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  1. Thomas is garbage for anything other than coming off the bench against tired legs. Can't beat a man yet he's got great pace and agility. We definitely need a load of new players in January but I can't see that happening. Still think we'll be playing in League 1 next season.
  2. Looking back at it, screamer is a bit of an exaggeration
  3. Hang on he's just scored a screamer against Crewe
  4. Can I just say, I actually think Luke Thomas could be worse than Sibbick. I've never seen a winger/attacker less willing than him to take his man on never mind beat him. Completely useless!
  5. Well I've not managed to do much, been really busy over the Christmas period so haven't played FM for a week or so. I'll see what I can think of, it's a hard task deciding whether how to rate the players for FM I imagine, do you judge it on the recent upturn in form or the garbage that was the first 3/4 months of the season.
  6. Thanks, not sure on how I'm going to build this team up. I need to decide how and what formation I want to play before I can recruit.
  7. "Well there's been a huge huge!! goal at Loftus Road, remember Millwall go into this game 2 points adrift of safety, but who has got it?" "It's gone to QPR Jeff and it's Matt Smith of the QPR variety who fires home from just inside the Millwall area to give his side the lead!" "What a huge!!! goal that is at the bottom of the table, with Barnsley currently drawing 0-0 against fellow stragglers Nottingham Forest, it leaves Millwall 3 points a drift on 40 points, Forest now leapfrogging Millwall into 22nd place" "There's been a huge huge chance at Oakwell but for whom Johnny Phillips?" "Yes Jeff, Barnsley have smacked the upright from point blank range, left wingback Andreas Poulsen really should have put his side ahead in a pretty lacklustre game all in all" "And there's been a second goal at Loftus Road!!!!!!, Nahki Wells heads QPR's second goal of the game, which could all but relegate Millwall before half time!!! Unless they can find a miracle in West London" "Elsewhere Barnsley still hold Forest 0-0 in the crucial game at Oakwell and Watford have sacked their 18 millionth manager of the season before the half time whistle after finding out his Spanish passport was indeed fake and he was actually an estate agent from Devon" "With just 10 minutes of the games remaining time is running out for Millwall and Nottingham Forest to find a result, as it stands both would be effectively relegated due to such an inferior goal difference" "But there's been a goal!!!!!! And it's gone to Millwall!!!, Michelle Owens is there" "Jon Dadi Bodvarsson gives Millwall a much needed lifeline, with just under 10 minutes to go MIlwall have found a way back into the game through a low Shane Ferguson cross, 2-1" "Goalllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelivable scenes at Oakwell" "Joao Carvalho gives Nottingham Forest the lead!!!!! Oh wait Jeff, he's been given offside, a late flag by the assistant on the far side denies Forest in the most dramatic style with less then 5 minutes to go. Surely that's Forest's last chance to stave off the drop!!" We enter the last minute of added time at both grounds, oh and there's been a late late goal, but where? but for whom?!!!! It's been disallowed, Millwall thought the'd equalised but no, John Dadi Bodvarsson thought he'd snatched a point for the Lions with a last gasp Denzel Washington (equalizer for those less inclined ) and it's all over at Loftus Road and it looks like Millwall will be playing League 1 football next season" "The final moments are still going on at Oakwell" "And it's all over 2 time champions of Europe Nottingham Forest are all but relegated and Barnsley survive!" "Incredible scenes at Oakwell, fans on the pitch they should be arrested cause it's actually trespassing but I'm not sure anyone cares Johnny Phillips" "To borrow a certain phrase from a good mate of yours, that was unbelievable Jeff!!! I've not seen anything quite like this in a very long time. Possibly one of the worst games I've seen all season but the Barnsley fans do not care one bit about that, the main talking point was that late offside call against Joao Carvalho off Nottingham Forest which would have changed the entire complex of the game and the season". "It certainly seems that in all likelihood Barnsley will survive!!!" So after all that, this is what the League table looks like! We effectively survive!!!! C'monnnnnnnn!!!!
  8. Oh yeah building up the tension, I've been ill quite a lot this week so I've not played much. Or posted much.
  9. Yeah Roberts has been excellent for me, great speed for a high line. Haha, I think I'll be staying here for the minute anyway. I don't think they'd let me leave, board are absolutely loving it.
  10. Well done, fantastic achievement. Very funny, I was a little confused to see Scarlett Johansson in an FM context
  11. Birmingham City FC: We struggled with form at the start of the season with what I'd call mixed form to say the least. We've struggled against the better teams that we simply can't dominate the ball against. We almost went the whole of August before Harlee Dean was sent off and Babou Ndiaye tucked home a 89th minute winner!!! October was a hugely disappointing month, we really struggled to grind out a result when we were playing poorly. The Wigan game was exactly why I really don't like this ME, Joe Garner runs through 5 of my defenders whilst being the only attacker in our half, not one of them thought to take a yellow card for the team, let alone the fact I'm fairly sure he could never do that on his own. We convincingly beat Boro then had Leeds hand us a footballing lesson. We've struggled to finish our dinner recently but I began to stick us on some attacking training. And boy it has begun to pay off, 9 wins from 11 games in 2 months has put us firmly in the play-off picture, if not the automatic places. The top 3 are setting some pace and we've struggled to match them. A good start all in all, I'm hoping to get a few deals done in January to maybe give us a little extra fire power to fire us towards the top! Lukas Jutkiewicz and Daramy have both been fantastic for me upfront, Crowley has been very disappointing, he hasn't been able to adapt to the defensive responsibility I've given him, too lightweight in midfield foe that role and not much use as a box to box either. Villalba has been excellent as well, he's a Premier League player in the eyes of me and my assistant.
  12. This with bells on. Decent start though nonetheless. I've not really progressed much with my Birmingham save, my man fly turned out to be a rather nasty actual bout of flu. @Jogo Bonito What a fantastic start great to see the momentum being carried over from last season @robterrace Interesting article this week about Championship finances, for all Preston's impressive scouting it looks like they've been making significant losses for a while now.
  13. @higgins Wow you look like you've really put some big work in there, good luck (you might need it ), I should be concluding the first season of my save shortly, so I'll update soon. I fell out of live with my save due to the clubs on and off field difficulties as of recent, it's seriously a worrying time to be a Barnsley fan. It's not your usual case financial mismanagement but almost feels like self sabotage and self inflicted implosion imo, got to be careful what I say though as the club seem to have taken quite a hard-line to potential untruths being shared about them. Daniel Stendel to Hearts if you haven't seen. You've certainly got the club ethos correct, great attention to detail regarding the loans, it's a little detail which sets the club apart from most. Good luck, I'm glad I inspired you to lead the Super Reds!
  14. I will do when I get home later today, I would just say that this has happened on all of my new saves that I've started after the (last 2) recent patches. But I don't think I've seen it in saves started before the patches.
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