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  1. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    I think it was the case. I tried to add/delete, but didn't work out.
  2. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    Thank you so much, D_LO_ It works perfect. It's not the first time I tried to change/create something in a skin, so now it's easier to read the panels. But I think I could not make it work, so thank you for your help. I'll see what changes you've made, to see what was I doing wrong.
  3. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    <container class="plain_box"> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="bottom, extend" gap="0" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <!-- main area - contains sections/actions panel and content areas --> <container> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <container id="main"> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="middle, extend" gap="0" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <container width="3"/> <!-- screen content area --> <container id="scca" auto_size="horizontal"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" layout_children="true" inset="0" /> </container> </container> <container> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <attachment class="event_relay_attachment" event_id="msen"> <record id="action_event"> <flags id="event_id" value="ShSb" /> <integer id="evfl" value="7" /> <flags id="evtg" value="root" /> <boolean id="width" value="160" /> </record> </attachment> <attachment class="event_relay_attachment" event_id="msex"> <record id="action_event"> <flags id="event_id" value="HiSb" /> <integer id="evfl" value="7" /> <flags id="evtg" value="root" /> <boolean id="width" value="260" /> </record> </attachment> <animation class="translate_animation" start_value="-155,0" end_value="-155,0" duration="2" end_mode="hold_end" coord_mode="absolute_to_target" apply_to_mouse="true" /> <animation class="translate_animation" trigger_start="ShSb" trigger_end="HiSb" end_mode="hold_auto_reverse_hold" coord_mode="absolute_to_target" apply_to_mouse="true"> <!-- This is really just a normal slide out but some extra waiting is required at the end to compensate for a timing issue when pausing--> <list id="storyboard"> <record interval="0.0" value="0,0" tween="ease_in_out" /> <record interval="0.3" value="155,0" tween="linear" /> <record interval="0.4" value="155,0" tween="linear" /> </list> </animation> <widget class="sidebar_menu_table" id="side" > <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="cotO" /> </record> <attachment class="test_global_attachment" get_property="MnuS" mode="1" value="true" set_property="FoHi" skip_if_null="true"/> <attachment class="test_screen_size_attachment" alignment="horizontal" min_value="0" max_value="160" set_property="widt" true_value="45" false_value="160"/> </widget> </container> </container> This is the code from your skin. Which part defines the auto-hide side bar? I tried to copy/paste, but didn't work out. <container> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="bottom, extend" gap="0" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <!-- main area - contains sections/actions panel and content areas --> <container id="main"> <layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" alignment="middle, extend" gap="1" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="vertical" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <widget class="sidebar_menu_table" id="side" width="145"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="cotO" /> </record> <attachment class="test_multiple_globals_attachment" default_value="true"> <list id="get_properties"> <record get_property="TTyp" test_mode="0" value="1" skip_if_null="false" /> <record get_property="FS " test_mode="0" comparison_mode="1" value="true" skip_if_null="false" /> <record get_property="DRpg" test_mode="0" comparison_mode="1" value="true" skip_if_null="false" /> </list> <integer id="set_property" value="FoHi" /> </attachment> <attachment class="test_screen_size_attachment" alignment="horizontal" min_value="0" max_value="1200" set_property="widt" true_value="45" false_value="145" disable_setting_name="force_small_sidebar"/> </widget> <!-- screen content area --> <container id="scca" auto_size="horizontal"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" layout_children="true" inset="0" /> </container> </container> This is the code from CFM skin. Which lines do I need to delete/replace, to make the sidebar to work as intended? Thanks in advance, by the way
  4. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    Is it possible to make the sidebar auto-hide?
  5. Fantastic thread so far. I'm focusing on the tatical side of things, more than ever, and this thread is helping a lot. The inclusion of videos is very helpful, because we can see the full picture. With just images of the gameplay, it's not so clear, at least for me. Keep up the good work
  6. [FM12] The Swans

