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  1. Alex, I find it helps if you choose a team to manage close to your heart or maybe from a City/Region you are fond of, that helps me keep interest in long term saves.
  2. The first team in Rome: Trastevere Calcio

    Nooo! Sorry to hear that, I was enjoying the opening to this too. Did you not consider starting it again? I've had two failed saves in Italy on FM16, with each of the failed attempts resulting in relegation. Third time lucky I hope.
  3. The first team in Rome: Trastevere Calcio

    Nice introduction Spaghettaro. Look forward to seeing how you progress. I play a save with the small Virtus Verona and I want to surpass Hellas and Chievo.
  4. Hopefully soon, I've been meaning to look at that for a while.
  5. Some great attributes, hopefully he can find you some gems.
  6. :thup:Awesome appointment. Does he have good attributes?
  7. Bartrcm - Back to back promotions! That is seriously impressive. Good Luck in Serie a.
  8. Ok thanks for the reply. I think I may just persevere with it in this case.
  9. Hi, I've had a little look for help on this but can't find an exact solution, so hopefully someone can help... FM16, I have a save with Virtus Verona but the colour of the club title bar on the squad simply hurts your eyes, with the combo of blue/red. So I'm looking to change the colours without the use of the editor as I don't have the use editor in game thing ticked. Any help very much appreciated
  10. Fastbasher that is rotten luck again, I admire your perseverance in Hungary though.
  11. Congrats on promotion Fastbasher. Too bad Pato didnt agree terms, despite his lack of pace he could have been a decent signing.
  12. Thanks Fastbasher. ​Just on holiday in Norway again... Second time lucky.
  13. Good luck keeping them up. I forget every new FM how tough the first few seasons can be and I think you can only really get cracking on your save after that.