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  1. I'm not talking about their description, i'm talking about their actual rating.
  2. Anyone else abit meh so far on these new features? Unless something major is being held back, I don't think I will be getting it this year.
  3. What potential rating is classed as World Class? 180+? Then Premier, then championship?
  4. The problem SI games have with updating the game every year is there is only so much you can do. I for one, buy every 2 years as there isn't much change year to year.
  5. I wish they could get licenses for the leagues and clubs. And all the stadiums. One day maybe....
  6. What training intensity do you set for the condition of the players? I currently have <59% at no training, 60-69% at Half, and the rest at normal.....
  7. Currently my assistant manager sets the training schedule. A couple of questions. How to you decide who sets training? And what attributes should i be looking at to set good training schedules? Thanks
  8. Still a little confused on what is best. Personality or stats for a HOYD.
  9. My club is currently in the premier league and I have 3 affiliates. When it comes to asking for a new one, when I ask the board to form one to increase merchandise abroad, they refuse every time. Is there a set system in place when they agree, such as club size, or a range of different types of affiliated clubs I have, before they allow me another merchandise club?
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