    | 2011/2012 Season - February/March [BPL] vs Arsenal: We wasn't as bad as the scoreline shows, but we were humilliated at home by Arsenal. [BPL] vs Norwich: Great result, to lift morale after the game against Arsenal. [BPL] vs Stoke: It wasn't an easy game, Stoke was a litle better than us, so a draw was a "good" result. [BPL] vs West Brom: And we couldn't hold the lead against West Brom, again. They scored in the last minute, stealing our chance to make another three points. [BPL] vs Liverpool: Second game in a row to concede in the last minutes. We started the second half with a sent off (unfairly, by the way), and playing against Liverpool with only ten men, it's not easy. [BPL] vs Bolton: Two nil up, than they draw, I really thought it would be another game like Liverpool, but we scored the third and they got Reo-Coker sent off which made things easier for us. [BPL] vs Chelsea: Very important three points. We scored from a penalty, but what matters is the three points. Graham is scoring for fun, fantastic season from our stiker. [BPL] vs Man Utd: Not much to say. They were better than us, with Berbatov destroying us. [BPL] vs Sunderland: Great performance from us, we dominated the whole game. Despite the result against Arsenal and Man Utd, I was happy with our results. We only lost those two games, won against Chelsea and draw against Liverpool (we should have won), with some good performances. | Coming Next We are really close to qualify to Europa League. If we keep playing like we are at the moment, I believe we gonna do it. Tottenham and Everton are the only tough games, Wolves could be difficult, too, but I trust in my team quality. Let's go, Swans!
  7. [FM12] The Swans

    | Transfers Neil Taylor had an injury, and will stop for about three months, so I needed a backup and Carles Planas was very cheap and looks like a decent player, so I bought him. Guido Pizarro, with only 21 years old, already looks like a fantastic player. He was very cheap, too, that's the kind of business I like to do. | 2011/2012 Season - December/January [BPL] vs Wigan: I knew it would not be an easy game, Wigan is doing pretty well. We were more dangerous than them, but couldn't capitalise our chances. [BPL] vs QPR: Not much to say. Second time we lost a lead of two goals, but this time we lost. [BPL] vs Wolves: It wasn't such an easy game as stats suggests, but fortunately Dyer had a great game, scoring a hattrick. [BPL] vs Aston Villa: Villa didn't stand a chance, a good performance from my players. [BPL] vs Everton: Gylfi gave us the three points, with an awesome long shot. [BPL] vs Blackburn: Another great performance from us, we won by two but it could have been much more if it wasn't the woodwork. [BPL] vs Fulham: I was happy with the draw, since I had to use some reserve players. [FA] vs Hull: Gave some time to my reserves, wasn't expecting much. [FA] vs Hull: Replay match. Hull was just too strong for us, with Matty Fryatt having an awesome game, scoring two goals. [BPL] vs Newcastle: Fantastic result! When Newcastle scored, I feared we could loose another lead of two goals, but not this time. Danny Graham missed another penaltie, his forth in six. [BPL] vs Man City: After Routeldge sent-off we were able to draw, but playing against eleven players against one of the best teams in the world is almost impossible to win or draw. Very happy, with how this two months went. Nine games in the Premier League, five wins, two draws and two defeats. And, finally, I think it's safe to say, that next year we still gonna be in the Premier League! | Coming Next March will be a tough month. Liverpool, Chelsea and United, with Arsenal in February, I'm not expecting a good run, but let's see, maybe we can impress again.
  8. [FM12] The Swans

    | 2011/2012 Season - October/November [BPL] vs West Brom: Awful, just awful. We can't waste leads like this, and to make this result look even worst, West Brom is the team in last place. [BPL] vs Bolton: Our performance it wasn't very good, but at least we got the three points. [BPL] vs Liverpool: I wasn't expecting this. What a great result. Another two goals from Danny Graham, really proud of my team. [BPL] vs Chelsea: Another great result. Chelsea was better than us, but we got one point, and that's what matters. [LC] vs Blackburn: Another nice display from us, this time our reserves. Next round we will play at home against Wolves. [BPL] vs Man Utd: Befora this game I was praying for a draw but my players had other plans, fortunately. If it wasn't that draw against West Brom, right now we would be only two points behind first place (Man Utd). [BPL] vs Sunderland: An easy game, and another great exhibition from us. It ended 3-0 but it could have been much more. [BPL] vs Tottenham: What a game! We started really well, with Joe Allen making 1-0, but after that our defence couldn't deal with Bale and Adebayor pace. Tottenham turn the score to 1-3 but we draw again and we could even scored the forth if Dyer had scored a great oportunity in the stoppage time. [LC] vs Wolves: And we are out. This was humiliating. I know I use my reserves, but Wolves completely dominated the game. I was very angry with my players after this game. This two months went way better than expected. Some great results against the big boys, the result against West Brom and Wolves was the only downside. | Coming Next I think after the next two months we'll know if I reached the main objective: avoid relegation. I'm very positive about it, let's see.
  9. [FM12] The Swans

