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  1. Nani needs to sort his shorts out
  2. Ronaldo crawling up the steps. What a hero.
  3. Portugal went down to 10 men?
  4. I wouldn't own a shirt if i looked like that...
  5. Ronaldo such a boss
  6. Ronnie's winning it!!!
  7. "That's okay that's okay" wtf you on about Danny
  8. Didn't touch him ffs.
  9. Where's Martial?
  10. If Figo was in on the wotsit banter he wouldn't be yawning let me tell you.
  11. I asked this in the United thread but no one answered. Not sure there is an answer. A 100 million pound answer at least.
  12. Are there other flavours of wotsits other than cheese?
  13. Step forward captain Nani.
  14. Ronnie lives!!!!
  15. A 30% fit Ronaldo surely better than whoever comes on...