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  1. I can't find that folder. I used the Resource Archiver to extract the graphics file, but that folder is not present there.
  2. <!-- Attribute value as a bar --> <record index="3" id="bar " sort_disabled="true"> <record id="widget_info" class="attribute_bar" /> </record> Where can I find this file? I've been searching for it, but so far, don't know where it's located. Is it even a panel?
  3. I'm using this file, to change how attributes are shown, Is it possible to eliminate the dark part of the bar, so it's presented as fully light green? Thanks in advance!
  4. Is it possible to have this available for FM19?
  5. I'm still playing FM19, and I'm having some problems with the individual training. Despite having everything handle to myself, some individual training still changes and I don't know why. Has anyone had this problem?
  6. Would it be possible to release a version with the font from FM17? I cant't remember the name right now. Either way, looks cool
  7. You don't know the teams you coach
  8. Is it possible to upload your skin for download?
  9. If Jambo doesn´t mind, we can trade, there´s no point in you starting again. For me it´s completly fine if we change.
  10. Don't get me wrong, but you're not using the correct formation, I was the one to get that one
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