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  1. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Cheers, Berkovits, Brown and Walton are all still at 4 star potential (I think), I don't know as of yet wether they'll ever feature for me. It's definitely tough this year hopefully I can push on this season.
  2. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    The Summer A busy window for us 15 in and 11 out. With a new owner many fans would have been assuming megabucks were to be splashed! But no a net spend off only £200k tells you all you need to know about the disappointing new owners unwillingness to pump money into the club which once again finds itself with the 4th lowest wages in the league. But our wage spending has gone up by about £30,000 a week which is a lot for us even with a new owner who did no provide any extra money this season hopefully he will do next. Ins Lewis Morgan joins from St. Mirren after we activated a non-promotion release clause, he'll be battling for a start that's for sure. Well then the Nigerian youngster we brought in last January has finally arrived and he's not half bad for about half a million pounds. Barry Douglas a huge upgrade on Fryers and Pearson for sure and at left back he's just a better version of Morris, his 16 crossing will hopefully provide a great attacking threat this year. Marvin Johnson joins from Middlesbrough for just a tenth of the price they paid for him a year ago a steal if I may say so myself. A familiar face joins permanently, again for a fraction of the price paid for them a year ago after never playing for Forest, to give us more depth upfront. A low risk transfer on someone who I hope will develop. I've heard about this lad IRL and I thought lets see what he's like on fm. A very exiting signing this, on a free from Southend to replace Gary Gardner in the BBM role. Another returning face from last season. I got my way with this one Wolves released him unlike with Maghoma who Birmingham offerend £10K a week to which I wasn't going to pay, let alone the fact he's 30. A strange one this I saw he'd been released by Everton and thought why not? Great for Crewe in League 2 then went to Donny in JAnuary in League 1 and was for want of a better word Sh*te! What a steal! He'll operate on either wing for me For some reason he was released by Fulham Oh wait I know why they've got this guy hows probably better than any of my players at 16! "Midfielders R us" particularly "Advanced Playmakers R us", I'm beginning to wonder why I signed him in the first place. I've got Moncur, Mallan, McGeehan, Mclean and Mowatt (bit of a theme there) to play that advanced playmaker role now. Another face familiar to Oakwell a loan spell 2 years ago and he's back, I don't rate at all IRL but he was favourite player on FM 17 and it just wouldn't be an FM save if I didn't sign him. Reece Burke will provide us with CB cover for the upcoming season Oh and he's back as well. After a good loan spell, I know there's a player in there. Looks okay but there's some worrying stats in there too like 4 kicking and 3 positioning. An Ivorian as well as a Nigerian now, how exotic!
  3. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Finally I've finished the transfer window It's been abit of a slog recently I'm not gonna lie. I've been struggling with motivation to play fm and his save particularly thanks to Barnsley amazing recent form!(sarcasm if you didn't realise) and the fact I've been both busy and under the weather (I hate this time of year with sounding like a Christmas scrooge an all) I just need to take screenshots and write up and then I'm ready to go again.
  4. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Cheers, Watch out for tomorrow the aim realistically is to push for the top half despite what the board and media would have you believe. Maghoma was really good early on in the season, dropped of in the middle and then gained form right at the end of the season. As for real life I've only seen him twice live and a couple of times on the TV, he seems lively but I can well imagine he's the kind of player that gets you on the edge of your seat only to go for the workshop rather than deliver any end product.
  5. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Good start who are you playing in the team, I'll be posting my transfer update tomorrow finally life is really getting in the way atm
  6. FM18: Rotherham United

    Congrats on promotion
  7. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Long time no see I hear you cry but after a so far turbulent summer I'm still here and fighting on . Finally, I've kept my job and I can focus on building this team up again. So far I've found this transfer window a tough one, the takeover was a major set back due to the embargo placed on us meaning a few pre-contract options fell through the net. My summer transfer window round up WILL be up soon once I've finished the end of July and August as I've pretty much done all my business early on this summer.
  8. Good luck, well put together. If you don't mind me asking what skin are you using?
  9. It's tough this year for us, that's for sure
  10. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Thanks mate. I think we all have random teams we have a soft spot for no reason that we just can't explain.
  11. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Good luck, my summer transfer window update will probably be out midweek as this weekend I'm playing a different save to try and not burn out on my Barnsley save. And as for big Mick, it was eventful but I'm know in the moddle of the transfer window.
  12. FM18: Rotherham United

    Unlucky mate, but I think it would have been too soon and you'd probably gone straight down. Good luck for the season ahead.
  13. FM18: Rotherham United

    The tension is unreal!
  14. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Haha funnily enough I cleared out my office this week to give me some much needed space.
  15. FM18: Barnsley - "Lets Play Moneyball"

    Season 1 Review Going into the start of the first season, I wasn't exactly optimistic a media prediction of 24th and an unbalanced side particularly in midfield led me to believe that his season may lead to my demise as well as the club's. But fortunately for me we were able to finish comfortably above the drop zone in 13th. I won't waffle but here's the over view of the season. Clearly goals aren't the problem here much thanks to Tom Bradshaw who racked up 13 in the league this year despite being injured for much of it. And here we find the problem the second most goals conceded, we were leading this particular table by about 15 goals in January before we switched to a 4-3-3. Another stat we were leading by miles, we must have conceded almost 10 goals from corners in the first 10 games then I changed the corner tactic, which seem to broken this year if you leave them in the preset state. But for me the Season Awards are as followed: Player of the season: Gary Gardner - Mister consistent nether put a foot wrong and our best player with an average of 7.04 with 6 goals and 1 assist in 37 games. Unsung Hero: Lloyd Isgrove - A great season that went under the radar, top of the assists table with 8 and 4 goals rounds of a solid season for the Welsh winger. Most Improved: George Moncur - He could have easily won player of the season, his ability to change games with his attacking brilliance was nurtured by a system built around him, 3 goals 5 assists and the most key passes in the league. Best Newcomer: Jacques Maghoma- On loan from Birmingham and a key part of our squad on the left wing scored some cracking and important goals he will be missed next season, 9 goals, 4 assists in 40 games.