    It's Plainskin, with some modifications. Here's the link.
  10. [FM12] The Swans

    | Transfers Las Palmas terminated contract with Juanpe, a player I had already scouted before. His agent offered him and I decided to buy him. Since he's a central defender/midfielder, I decided to terminate Steven Caulker loan. |Other News For the second time I asked the board to improve Junior Coaching, and this time they accepted. | 2011/2012 Season - August/September [BPL] vs Fulham: Excellent result and start of the season. It wasn't an easy game, but we got the three points and that's what matters. [BPL] vs Man City: I don't know how I lost this game. We were far better team, we created best chances, but Danny Graham decided to miss two(!) penalties. [LC] vs Charlton: In this competitions I like to use the reserve team, and that's what I did, the only player from first team was Gylfi, because Ferrie Bodde was injured. We played really well, with Charlton not causing almost any trouble, despite their goal in the 89th minute. [BPL] vs Newcastle: I was speechless after this game. We looked like Barça, and Dyer was our Messi. We executed our game plan in perfection! [BPL] vs Arsenal: We didn't stand a chance. Arsenal was just too much for us. Our first shot happened at 75th minute, we were completly dominated. [BPL] vs Stoke: We had a very good game, but failed to make chances pay, until extra time. Very important three points. [LC] vs Crewe: It was an easy game, with the reserver team doing an excellent job. [BPL] vs Norwich: Norwich was in 19th position, but I wasn't expecting a victory in this game, since our away record wasn't exactly good (despite the opponents we had faced). Another three important points. I'm really happy with the start of the season we had, but we can't loose focus, since there are too many games to be played. We have the third best attack, twelve points in six games, an awesome start, indeed! | Coming Next October and November gonna be tough months. Let's see if we can win against West Brom and Bolton and hope to cause a surprise against one of the big ones. In League Cup, Blackburn is the team that follows.
  11. [FM12] The Swans

    | Transfers Craig Dawson, Layvin Kurzawa and Birger Maertens will make part of the first team. Carlos Garcia came on loan from Betis, with a future buy clause. He will be placed in the reserves, and if in the end of the season he developed well, I will buy him. Mike van der Hoorn, despite not having much potential, I think he will turn into a good backup central defender. We sold/loaned out to free up some wage budget and none of the players could add something for the team. | Squad Goalkeepers Michel Vorm | Gerhard Tremmel Defenders Alan Tate | Ashley Williams | Steven Caulker | Darnel Situ | Craig Dawson | Angel Rangel | Neil Taylor | Layvin Kurzawa Midfielders Birger Maertens | Ferrie Bodde | Leon Britton | Wayne Routledge | Joe Allen | Andrea Orlandi | Gylfi Sigurosson | Nathan Dyer | Scott Sinclair | Rory Donnely Forwards Stephen Dobbie | Danny Graham | Tactics And here it is our tactic. That's how we gonna play, pressing high and using a short passing game. We are predicted to go down, but we gonna try to play like giants! | Pre-Season Easy pre-season, our objective was to improve fitness levels and morale, and we did it. Despite playing against weaker opponents, I was really happy with the fact that didn't conceded a single goal. | Coming Next First official games of the season. Man City and Arsenal away, and Newcastle at home, are the toughest games. Not an easy start, but in Premier League, every game is difficult.
  12. [FM12] The Swans

    | Club Info No legends yet, I hope I'll be the first. Media predicts that we will be relegated, let's see if I can prove them wrong. | History "The Swans are undoubtedly one of the most successful clubs in Wales". For me, not good enough. | Facilities Something I really need to improve. There are teams in Npower League Two with better training facilities than us. | Finances Not very good, but I certain they will improve once we start the season. We don't spend to much on wages, I think by the end of the season, we will be ok. | Affiliated Clubs Nothing interesting, only clubs to send players on loan. | Objectives and Expectations I proposed the board to avoid relegation. It won't be easy, but I know we can make it. I like to have a "goal", so this is our objective for the first season at the club: Season 2011/2012 -Avoid Relegation; -Improve Training Facilities (Senior and Youth) -Improve Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment; -Finish season with finances on "green"; Coming Next: Transfers, Squad and Pre-Season
  13. [FM12] The Swans

    Thank you
  14. [FM12] The Swans

    | Introduction Hello everyone! This will be my first save presentation on this community, I hope I can entertain someone. English is not my first language, so there will be some spelling mistakes, sorry about that. As you can notice from the title, the game will be played on Football Manager 2012. Why? Because is one of my favorite games of the franchise, and one I still have fun playing it. The chosen club is Swansea City, the club recently promoted to the Premier League (remember, FM12), for the first time in their history, so it will be a nice challenge. Enough of presentation, let's get started with the save!
  15. Continental Pro License and Regional Professional Footballer, or something like this.