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  1. In national management with USA and created a search for staff and after I erased the search qualifications I can still only see 8 people in the search. Can't seem to fix it. It won't let you reset the search parameters but you can't see that in the search.
  2. Thank you! I've been looking for this! There were a couple last season that I enjoyed. I wonder if it's possible to run the men's database in the same game as the women's so you could manage both.
  3. It was the domestic treble but Basel is was a 3.5 star team (Watford is 3) with excellent traiing facilities. I thought because we were going to be in the Champions league that that would increase our draw.
  4. It only lets me do it form "team selection" page before match
  5. It's look great but Lewes FC shows up managerless but they do have a manager called Hugo Langton who is in the database.
  6. yes. always this. Even the smallest amount of control
  7. Reputation in the game is odd. It feel stagnant when in real life it seems more flexible. I understand why players are attracted to higher reputation leagues but I think most player would choose my treble winning Basel (in the Swiss league) who will play in the CL over Watford in this scenario. I also have had players ask to leave when we are about to win the league. It doesn't make sense.
  8. THE most tedious thing about FM since forever is having to press "add" or "remove" from shortlist during scouting reports. Can't you set it to add automatically at a given number( 65-100 for instance) and remove it at lower numbers?
  9. I feel like smaller clubs official stadium capacities are confusing to the game. I'm managing Ashford Town right now and the game thinks the capacity is 2500 with 150 seated so instead of a bunch of one people standing around the perimeter of the pitch it builds a stadium with all these stands. There should be a fix for this in the in-game editor where you can choose the number of stands (0-4).
  10. I applied to a job at Magni in the Icelandic league in late December 2020 and didn't hear back form them until for 2.5 months. Missed their preseason and a bunch of matches. Does that seem right?
  11. Some of the buttons and actions are quite slow. The "home" button lags for about 5 seconds sometimes. The load as well. When you choose the file and press ok it just sits there for 10 seconds before loading the files
  12. The game keeps landing on training page and will not continue. I have to vacation through it but it keeps happening. Can't play through this one
  13. During the match when you go to tactics tab and make subs there is no place to confirm that change in the tactics tab. I have to go to player and the "confirm" button appears.
  14. It's too easy to get jobs. I started with no coaching badges and sunday league footballer and I still got offered the job at Wigan in the 1st div. Sounds like there should be a joke in there. Anyway, this doesn't seem very realistic.
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