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  1. I'm still playing FM18 and was wondering the same. Is it worth spending money on FM19?
  2. I'm quite happy with FM18. So unless there is some amazing new feature, instead of small little changes, i'm sticking with FM18.
  3. I scout by value but also list players by stats as well. So I pick up some bargain wonder kids as well. I’m only using the game as is.
  4. My Process for finding the best Regens is follows: 1) Go to the World Menu, Transfers then Youth Intake at the end of every month. 2) Add all these players to a Shortlist 3) List the players in Value order. 4) Then scout as many of the players starting from the most valuable. 5) Move players with a 5 Star potential into another list clear the rest. 6) Pick the best from that new List.
  5. Just joined Rangers after years in the English Premier league. I noticed i require work permits even for players from Europe, like spain... The Uk, in my database didn't leave the EU and i never had any problem in England. This a bug or an Actual thing?
  6. Although i did get this before the match.... Nice touch that former team mates play as well. Would have been nice for Alfaro to say something as well though.
  7. Got my first testimonial for a player coming up. Organised it ( playing v Real Madrid) and expected some response from my legendary defender of 11 years..... Nothing. Not a peep. Why bother?
  8. Southend United. I've decided to donate to Billericay Town. £20m at first and I'll see how they do. They don't have that idiot running the club now and are in league 2.
  9. Its got to a point in my current save where i've got too much money. Currently £600m in the coffers. And i don't need to spend any, as the squad is great. So i'm thinking of "donating" a small fortune via a transfer, to a small club. Now, firstly, is that possible, and if so, who should get it? Thinking around £50-100m. What club?
  10. Cineas Model Pro- Wiegel Professional Just gained a little.
  11. These youngsters i have, dont have bad personalities to start off with. These are the current ones going Ranelli Model Pro - Delage Ambitous Ramotshwaedi Model Pro - Barnes Resolute Cineas Model Pro- Wiegel Professional
  12. Hi, no injuries or loans. Both players stayed at the club.
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