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  1. Jordi alba scored in the euro 2012 final
  2. Your 200k doesn't subsidize his Fulham wage. They pay him 210k per week AND he gets 200k per week from you so that's 410k plus whatever bonuses Fulham pay. On the OP Celtic are a big club (albeit in a small league) with good training facilities. If the player is also a fan what can you offer him apart from excessive wages to encourage a move?
  3. I think the game could be more transparent with regards to negotiations on stadium rental. At the moment all you get is a message saying 'we're going to be playing here' with little reason as to why. Plymouth may well be the most obvious place to share from Truro's pov but that doesn't mean that Plymouth want to share with Truro, hence why you've been sent further afield
  4. I still play fm17 and do this on a regular basis even for under age teams although I tend to just warn youngsters rather than fine them In 17 you can do it after any match to any player with a match rating of 6.3 or lower. Sometimes you can do it if the rating is 6.4. in the interaction drop down the option to 'discipline player' should appear with poor performance as the reason, assuming that feature has not changed in fm20.
  5. Do you include the 'waive compensation for manager job' clause? It's looks like all your staff have taken jobs lower down the pyramid and if the hiring clubs don't have to pay compensation then it makes your coaches very affordable manager options. Also just because someone has a cushy job at a PL club doesn't mean they won't want to go it alone when the right opportunity arises even if it means going to a club with poorer facilities. I think that this happens fairly frequently irl it's just not as highly reported on as say when city's assistant becomes arsenal manager. My biggest query i
  6. In the squad registration screen click 'Filters' on the top right of the squad list, select u23s, find the player you want to register and register him
  7. Not sure if you got an answer to this but I have a reason for it. IRL Bundesliga teams are allowed to have terraced standing areas for fans. These aren't allowed in European competition so German clubs usually have something called rail seats which allow for standing area for league games but a seated area for European games. I believe Celtic have them as well. When it comes to FM it's probably easier to code the match engine to say: this area is seats or this area is standing terrace, rather than say: in situation A this is standing terrace, in situation B this is seats. Hope that
  8. In my athletic save psg met inaki Williams's release clause. The Spanish window had shut and it was good money so I thought I'd have him until jan and then he would leave. Little did I know the French summer window was open longer so off he went and I was a key man down
  9. From my experience players usually only take up a second nationality to get round non EU squad restrictions or so they no longer need a work permit. If you have neither of these issues in the gibraltan league I would guess that's the main reason players aren't taking up the second nationality option. A second reason could be that they simply aren't interested in playing for Gibraltar regardless of the fact that they aren't good enough to make any appearances for their home nation. Also the UK nations have a gentleman's agreement that nationalised players aren't eligible to play for t
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