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  1. What do you set your training intensity at? Mine is currently: No pitch or gym work at under 59% Half intensity at 60-69% And normal for all the rest. Should 90% condition be set at Double intensity?
  2. My French player has just changed status to Homegrown trained at club, but still classed as foreign. I thought he would be taken off the foreign list after becoming homegrown?
  3. Can you select which coach gives these training reports you receive from time to time?
  4. I know they are supposed to be more random, but they still fall into a window for each club. is there a list of estimated newgen dates for each club or league? Thanks
  5. Was also wondering this. How many people run Double Intensity?
  6. How do you make 1st team players automatically available to U18/U23 squads when lacking match sharpness? Thanks
  7. Ok cheers. Looks like I need to find the perfect Assistant!
  8. If I let my assistant manager or another coach set the training, what stats help them pick the best routines?
  9. Just downloaded FM20 after playing 19 to death. I'm looking for graphics and tactics etc....which sites are the best for this? Thanks in advance.
  10. Not asking about the star rating. Asking on getting the most accurate report.
  11. I have 20/20 scouts and as a test i scouted some under 18 players. When i scouted one player using "Get Scout Report" it came back as 5 star potential. When i checked his Potential rating it was 112. So which option should i choose for the most accurate report?
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