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  1. I love the game but are there any plans to alter the current skin or add any more in future updates? I really miss the team colours in title bars ect., there in just too much purple as it is.
  2. Ah that explains why it’s wrong then. At least I’ve given them the correct kits now for the next db update.
  3. Madla IL currently have the wrong colour combination home kit and wrong colour away kit. It should be as in real life: Home: blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks. Same colour blue as the badge (attached). Away: white shirt, white shorts and white socks. You can also remove the third kit because they do not have. I hope this helps, thanks.
  4. Some great stuff in this post, thomas, in reply to what was an ill-judged and unwarranted attack from Caning the Days. I admire all who attempt a youth only challenge save, both those that succeed and those that struggle or ultimately fail. I had my first serious attempt at this challenge in FM20 (although I didn't report it in this thread). I played about 11 seasons with Frigg Oslo and yoyo'd between the Norwegian Second and Third Division, never getting beyond that. The struggle was real. But I learnt so much from that save and browsing this forum and threads like this. As a resul
  5. I’ve been following this for a while now and it’s been fascinating. Keep it going. Also, that’s quite a goal haul from Thompson – how many of those 49 goals were in the Scottish Prem?
  6. Good luck, Jimbo. I’ll be following your progress.
  7. It does, it’s not as sharp of course but I quite like the retro feel it brings. If it stops the fans from working overtime, it’s well worth doing.
  8. Indeed, I had a small break myself (It gave me time to go and get a bachelor and master’s).
  9. What kind of tactics do people tend to use in the initial seasons of their saves? More generally, not detailed ... more cautious or positive?
  10. It’s because there is no option to turn off retina display this year. Instead, you have do the following: Go to finder; Application support ; Steam ; steamapps\common\Football Manager 2021 Right click on fm21 Get Information and click "Open in low resolution" This should result in much reduced fan noise or excess.
  11. Yeah, I thought as much, thanks. The problem is, I want a team that’s rated 100/1 for promotion – they have a reputation of 37 (compared with the best rep team that has 67). I guess it’s pretty impossible to get them promoted.
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