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  1. What BBC said. Fantastic day yesterday. Oh and Kitson is still ****.
  2. Tbf the same could be said about the steward who goaded our fans when you scored the winner, then your keeper acting like he just won the champions league final at the final whistle. Fair enough you won but go celebrate with your team mates not wind up the opposition fans.
  3. Why so shocked? We are appallingly **** and we have been telling you all for months!
  4. Their short passing game was so boring on Tuesday night, it's the most bored I've been at fratton park all season. Considering how terrible we have been that's saying something.
  5. I hate Steve Cotterill so much. When Ritchie becomes a good championshi player I'll hate him even more.
  6. He keeps getting dropped for no reason, every time he plays he looks really good. Then he had one bad half against Walsall and he was out, the whole team was bad against Walsall ffs He probably does lack the physical presence to be consistent.
  7. His movement is really good, simple stuff like dropping the shoulder to lose his man and selling the defender a dummy to get a bit of space.
  8. Connolly has a touch of class, keene was good as well. Comfortably the worst team in the league, we're lucky we had that decent spell or our points total would be embarrassing.
  9. Gyepes has signed a new deal and I would expect Rocha to play alongside him? The university have refused to let use their facilities so when we leave Eastleigh we will be training at Fratton Park. Is their any professional club in the country that have to do that?
  10. Good riddance to Howard. Williamson didn't fulfill his ability with us, Dumbuya can't defend and Harley is past it. If we were paying them any sort of decent wage we were being mugged as our position shows.
  11. Probably needs to work there now he's not getting a massive wage from us. /mlg
  12. Good riddance to Izale Mcleod, we have signed a scummer in David Connolly as a replacement.
  13. Reading this thread is depressing, everybody so excited yet we're utterly ****. Best it got was seeing Liam Walker get a game and hopefully the last of Brian Howard.
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