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  1. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    The Summer: We've been pretty busy this summer. Quite a few ins 21 to be precise and only a couple of outs. A great young signing for us a wonderkid this year by all accounts I hope his growth has not been stagnated by not playing for Espanyol once in 2 years ending up in their B team, a £5.25 mil release fee seems like a good deal to me. £4.5 million for another young wonderkid is exactly what we needed and hopefully once he adapts to the league he'll bang them in for us. Another striker, I remember whrn he played for Barcelona B a fair few years ago and was pretty handy on FIFA but has since definitely flattered to deceive. Another fairly young player with potential to improve and hopefully hold down that DM spot. A big name signing for us and on FM16 and FM17 a wonderkid, but has since slipped down in most peoples estimations and at 25 we could well be his last chance to show what he's got on the biggest stage. A gamble but one I'm happy to take. A touch of quality in our midfield the former Man Utd man will operate in the advanced playmaker role for us and can hopefully provide assists galore for us this season.
  2. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    The 1st half on Tuesday was simply disgraceful and I really can't see us staying up this season. On FM the fact I know all of the players and staff makes it difficult for me to play as us long term, as ripping the team apart and having basically a new team after 2 years hurts me slightly.
  3. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Thanks, glad you're enjoying reading it, I've enjoyed writing about it (beats us in real life anyway ). After the new patch it should be another intresting save are squad is just terrible, I think we are as good as down already and as for the budget how knows could be anything. After Tuesday I'm struggling to even look at a football never mind play as us on FM really depressing tbh out form this season is one of the main reasons I haven't played this save more.
  4. Best Feeder Teams

    Are rep is 6156 (3 stars) and theirs is 4518 (2 Stars)
  5. Best Feeder Teams

    I tried to go with ASEC in Ivory Coast. But the board came back with , is this because our reputation compared to theirs is not high enough? Or something else?
  6. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Lewis Morgan has been nothing short of fantastic this season and hopefully he can step up to the prem
  7. Best Feeder Teams

    Thanks to both of you. Any examples or ideas of suitable clubs? Can it just be any team or as I presume does reputation come into it so I can't just chose Barcelona as my feeder.
  8. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    End of the Season : A fantastic run at the end of the season, 18 games from February to May, 12 wins, 4 draws and only 2 losses, but was it enough! Thankfully yes! Stoke were outstanding all season until they hit a major wobble at the end of the season losing 6-0 to Millwall who went on to get relegated! Along with appearing in an FA Cup final somehow End Of Season 2 Review: What the fans are saying God knows why Johnson is at left back though he hasn't played there all year . Player Of The Season: WOW!! Kane is looking like the real deal, his stats have been pretty unreal for a 19 year old winger if you ask me! And 15 goals and 11 assists is not bad either. The best player in the team by far. Unsung Hero: Such a solid performer this year led from the back with no-nonsense defending and even chipped in with 5 goals a great season all round. Most Improved: This one picked itself after less than imprerssing on loan at Doncaster last season in League 1 to then come and play 37 games at 7.17 is nothing short of remarkable. Best Newcomer: 15 assists and 6 goals shows what an important signing the young Scottish winger was, his ability to get down the left using his pace and that fantastic dribbling have been invaluable to our season. However, Ardaiz deserves some praise as well, 8 in 13 is fantastic form since coming in in January and makes me wonder what he could have done over a whole season (about 28 if my maths is correct), a real gem.
  9. So I asked for an affiliate like this and then chose to pick the team myself. I was just wondering what the best teams are for affiliates or if there's a method to picking one? I'm in the prem if reputation makes a difference. Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Up to January: A fantastic first half of the season, 2nd!!!!!! only behind Stoke who spent £127,000,000 in the Summer. Surely the aim now is promotion it has to be we've just been fantastic. This is what we've been playing recently. Tom Bradshaw's hit 9 in 20 this season a solid return if you ask me. Jason Cummings has looked good of the bench chipping in with 5 this season. Ahmed Kane has looked very promising and he's beginning to look like something rather special indeed. Marvin Johnson's been great using his explosive pace and has managed to keep the Lewis Morgan out of the side despite Morgan's impressive performances. Conor Grant and Ryan Leonard have been simply superb, an inspired pair of signings if I ever seen it. Controlling the midfield with ease against multi-million pound players. Angus Mac has been solid this season alongside Adam Jackson, Adam Davies has played pretty much every minute of the season keeping LInde out of the side. We've brought in quite a few in January and got rid of some that just weren't cutting it, Thiam McGeehan and McLean. David Onovo looks like he could be a DM for many years to come for us, his mental's are fantastic for his age and on a free he could be just perfect, No work permit though cause just FM things . Another great youngster, but this time a goalkeeper his mental aren't anywhere near as impressive but his technical's certainly are. For £500k you can't go wrong. Carlo Holse a name not known to me at all, on loan for the remainder of the season with a potential £1,300,000 future fee if he impresses me with a few goals in our promotion push. Lewis Macleod, a player I really like irl and at £215K a real real bargain great at Rangers going back a few years. Very Happy! A player I've been tracking for a long time and I've finally got my man £375K is a complete bargain for such a good player however there was a large fee to pay to his agent which was larger than the transfer fee it's self, hopefully he'll love his time in England and he'll adapt no problem. Hahahahahahaha. Sheff Utd's future star know plays for me LOL! But seriously a great little signing on loan from our promotin rivals Stoke strangely enough after failing to make any impact with Stoke this season.
  11. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    A return? I'll be trying to get some more updates out. I've played into the next season but haven't had the motivation to writer as of yet. Cheers
  12. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Currently in December and I've just had this message. My new chairman has a tight grip on the purse strings too, I asked for more transfer budget and he said no! due to the clubs financial status or something. Despite having 10 mill in the bank. The real life takeover is really exciting though, hopefully we'll be able to at least compete financially (or at least not have to sell all our best players), in the championship which we couldn't under Patrick Cryne, hopefully we invest for once in some championship quality players and stay in the division and then build.
  13. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Hmmm whatever this means