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  1. England: Barnsley - Championship (For a limited time only, 1 season special, everything must go) I thought I might just add to the conversation by suggesting Barnsley, other than bias there's quite a few reasons. Barnsley have an exceptionally young squad with an average age of 22.6 according to transfermarkt, there is undoubtedly a lot of potential in this young squad but unfortunately you'll only have 2 Championship quality players at your disposal. Profit is the bottom line at Barnsley and any offers you do receive for your players should be considered, then sell them anyway If you're looking for a real challenge in the English second division then this is the biggest of them all. Your target, try and surpass Rotherham's record low points hall of 23 from the 2016/17 Championship season. But perhaps if you make a habit out of turning water into wine you might even try to target survival.
  2. Finally exams over, that was easily the longest 2 months I've ever had to endure. I'm getting on with that new save now, a moneyball inspired save so to speak. I'll outline the "rules" soon. -once I've thought of them that is -
  3. Well he's only on £25k a week more than Sanchez is so. And yes I still have Sanchez in 2022
  4. @warlock Ayyy Joe Aribo Meanwhile; Also me; I know it's not the football league but still.
  5. If I may chirp in, I had Joe Aribo at Derby and spoiler alert I was promoted, he was a decent rotation option in the Prem nothing better than that mind. Considering how your saves usually go you'll probably only play the 1 season in the Prem then move on . So for free I'd say he's a decent signing.
  6. @warlock Looks like you enjoyed your season at Derby, not that I've been able to take the time to read it My moneyball challenge will probably be put back a few week or so, I'm too tired to play seriously and I'll probably not be fit to play for the next week or two after exams I've enjoyed casually playing that Man Utd save, that I made a ridiculous amount of signings on late last year.
  7. Thanks, that's the aim. I know I'll most likely succeed if I just played the game unrealistically, so hopefully I can find some interesting situations.
  8. You'd have thought I'd had enough of all that kind of thing tbh
  9. Long time no see, Only 2 exams to go for me now, just the unbearable thought of Chemistry paper 3 and Biology paper 3 I've given up on Derby now and I'm gonna try a completely different approach to FM, rather than my usual haphazard approach to signings and wage structure, I will endeavour to stay within a strict wage budget and find players to sign primarily through their performance stats rather than their attributes. See you soon.
  10. @Jogo Bonito @warlock Cheers, well it'll be over before too long. The last 2 weeks have been a struggle and I'm certainly not looking forward to these next few weeks either.
  11. Hello there, yeah I've not updated for a few weeks, partially down to some celebrating but mainly down to the fact, I'm currently bogged down in the thick of A-Levels at the moment. I'm sure I'll return at some point, 3 weeks of this hell left
  12. @warlock Now you back off Mr. Pinnock and the Scottish Maldini. Leave them right were they are. On a serious note, I can't pass up any opportunity to bang on about how good they both are. I've seen some decent centre backs at Barnsley recently; John Stones, Alfie Mawson but those two are right up there. Pinnock especially, the best way I can sum up is Ethan Pinnock is playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers .
  13. Derby Transfer Update Outs: Unfortunately thanks to our system there's been very little need for wingers this season, therefore: Florian Jozefzoon and Duane Holmes both exited in January, Reading part with £1.3mil for Jozefzoon which the board weren't best pleased with considering they'd outlayed £2.5mil for the Dutchman just 6 months ago. Roos and Cole also left, neither of them contributing, other than to increase our wage bill. The talented Max Bird -who I saw make his debut for Derby in 2017, at the tender age of 16!!!- left on loan for some 1st team experience. Ins: Going into the transfer window, I felt we needed a striker with the ageing Nugent not really offering the quality required as a backup option and young Mason Bennett isn't quite ready to contribute on a regular occasion. So naturally I didn't bring a striker in -obviously-. The 1st signing was Joe Aribo from Charlton, someone I came close to signing in the summer to add some youth to our ageing midfield. A real talented player as well, with 5 months on his contract we got him for a snip of his actual value. Nick Powell, also found his contract running down to it's last 6 months. £2.6mil seems like a hefty price to put down for the former Manchester United man, but he'll be more than worth it I'm sure. Joe Wildsmith comes in on loan, with what looks like a strange signing. We're above Wednesday in the league and we're taking their 3rd choice keeper on loan. Hopefully he won't have to step in too often. Two signings for the future in, Ellis Chapman and Mak Varesanovic. Chapman looks like a great player in the making, well worth £145k So no new striker, we tried for Ben Woodburn as well as some of the top strikers in the Championship a la, Che Adams, Neal Maupay etc. But to now avail.
  14. @smplfc123 Quaality start to the season, I really didn't enjoy my save with QPR, good to see your doing so well. I couldn't get a tune out of Eze either. Good luck. @green and white barmy army It's a shame about the other day, that's about as unlucky as you can get. I presume Carey and Lameiras will be going in the summer as well.
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