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  1. I think there needs to be more options with regards to Club Ownership and also the effects of it. A few examples to make my point clear: Bayer 04 Leverkusen is owned by a company (Bayer AG). I think this option (owned by a company) doesn't exist at the moment? Also ingame it says Rudi Völler would provide financial resources to the club as and when needed. This is not correct. It would be provided by the real owner Bayer AG. Other German clubs like Borussia Mönchengladbach are Member-Owned. For Borussia Mönchengladbach it says the President Rolf Königs would provide financial resources. At least for German Member-Owned clubs this is mostly (always?) incorrect. If Borussia Mönchengladbach would struggle financially there would be no specific person or company to provide financial resources. Also the German 50+1 ownership rule doesn't seem to exist in FM. This is a hot topic in Germany, so I think it should also be reflected ingame. If someone wants to take over a German club they can only get 49,99% of voting shares. This is a very complex topic and my request only scratches the top-surface. Anyway I hope I could make it clear why I think there needs to be more depth in the topic of Club Ownership.
  2. Is this compatible with the 21.4. database or only the original one from back in November when the file was created? Thanks
  3. I slowed down the text commentary to normal, but the text commentary bar below doesn't inform me about substitutions. When the subs were made in the vertical list of players in the panel, there was no commentary. So then I'll go for the vertical list of players and need to keep them in sight for substitutions.
  4. Strange, I want to see it too I have it on the quickest option. Do you see it on the medium / standard one? Then I'll try this.
  5. No, only when the substitutions happen during a match highlight. If it happens in-between (like for most of the subs - playing on extended highlights) I don't see that pop-up text.
  6. Not sure if it's only me, but I find it difficult to keep track of when the opponent makes a substitution. I have both teams lineups in the panels, but the game doesn't stop when the opponent makes a sub and their lineup is being changed so quickly by the game that I often only notice 10-15min of ingame match time later that there are new players in the other team. If I remember correctly in FM20 the text commentary bar on the bottom slowed down and I always knew what's happening. Is there anyway to get a visible notification when the opponent makes a substituion or am I the only one who would like to have this information right away? Thanks
  7. Apologies if this has been requested before (I couldn't find the request via the search though). As sometimes players in AI managed teams get strange squad numbers it would be great if the squad numbers could be adjusted via the ingame editor. Also for example Robert Lewandowski gets taken away his favorite squad number (#9) in almost every save in the second season and it's given to another player with the same favorite squad number (mostly to Joshua Zirkzee in my saves). This is a nice feature with the favorite squad numbers and in general I like it a lot, but it's not realistic that world class players like Lewandowski lose their numbers to players with less reputation. Just one example. Therefore it would be great if the ingame editor would allow to change squad numbers for AI teams.
  8. No pressure here, but just out of interest: Is this being looked at? Squad numbers are only a small detail of the game, but I think for many people very important. Especially because they also can't be changed with the in game editor. Thanks!
  9. In the Followed Accounts area I don't want to get any news about Player & Staff Shortlist. However when I try to untick the Social & News boxes for both under 'All Shortlists' I doesn't let me untick these. If I then try to just unfollow all the content by editing the content level after clicking on the small edit pen, I also can't change anything. This seems to work sometimes for the Player Shortlist (just untick all the content in the edit mode, but not for the Staff Shortlist. Also it would be great if the Followed Accounts (and Screen Flow) could be somehow saved, because it always takes a lot of time for each save to edit them again. Thanks for checking! Attachments: The boxes that can't be unticked in the followed accounts & the Staff Shortlist edit mode, where I can't untick or change any of the content.
  10. Hi Tony, thanks for your quick reply. No, sorry. Unfortunately the save from before the latest board meeting is already overwritten, because I kept on playing :-/
  11. If you register 40 players with numbers, then you can go over 40. I think that's also likes this in real life. So just give some youth players squad numbers and then you'll be able to also use 43 and 45.
