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  1. Been playing since Champ manager days and for me, the match engine is great ad many aspects of the game are really good and improving but what I'd like to keep all if the detailed, spreadsheet aspect of the game that we all love but give it everything modern sports games have. If the visual immersion of the game were amped up to the FIFA/ EA level I would complain. I'd love to see our game with full graphics explosion!
  2. The picture above was with the original FM skin. Also, the picture still works on other game files
  3. Hey, that didn't work. this is what it looks like. When I click the pen it goes to the edit head coach page and I can see the faces I chose but it doesn't show up un the game
  4. My face image disappeared from the profile page. Just a blank space. not sure how to fix this.
  5. hey! you haven't thought about putting Brooklyn FC in there have you? They are supposed to play in the USL League On beginning in 2025. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooklyn_FC_(USL)
  6. Hey! I appreciate how much work went into this and it's the only comprehensive Irish league file but do you have a version that is all of the teams with the realistic promotion/ relegation and dates? I'm really drawn to the realism.
  7. Stadium editor. The ability to customize the appearance of the stadium.
  8. Type: Laptop Model: Macbook Pro 14" CPU Model: Apple M2 Pro CPU Base Frequency:10 CPU Turbo Frequency:16 RAM: 16GB Benchmark 1: 00 min 39 Sec Benchmark 2: 01 min 42 Sec Benchmark 3: 03 min 22 Sec Benchmark 4: 15 min 07 Sec
  9. When applying for several jobs during job hunts why does the contract offer disappear when you ask to delay a week? It makes it impossible to compare job offers. Maybe that information can be shown in the Job Center as well.
  10. Great times from the new mac Type: Laptop Model: Macbook Pro 14" CPU Model: Apple M2 Pro CPU Base Frequency:10 CPU Turbo Frequency:16 RAM: 16GB Benchmark 1: 00 min 37 Sec Benchmark 2: 01 min 40 Sec Benchmark 3: 05 min 10 Sec Benchmark 4: 17 min 35 Sec
  11. Maybe the game could know fun detail like the stand names of stadiums and use them during the match. "Mitrovic scores to the delight of the fans at the Hammersmith End."
  12. So much to say on this but: Needs more variety in grounds, especially smaller ones without stands. Have the fans surround the pitch instead of always in those stands. And the ability to choose the most realistic stadium experience with the in-game editor. There used to be flares, right? What happened? Why do less?
  13. Everything in the game that has a "due date" such as player contracts,"promises" and notes should show up automatically in your live calendar, just like matches, cup draws, and deadline days.
  14. When going "on holiday" there should be an option to not sign new contracts with your current employers.
  15. Sure! Firstly, I LOVE the job search p[ortion of the game but you could make it more involved and detailed. I think the Job center and job security should be one combined screen because they both contain information you need for the jobs. Not sure why the "apply" buttons are on a different screen than the "apply all" button and why the star ratings are separate from "leading candidate". You need both of those things at once. In a combined Job Center when you apply for jobs those can appear go in a list above the job listing which could contain all of the info you see when you click on "available" in the "Job Status" with even more granular info like league ranking, training facilities etc, but MOST IMPORTANTLY it should display the job offers as they come in comparing all of the info (salary, budget, expectations etc). You should be able to see them all on the screen at once. It could be like you're looking at one of those football job websites although any way of giving that info would be an improvement. Thanks!
  16. Why can't you compare every aspect of the offers, how many delays you have asked for, see detailed comparisons of the clubs, etc. Why do I have to get my pen and pad out or make hasty screenshots?
  17. I was able to fix the League 23.2 file in the editor and it's working fine! Also, noticed you added the relegation/ promotion that's supposed to happen! Brilliant!
  18. Why make us do all of those actions individually in this one place? Any for many years. WHY?!
  19. Amazing! Is it possible to make the US leagues for the 2023 season? meaning the USL (championship, one and two) teams and MLS next pro are quite different from last season.
  20. Yes! Why hasn't htis happened yey? You could also put it in the In-game editor!
  21. It is in there already! The divisions and the teams! Why can't you use what's there?
  22. I'm trying to open leagues. Can get as far as this in the wizard and when you choose the Faroe Islands it only allows you to "create new competition" which seems like you have to start from scratch. How do you use the leagues as they are?
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