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  1. Hi, I'm currently on a five game run without winning and after a 1-1 draw I got a question about how the winless run was affecting the team. The only issue was the some of the answers presumed we had lost the last game rather than drawing it.
  2. Hi all, Is it possible to place the give team talk button into the match set piece panel? I often make subs and then change set piece instructions, but then have to go back to the tactics panel to hit give team talk. Would be helpful if I can either add it to main title bar or somewhere on set piece panel. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Tbf to him the screenshot was taken in the 58th minute. If the rate of passes remained consistent that would lead to around 730ish passes in the match for the opposition. Also his 84 percent pass completion isn't amazing, but it also isn't ridiculously low.
  4. Is it possible to change the default properties of the player stats panel table that appears in the player attributes profile? I wanted to change it to include some per 90s from the advanced stats that I find more relevant than the defaults.
  5. @wkdsoul just found this thread and this is absolutely awesome. I'm at proper beginner level atm where I look at what someone else has done and try to copy it into my own skin, very much trial and error. I've not got photoshop or anything to do graphics stuff but could this be done by just editing the panel files? Not sure I'll ever be able to make something like this mind!
  6. Type: Laptop Model: Aspire 5 A15-44 CPU Model: Ryzen 7 4700U CPU Base Frequency: 2GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4GHz RAM: 8GB RAM Clockspeed: 2396mhz GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 7 Storage Type: SSD Benchmark A: 1 min 19 Benchmark B: 10 min 4 Benchmark C: 9 min 11 Also ran Benchmark A on my old laptop (Intel Core i5-4210M), that came in at 2 min 6 so very happy with the improvement. Shout out to the advice I received in the laptop recommendation thread. I was recommended to wait for a 4600U when I was looking for a laptop about a
  7. Thanks. I'm guessing the 4700U is still better than the 4600U as it has more cores rather than the extra threads? When they're more widely avaliable I will make a decision on which to go for, but I just want to make sure I'm understanding it correctly.
  8. I asked for some advice a couple of pages back and @Gangor advised me that the new Ryzen 4600u could potentially be in my price range so I've been doing some research around the new Ryzen processors. My question is what's more important for FM; the base clock frequency or the number of cores? Secondly, but linked, does hyperthreading make a difference for FM? For example I see the 4600u has 6 cores (12 logical) clocked at 2.1ghz, whereas the 4500u has 6 cores, clocked at 2.3ghz. Could that potentially be better for FM or am I missing the point? Although I try and educate myself
  9. Hi, Having played a lower league game in this years football manager I have taken to trialling a lot of players as scouts just cannot scout players quickly enough to get to full knowledge (which makes sense). The issue is players who are interested in signing on loan but not transfer always reject trial offers as I assume they are trialling for a transfer rather than a loan. If we could specify that I wish to trial them for a loan deal perhaps they would then be more open to accepting the trial. There could be a default option of trial for either transfer or loan so people don't nee
  10. Hi all, I have read this thread over the last week or two as the chassis on my laptop is breaking near the charging port which is making charging it an ever increasingly difficult task. I'm on the lookout for a new laptop and I would really appreciate some advice on what would best suit my play style in my budget range. A new laptop would almost exclusively be used for football manager, I don't play other games, and I still use the 2d engine. I watch goals in 3d and that's it, having a laptop that's better suited to running 3d won't make me any more likely to use it... I'm old
  11. I'm having an issue where I am unable to adjust the panels vertically, horizontal is fine. I've read a couple of other people mention this in this thread, but no solution. Is anyone able to help?
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