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  1. I voted no because that is the correct answer.
  2. Was mentioned above but Walker did feel like a cheat player with speed and recovery maxed out for most of the tournament. I wanted England to win but wouldn't call myself an England fan. What's annoying is it was the best possible chance to do it and it wasn't a feeling of England gave everything but Italy edged it, because everything was left on the bench far too long.
  3. I never understood why everyone was calling him brave in the previous games. I said it before the final, England got there in spite of Southgate. Yeh he's done good around the perception of the team and that's big, but football wise he was too negative. The momentum was with Italy but he was too scared to do anything to change that.
  4. 2 of the best attacking talents in the world. Brings them on with 2 minutes to go to take penalties...
  5. The commentator of the biggest game in 50 years for England doesn't know why linesman are told to wait a few seconds to see an attack out before putting up a flag. Moron.
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