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  1. What a pity. Belgium look like such an exciting team. But can't really look up to any team that plays Fellaini as their number frigging 10. Origi wasted a lot of chances when he came on as well
  2. Should have passed it so much earlier
  3. Surely Italy has someone better than the likes of Pelle to lead their line
  4. Oh look, it's other grown rival football fans clearly out to fight http://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1248293795264949&id=466254463468890
  5. Belgium were my super team in Virtua Striker 2... hope they do well
  6. England the only team where I can name all the players so would be nice to support them... but not while Hodgson is in charge
  7. Amazing how they have to have ADIDAS show up on the replay of the GLT
  8. How did that Slovak miss the 1 on 1... tsk
  9. Rio Ferdinand: "Karim Benzema is harder to mark than Luis Suarez"
  10. http://www.101greatgoals.com/news/liverpool-boss-jurgen-klopp-watched-argentina-v-chile-next-gonzalo-higuains-brother/ Do we 72m to spare
  11. Has he really failed when FSG is setting the price
  12. How FSG have failed http://anfieldindex.com/22995/fsg-failed-deliver.html?_branch_match_id=268049397987984906
  13. Always amazing when females decide to hold their mobile phone as above
  14. How much does Hodgson get as England manager?
  15. Omg. Wilshere only played THREE games for Arsenal this season
  16. As usual, England squad being picked on who plays for the big clubs. Love to see them massively fail yet again
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