second season I spent upwards of £200m on players like; Reus, Alexis Sanchez, Nainggolan etc... Because I wanted to win and the ability to abuse this game mechanic is there. I really hope that there is a change to the clauses on transfers in general for FM18.
  4. FM18 future transfers issue??

    True IRL but from an in-game point of view which is what I'm on about really the money you make from player sales goes into your transfer budget you want that money NOW!!! not in 4 years time. Sorry, a bad example on my part, but I could give you countless examples of where i've given a lower league English team or any team with less financial clout than Premier League giants £200k upfront and £1-2mil over 48 months or some other ridiculous clause which I could easily bypass by selling a player on before he's made 50 appearances or scored 50 goals for us.
  5. FM18 future transfers issue??

    I get that a lot of transfers happen via monthly installments but surely if you wanted £23m for a player and a club said to you we'll give you £3m up front and £20m over 48 months, you'd tell them to get stuffed (well I would anyway). So I'd like to see a system where the AI want a much larger proportion up front and then maybe a combined total of e.g. 10-20% more than their asking price.
  6. FM18 future transfers issue??

    TBH, there are probably only a few people who now the answer to that question. But I too hope this isolated and have noticed it before because with Liverpool having to pay or not pay that £50m for Keita sold make a huge impact on your second transfer window. I also hope that the AI aren't so stupid regarding transfers when you say I'll give you £10m up front and £40m over 48 months, which is probably the biggest issue in regards to the game being too easy as squad building is too easy when you can spend £200m in one window despite having a budget of £50m.
  7. This is (after player and media interactions) is the most important thing for me. Some of the AI transfers are just stupid, along with not being able to negotiate % of wages when taking someone on loan, which happens all the time IRL. As well as being able to achieve club icon/legend more realistically.
  8. Hopefully on FM 18 you won't just be able to players they're **** after every game (despite winning) and get a fantastic reaction every time like you could on FM 17 or the many occasions where if someone wants a new contract you can tell them that the club can't afford to and they'd just accept it as well as if someone was unhappy about the amount of game time they were getting, you could just tell them 'So and So is in the form of his life at the moment' and they suddenly be fine again. This was one of the things that most bugged me about FM 17 and I really hope there's some massive improvements regarding player interactions and that after playing the game for a month I've not already worked out what you have to say when the same scenario comes up every time leading to the game becoming really very repetitive.
  9. I've also got this problem i can still play online, but i f i click on my inbox i just get a blank inbox screen and the game stops working.
  10. Why am I not scoring I've dominated every team and just don't seem to put the chances away. Plz help .
  11. FM17: Barnsley - "It's Just Like Watchin Brazil"

    August and September: Results: Barnsley vs Norwich: A great start to the league against one of the best teams in the league, with a great double strike from Tom Bradshaw to give a perfect start to the new season. Barnsley Vs Coventry: Aagh!, I don't think I've won an EFL cup game on FM 17 a slightly rotated side okay but still a very disappointing EFL cup game as we go out to a side 2 divisions below us, despite largely dominating the game. Sunderland vs Barnsley: So close! Almost a fantastic result but we were beaten but I what will probably go down as the goal of the season from Jermaine Defoe a 30 yard volley, to deny us a point, but promising signs with both Moult and Bradshaw as the strike force i hope will keep us up getting on the score sheet. Barnsley vs Reading: A game we should have won but didn't we dominated the game but couldn't make the break through and the came the sucker punch in the 85th minute on the break to give us our 3rd straight defeat. Derby vs Barnsley: Another loss and worrying times it felt like. We took the lead thanks to 1 over the top through ball to Moult who superbly slotted past the keeper to give us the lead but a 2 minute double from the multi talented Chris Martin ensured we went back to Yorkshire empty handed. Barnsley vs Bolton: Bolton at home a must win if we wish to be in the Championship next year. Things didn't start as I had wished, behind to an Adam Le Fondre goal, Adam Hammill sneaked in at the near post to draw us level however, just seven minutes later we were in front thanks to Moult, assisted by Bradshaw - who are forging a great partnership up top. Bradshaw doubled our lead, which was cut to a one goal lead in the 87th minute to make it a nervous last few moments, but Louis Moult secured our second win of the season by tapping in from and Adam Hammill cross. September to follow.
  12. FM17: Barnsley - "It's Just Like Watchin Brazil"

    Soz for the no updates will be out soon (ish).
  13. FM17: Barnsley - "It's Just Like Watchin Brazil"

