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  1. I'm still playing FM19, and I'm having some problems with the individual training. Despite having everything handle to myself, some individual training still changes and I don't know why. Has anyone had this problem?
  2. Would it be possible to release a version with the font from FM17? I cant't remember the name right now. Either way, looks cool
  3. You don't know the teams you coach
  4. Is it possible to upload your skin for download?
  5. If Jambo doesn´t mind, we can trade, there´s no point in you starting again. For me it´s completly fine if we change.
  6. Don't get me wrong, but you're not using the correct formation, I was the one to get that one
  7. I've been waiting for someone to make the other South American Countries available so I can start a new save. I will try your Edit for sure!
  8. Are you thinking on upload it when finished? Looks pretty awesome.
  9. In the player profile panel I was able to mod some, others I had to the specific file. This is the lines that determine the stats panel. Do you think it's possible to mod it through here? I tried, but it didn't work (adding the red_replacement="dark_box_background") <!-- Row 4 - Player stats panel --> <container class="player_stats_panel" id="pstp" should_show_overall_last="true"> <list id="properties_to_forward"> <record target="pstt" set_property="default_properties"> <record id="value" alignment="centre" colour="red"/> </record> </list> </container>
  10. The problem is I can´t find the player stats panel. I extracted the panels using the Resourse Archiver, but there isn't any file with that name.
  11. Appreciated. Do you think you can help me with my issue?
  12. Ohh that's a huge size skin. Than upload the client object file, I´ll see if I can make it work, but can't promise you anything.
  13. Upload your skin, and I'll try to make it work. I don't know which are the code lines so I have to use the old trial/error method.
  14. Hello again. I need some help, again. I want to make the marked areas on those images darker (I know I have to add red_replacement="dark_box_background"), but I don't know which files or lines I need to change. By the way, is there a way to add that code line to some file so all of the boxes in the skin become darker?
  15. I've been trying to fix the problem with the font of the numbers, without any success. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  16. About the font problem, I really don't know what's causing the numbers to look different, because I've got the three files with the Proxima Nova font (Reg, Semi-bold and Bold, right?). The title thing, yes I want every title to recolour to the primary club colour. When I add the <colour id="fill_colour" name="primary"/> to the title font file, it does nothing. Am I doing something wrong? The opacity box on the tactics screen, fixed, thank you, Michael.
  17. Ok, I think these will be my last (hopefully!) questions about the skin I'm edting. So, I need help with: Player History Page I don't know why, but it looks like some numbers are using the default font of FM19 (I'm using Proxima Nova, from FM17). What could possibly be the cause of this? What panel defines the order of the info, nation and division? I would like to look like it was on FM17. Opacity How can I change the opacity of this panel? I know which graphics files are causing this, but if I delete them, it affects other panels too, and I don´t want that. Recolor Is there a way to make the underlined parts, get recolored to the primary color of the club, like it happened on FM17?
  18. I already got the auto-hide sidebar working, but thanks anyway
  19. Found it, I should have searched for height. Thank you, once again, Michael. I'll probably come with more questions, let's just hope it wont be many
  20. Thank you, Michael, very helpful, as always! I was able to change sidebar font size, change the rows (but I don´t know how to change the size, there's no line that indicates the size, or I'm probably missing something) and general font size. About the auto-hide sidebar, do you know any file that shows how it´s processed the auto-hide in this years version? Because I couldn't find any. Once again, thank you! Edit: The sidebar auto-hide is finally working, copied the code line from a skin from FM 18 instead FM 17. Now, do you know how to change the team squad rows size?
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