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  1. So this will get better with better players? Doesn't seem that way so far. Season 1 79 Yellows 5 Reds Season 2 107 Yellows 5 Reds Season 3 122 Yellows 8 Reds Season 4 123 Yellows 13 Reds Season 5 79 Yellows 5 Reds Season 6 109 Yellows 6 Reds Season 7 124 Yellows 10 Reds Worst Discipline in every league i've been in with this tactic.
  2. Does anyone else get far too many yellow/red cards with the Beowulf 442 tactic? Had 8 red cards & 50 yellows in 23 league matches so far!!!
  3. Any ideas people? Thanks
  4. Since Champ man began, i always fancied looking at a top ten players records screen. In the club, country and competition screens, a list of top ten appearance, goals ect. Would love to see that.
  5. Can you please add Career Appearances/Goals?assists to the players career stats screen. Been wanting this for years!
  6. Hi. Downloaded a skin but do not like the new year colour in the past winners page....its too dark How can i change this? Thanks.
  7. That's another thing. I've not actually gone up yet into level 8. I've won the league but haven't gone into the next season. So even more confused now.
  8. So it's a problem with the database? Using this one....
  9. Started as Hashtag in Level 10. Was able to sign players on P/T contracts. Just got my promotion to level 8 and now only able to sign players on non contracts. Balance and status of club hasn't changed. Whats happened?
  10. Issue with Non Contracts Anyone had an issue with being able to sign players on part time contracts at the start but i've gotten promotion to level 8, still Semi-Pro club but now only able to offer non contracts to players. Will i have to edit this somehow to fix it?
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