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  1. I was just wondering whether or not to apply there needs be a vacancy at the club you wish to apply for.
  2. Jamesbfc1887

    FM 19 Loan to Buys

  3. Just wondering what'll happen in FM19 with all the loan to permanents in January that have been going around in the football league. If it is a confirmed permanent transfer in January will that be replicated in the game? And will you lose money from your budget or club finances if a player is incoming and gain that money if someone is leaving the club?
  4. Looking for a new save using the 18/19 promotions and relegations. Preferably in the UK or Europe and some narrative would be nice(e.g. a side struggling) or maybe just an interesting squad. Any input would be greatly appreciated TIA
  5. Jamesbfc1887

    Player Names in Game Messing up.

    It's back again, cleared cache I'll try deleting my cache files and look at my video card
  6. Jamesbfc1887

    Player Names in Game Messing up.

    Thanks, restarted FM and it's fine now
  7. What is this? Happening for everyone on the team and the opposition. Any help would be appreciated if you have any idea whats going on.
  8. Jamesbfc1887

    Pre-loaded Regens?

    Thanks, makes sense
  9. Jamesbfc1887

    Pre-loaded Regens?

    Seams to be loaded in when you start the game before any youth intake day though. So I don't think that would be why.
  10. Just a quick question Has anybody else noticed these seemingly "pre-loaded" youth players who are free agents and on their history have no previous clubs. What are these guys for and is their really a way of finding the best ones without some-kind of scouting tool. Thanks.
  11. Jamesbfc1887

    FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Thanks glad you've enjoyed, I've certainly enjoyed making this thread but Barnsley's real life form has kind of tailed off my motivation for this save. The money you've got for some of those players is ridiculous! (most of the are cr*p) You're definitely moneyballing that's for sure. I presume those players from al-ahly are regens but you've brought in some great players like Fredericks, D'Amico and Gribbin.
  12. Jamesbfc1887

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Arsenal Data Issues

    Cheers, (my interest in Arsenal goes no further than Arsenal Fan TV tbh) but I found it quite funny when I could keep him on and imagine the anger if it happened IRL
  13. Jamesbfc1887

    FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Also I've had a problem this season with registration it says domestic under 21's don't need to be registered and Joaquin Ardaiz is for some reason but I've got no idea of whats going on.
  14. Jamesbfc1887

    FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    The Summer Extended: Another player that has fallen by the wayside somewhat, didn't play once in-game for Marseille hopefully we can change his fortunes and for £700K why not take a punt. A nice pick up for us on £2.6k p/w as well. Another freebie for us but he's on a fair bit for us though so he has to play and prove he's worthy of being our second biggest earner (behind Martinez who's on £45K p/w!!!!!!!!!) A proven performer across FMs for me I've had him over the last 3 FMs and it just wouldn't be a proper FM save for me without him appearing at some stage. Another free transfer not on that much either so, we'll see. If he can prove Celtic and Brendan Rodgers wrong. All the other players on the list are either players who didn't turn out to feature for us or are regens yet to make an impact in the 1st team.