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  1. If Jambo doesn´t mind, we can trade, there´s no point in you starting again. For me it´s completly fine if we change.
  2. Don't get me wrong, but you're not using the correct formation, I was the one to get that one
  3. I've been waiting for someone to make the other South American Countries available so I can start a new save. I will try your Edit for sure!
  4. Are you thinking on upload it when finished? Looks pretty awesome.
  5. The only way I was able to avoid this, was by asking the player to fire his agent. It worked on another player, but this one, hired another agent who also hates me
  6. So, this guy wants a new contract. No problem, he deserves it. But when I try to make him an offer... ... his agent says he isn't interested in a new contract. I know his agent hates me, but there isn't a option to tell the player that, and now I have an unhappy player.
  7. In the player profile panel I was able to mod some, others I had to the specific file. This is the lines that determine the stats panel. Do you think it's possible to mod it through here? I tried, but it didn't work (adding the red_replacement="dark_box_background") <!-- Row 4 - Player stats panel --> <container class="player_stats_panel" id="pstp" should_show_overall_last="true"> <list id="properties_to_forward"> <record target="pstt" set_property="default_properties"> <record id="value" alignment="centre" colour="red"/> </record> </list> </container>
  8. The problem is I can´t find the player stats panel. I extracted the panels using the Resourse Archiver, but there isn't any file with that name.
  9. Appreciated. Do you think you can help me with my issue?
  10. Ohh that's a huge size skin. Than upload the client object file, I´ll see if I can make it work, but can't promise you anything.
  11. Upload your skin, and I'll try to make it work. I don't know which are the code lines so I have to use the old trial/error method.
  12. Hello again. I need some help, again. I want to make the marked areas on those images darker (I know I have to add red_replacement="dark_box_background"), but I don't know which files or lines I need to change. By the way, is there a way to add that code line to some file so all of the boxes in the skin become darker?
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