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  1. I find it alot slowly than fm21. Delay after every click to load the next screen.
  2. Maybe a silly question, but how do you not notice how clunky and slow clicking from menu to menu is within the game, before release?
  3. Dani Ceballos was listed for transfer by Real madrid for £600k. But when i offered the amount he was listed for, they wanted £12m for him!!!
  4. How?, i had a look and couldn't see how. Could sort by potential or Ability in FM21
  5. Not sure if this is new for FM22, but when i click to change position to Defender central, to get a squad compasion, it doesn't change at the bottom right. Just stays at DM?? **Just checked FM21 and it changes when you change position. But not in FM22......
  6. And that's the problem. As long as they sell in large numbers, why improve it by much.
  7. Please tell me they are saving the big features for later?
  8. This a new update or have i missed something?
  9. I looked at that one and its not free is it....
  10. My star striker wanted to move to Real Madrid, which i blocked....but he is still unhappy a year later. What can i do to make him happy again, apart from selling him of course? It's daft that i can't talk to him. I've tried to get his teammates to talk to him, but that doesn't work.
  11. Yeah i switched off being able to edit by mistake at the start so that option won't work unless there is a work around.
  12. Any editors out there that let you edit the stadium, Such as future capacity? During a saved game, not pregame.
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