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  1. This a new update or have i missed something?
  2. I looked at that one and its not free is it....
  3. My star striker wanted to move to Real Madrid, which i blocked....but he is still unhappy a year later. What can i do to make him happy again, apart from selling him of course? It's daft that i can't talk to him. I've tried to get his teammates to talk to him, but that doesn't work.
  4. Yeah i switched off being able to edit by mistake at the start so that option won't work unless there is a work around.
  5. Any editors out there that let you edit the stadium, Such as future capacity? During a saved game, not pregame.
  6. So not a complete fix then....that's disappointing. Might want to reword that fix then.
  7. Most assists by a player within club records now appearing correctly Do you have to start a new save for this to work? Not working still
  8. So you want me to go back though my messages and saves so i can give you proof of the message that said they were jaded, because you don't believe me?
  9. These 2 at the time were in need of/or having a rest because they were jaded.
  10. Did you not see all those photos at the top of the page???
  11. Thanks for the help. I think this is a issue with the game. I've tried: Resting the players. Sending them on holiday. Changing the Pre season training. Changing Tactics. Having the best Physio's and Medical staff. Rotation. And if you are telling me you have to rest them/play them each game, well that just isn't how it works irl. How many teams do that!!!!
  12. I will try, but its unlikely to be fixed anytime soon, going by their record for bug fixing this season. Cheers.
  13. This player was jaded after 9 league games. I did not start him in the first few! Then i rotated him after just 5 games in a row, which had a international break in it. Then again, rested after just 4 games in a row.
  14. Sorry but that solution is wrong. I've tried resting them. I've tried rotating the squad. I have 3 squads effectively and yet i still get the jaded issue. Its laughable.
  15. Both have very high Natural fitness and Croatia had 1 friendly in the Summer. And i have tried to holiday them and just a few games later, they are jaded again. And its not just them. i'll get to a point in the season when 5 or more players are "Jaded".
  16. Absolutely had enough of this now. Had players jaded throughout this save. And i just can't solve it. Tried Less pre season training, more preseason training. Lower intense training, double intense...... Resting players, not resting them. Resting them for games.....nothing works. How the hell can you be jaded after 9 games of the season!!!!!!! No summer tournaments either.... JOKE!!!!
  17. This is getting frustrating now. Week in, week out, a player is reported Jaded. Training is set by the assistant. And its not hard. Training rest is set as follows Is my pre season training wrong? Its bloody annoying. I've never seen this so bad before.
  18. Its not that either. The players that are currently "Jaded" Have a average of 14 for both Stamina and Natural fitness. Training isn't hard or too soft and they aren't playing that many games.
  19. They are playing a game a week. Its not that hard a schedule.
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