    Transfers: A busy period that's for sure. We've brought in 15 players, 12 of which will be in the first team squad. We've brought in 3 out and out strikers, 2 centre forward/ wingers, 3 wingers, a central midfielder, 2 fullbacks, 1 centre-half, a goalie and 2 youth prospects, all of which are still young of course. Most of these signings were free transfers after they ran their contracts down at their last club and I really think we've got some gems (e.g. Connor Mahoney) through the door for nothing! We've still quite a lot of wage remaining too (just under £10k) to potentially spend in January if we need anyone else then. I am sure some of you will know a bit about some of these players, but I'll give a review of them so you can see exactly what they'll be like: Smith is a fantastic free signing! He'll push Davies for the starting spot and his stats are even better than his star rating! On a free after leaving Inverness, he'll push for a start I'm sure. An excellent signing and our oldest at 26, really good going forward with 15 crossing, far too good for League 1 and on a free with other clubs sniffing around very happy with this one. A hidden gem? Someone I've used a couple of times this year on FM. A bargain at only £60k from Jerv in the Norwegian 2nd tier. A real coup for us, played 2 games for Barnsley on loan a long time ago and didn't impress but that was a long time a go. A starter for sure with all the attributes I like in a BWM. A massive fan favourite and a deal many would like to see after his loan spell here in the 2015/16 season when he scored at Wembley in the play off final, he'll be a good back up and I know he'll try and try and try. Mahoney is an absolutely fantastic signing for us, only 20 as well. He can't really play right mid (according to the game so I'll have to train him) Can't believe he choose us although he is taking a hefty chuck of our wage bill. Nicholson was someone that Barnsley were after IRL but butcherted that transfer after being unwilling to pay Hearts the compensation required, however I did not and I am definitely excited about his performances so far. Another free transfer!, Lorenzen came up from an agent in my inbox, I didn't even know he was a free agent and I have signed him before on FIFA 17 from Bremen, a fantastic signing who can play upfront but also on the wing which I was not aware of. A deadline day signing, he always seems to come good whenever I do a save and £150k may turn out to be a bargain a few years down the line. But I don't think he's ready yet so he's off to Burton on loan. A striker at last! Johannes Eggestein one of FM 17's best wonderkids and I'm delighted to get him on loan, it's a massive coup for us to get him and I know he'll improve massively as the season goes on and we pay none of his wages. Surprised I couldn't get a future fee actually . I told you we needed strikers. We have another massive fan favourite in Ashley Fletcher was a crucial part of our 15/16 promotion season much like Lloyd Isgrove whilst on loan from Man Utd, his efforts on loan earned him a move to West Ham where last season he dipped in and out of the 1st team. Moult comes in from Motherwell for our biggest fee of the window £350k and our biggest earner on £8k a week after impressing IRL last season for Motherwell and stirring up interest among many clubs. His 15 finishing is excellent for a £350k and better than anything else we could afford an his 16 first touch means he could be very useful for hold up play. Oh and can anybody let me know if his name is pronounced Lewis or a Louis? Oh and here's a youth product I found, looks like he could really grow into a fantastic player for us. And for every great one there's a poor one and a classic FM case of here's a 4 star youth player says my scout I sign him and he's rubbish! Here's an updated Squad list: The squad has fully taken place now and although it will be a tough season I'm sure we can survive the drop. I've still only brought in one left back though so oops Yids may have to play at left back after all. But elsewhere we have 5 strikers, 5 wingers, 5 centre mids, 4 centre-halves, 1 left back, 3 right backs and 2 quality goalies. An August fixture report will be out tomorrow (probs). And once again thanks for reading.
  14. FM17: Barnsley - "It's Just Like Watchin Brazil"

    Preseason: A poor preseason with very few fixtures, but I'm not going to worry that much because from what I've seen in FM17 it has very little correlation to your season at all. Starting with a very average performance against Crawley, an easy win and a fantastic Stevie Mallan goal against Salford, then an interesting friendly -which I would love to have IRL- against Bayer Leverkusen and a very promising performance but we finished of with an embarrising defeat to Doncaster Rovers (less said about that the better) . The Tactic A word of warning I don't claim to be some sort of tactical genius and this tactic is based to a large extent from watching Barnsley for many years. This is my tactic for at home against teams I feel we can dominate. I hope this leads to us playing in an open expensive style, where we get stuck in with energetic fast build play using the wings and relying on cosses, forcing the opposition to play long to Roberts and MacDonald who are dominant in the air and trying to physically intimidate our opposition. This tactic will be used primarily away from home and also against some of the better teams in the league, as well as providing a good base if we go down to 10 men. We will aim to sit back let the opposition pass the ball around at the back and then if they slip or take a bad touch or we make an interception we brake and brake fast using our pace down the wings to help us plough straight through the opposition's defence.
  15. FM17: Barnsley - "It's Just Like Watchin Brazil"

    Wishlist: I'd rather not be dependent on loans so i'll look to try for permanent deals, although loan deals do provide smaller Championship teams to get players we just can't afford to buy. There are also a wealth of free agents to trawl through thanks to the database update and plenty of players who I will try to persuade to run down the remaining couple of weeks on there contracts and join me. Our budget lies at £2,000,000 and £60k a week free of wages, which I know sounds a lot but with 10 players of Championship quality and an assistant manager to pick up as well I expect to burn through it very quickly. So here's a pre-transfer guide ST we need a big physical presence up front to help Bradshaw, who for all his technical skill lacks physical presence. On the Wing I am looking for some pace, to get down the wing. A midfielder, who runs is blood to water and who has some "Bite" in the centre of the park would be nice to replace Josh Scowen. Two left backs are needed although I may sign 1 left back and 1 right back because so far I am really struggling to find left backs of good enough quality and Conor McLaughlin looks like he is going to run his contract down at Fleetwood, so i should be able to get him in despite a lot of interest from elsewhere. At centre back another option in a similar mould to Roberts and MacDonald. Goalkeeper I think I've found the man for the job, Adam Smith who has just left Northampton Town IRL. England will probably be too expensive even for the best players in League 2 and League 1 being above what I am prepared to pay so I'll be looking around Europe during the summer, because of our new French CEO Gauthier Ganaye and also look to Scotland where recently Barnsley have found some success with the likes of Marley Watkins and Stevie Mallan. I personally have had success in FM17 finding players in Northern Europe so I'll no doubt be looking there for some hidden gems.