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  1. Its not that either. The players that are currently "Jaded" Have a average of 14 for both Stamina and Natural fitness. Training isn't hard or too soft and they aren't playing that many games.
  2. They are playing a game a week. Its not that hard a schedule.
  3. Constantly having players jaded throughout the season. Tried giving players a rest, but they still come back a few weeks later being jaded again. How can i sort this out?
  4. Assists Still not showing in the club history section....3 months after release. It's such a basic bug, and yet it's still there.
  5. When did this game get released and yet...... Still not fixed
  6. When searching for young players, i see promising midfielder or winger, but what makes a player "Promising"?
  7. Still waiting on the patch. For a game that came out months ago, with a number of bugs and errors, thats pretty bad tbh.
  8. This game has been out months, yet loads of bugs still exist. When is the next big patch due?
  9. In all the time I’ve played this, the club I managed, has never been taken over by a tycoon.
  10. Will that change it automatically? Also, its not a tv game.
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