  12. I noticed that the salaries for many Bundesliga coaches might need to be reviewed because they seem often too high: All in Million Euros per year Flick 12.5 in FM21 - according to BILD it's 8 million euros per year https://www.sport.de/news/ne4145366/dieses-mega-gehalt-kassiert-hansi-flick-beim-fc-bayern/ The same article also mentions the salary of Labbadia (3 millions but only 1.4 in FM21) and Favre (6.8 millions in FM, but 4 million before his last extension in 2019 according to this article. So I think we didn't go from 4 to 6.8, that seems a bit high. Maybe 4.5 or 5 million per year would be more realistic). Peter Bosz earns 5 millions per year in FM21. I don't have proof, but this seems a bit high to me and might be because of this (https://www.fussballtransfers.com/a500625702289199785-wegen-bosz-bvb-spart-millionengehalt). Dortmund saved 5 millions on his salary because he signed in Leverkusen. So 5 millions seems to be have been his salary in Dortmund. I think for Leverkusen 3.5 or 4 million euros per year is more realistic. But again, no proof here. Also too high for me seems Gisdol & Baum with 2.6 millions per year, Lichte with 1.8 millions and Matarazzo with 2 millions per year. According to BILD and FOCUS Gisdol & Baum earn 1 million (https://www.bild.de/sport/fussball/fussball/1-fc-koeln-gehalt-praemien-absicherung-das-ist-der-gisdol-vertrag-71995482.bild.html & https://www.focus.de/sport/fussball/bundesliga1/48-millionen-euro-personalkosten-schalkes-gehaltsliste-trainer-baum-verdient-fast-genauso-viel-wie-sportchef-schneider_id_12693218.html). I can't find proof for Lichte and Matarazzo, but just by comparing with the other Bundesliga coaches they seem to earn to much in FM. Especially Lichte, who was just an assistant manager before. A bit low might be the 1.1 millions per year that Hütter gets in FM21. According to SPORT BILD it's 2 millions per year (https://www.sport.de/news/ne3727206/eintracht-frankfurt-adi-huetter-bekam-offenbar-heimliche-gehaltserhoehung-bei-der-sge/). --- Looking at the finances of the Bundesliga teams that also doesn't look correct everywhere. Leverkusen for example has the lowest account balance in FM21 of all Bundesliga clubs with just 3.8 million Euros. How is that possible with also getting the Havertz millions just a few months ago? Schalke in comparison have in FM almost 90 million bank balance and 3.5 transfer budget plus 4 million remaining player wage budget. Just one example. Of course COVID-19 changed a lot since then, but in July the DFL released the latest financial data of the clubs (https://media.dfl.de/sites/2/2020/07/Bundesliga-Clubs-der-Spielzeit-2020-21-Geschäftsjahresende-2019-Finanzkennzahlen-gemäß-§8-Nr-6k-LO.pdf). It needs to be tweaked a bit with regards to the COVID-impact of this year, but at least it gives good reliable information on debt etc. Maybe someone with a financial expertise can help translating these numbers into the FM21? Which one's to use for what? --- Club Vision: I compared the club vision of the German teams with the one's from other countries. Seems like the German clubs have a lot more information there. On the one hand that's good, on the other hand too many entries in the club vision limit the clubs in FM too much. Someone raised a post about this regarding Bayern a while ago. Can't find it though. I'm not an expert for every team, but this would be my feedback for the club vision of Leverkusen: Sign players under 23, don't sign players over 30 & play entertaining football seem realistic. As for Sign players based in nation & sign players of German nationality I don't agree. Of course every club has the interest to sign local players, but looking at the transfers from Leverkusen in the last years they didn't really seem to care about these two points a lot: Arias, Palacios, Tapsoba, Diaby, Sinkgraven, Schick etc. Definitely not really a focus on German players or players based in Germany. Of course there are also Demirbay, Wirtz, Amiri etc, but in order to be a part of the club vision these were to many signings in the last years that don't fit to these two points. So I would remove them. One more small thing: Leon Bailey in the FM Cuts Inside from Left Wing, however I think this should be the other way around -> Cuts Inside from Right Wing. --- In general good work! I think our new research team is going in the right direction. I'm really happy about the feedback in this thread, this hasn't been the case in every year. So I think we are on a good way to a great German database in FM
  13. This is something that also already happened in FM20. Not a bug, but very unrealistic. I also always noticed when e.g. playing against Bayern that after the first season they always took away Lewandowskis squad number and gave it to Zirkzee. I think in the example of Lewandowski this is because Zirkzee's preferred squad number is the 9. This is a nice feature that preferred squad numbers are considered by the AI, however I think this should be based on reputation. If a world class player comes to a new club it's realistic that he gets his preferred squad number, but it shouldn't be taken away from someone like Lewandowski for Zirkzee. Especially because Lewandowski also has #9 as his preferred squad number. Just an example, this also happens to other players than Lewandowski after the first season. Would be great if this could be fixed
  14. I play a pretty bad season and for the third time in a short period of time I had the meeting with the board to discuss my future. It seems the Managing Director always accepts my exact same response (First the 'This is my first job'-response and then I promise that this season didn't really go to plan, but that we'll be back next season). I keep on losing, but I'm still not fired. At least they shouldn't accept my same answer a few times. I have uploaded my save via the cloud: Thomas - Bayer 04.fm
  15. As for Baumgartlinger of course I didn't write that just because he's getting older. Looking at the data he had a maximum pace of 34.50 km/h measured in 2016/17, while having only 29.86 this season so far (see links below). However this season is still very young and in his position he doesn't sprint to his maximum pace as often as players in other positions do, so I think in a few weeks/months there will be a higher pace than 29.86 km/h. Anyway if 13 or 14 doesn't matter, I just wanted to point out that I think this attribute should be lowered a bit. https://www.spox.com/de/sport/diashows/1701/fussball/bundesliga/topfacts-hinrunde/schnellste-spieler/bellarabi-heller-aubameyang,seite=7.html https://www.bundesliga.com/de/bundesliga/spieler/julian-baumgartlinger/stats Agreed on Hradecky, I think he is a great goalkeeper and often overlooked in real life. With 17 in Reflexes & One on Ones he is also very good in FM. Could be improved here and there however. As for Sinkgraven I get your point. I also don't see him stronger than Wendell by the way and he would still not be great in defending with the changes I suggested. Anyway, sounds like there will be a lot of attribute changes between the beta and full version and I'm comfortable we'll have good data next week
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