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  1. I'm really pleased! It's an expansion of leagues, which is always welcome and it's another way of playing the game and making a career. Prepare however for the pointless defensiveness and mock outrage of some.
  2. Yes, just yours. Actually, now when I click on it in the database and go to advanced startup i can see the canada in choose nations but its jsut the default one (Premiere only) and when I cancel out and go back to database, the file is not chosen.
  3. The match day experience has never been better. Lots of fun details that make it realer and more enjoyable. I think you just need to turn some of them up. Derbies for instance, the flairs are a great touch but why just one or 2 when you could have dozens. Obviously , they would be restricted to the places that allow them.
  4. When I start with it it block out canada on "choose nations"
  5. That's it. If you go on holiday it automatically signs new contract with club if they offer one.
  6. My new saves with smaller clubs in the 3rd division of France are losing huge amounts of money all season even when I kept to my budgets. At the end of the season I'm 500k in the red and most of the smaller clubs in the Job security tabs say the finances are "insecure."
  7. In national management with USA and created a search for staff and after I erased the search qualifications I can still only see 8 people in the search. Can't seem to fix it. It won't let you reset the search parameters but you can't see that in the search.
  8. Thank you! I've been looking for this! There were a couple last season that I enjoyed. I wonder if it's possible to run the men's database in the same game as the women's so you could manage both.
  9. It was the domestic treble but Basel is was a 3.5 star team (Watford is 3) with excellent traiing facilities. I thought because we were going to be in the Champions league that that would increase our draw.
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