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  1. This is how the second half of the 2080/81 season went for me: I rejoined Everton on 30th December. We won the FA Cup this year. Next season we are expected to finish in the top 4.
  2. Thanks Nobby_McDonald. I still can't believe we got promoted especially with their being only one promotion place up for grabs. My aim for this season is to just survive. However, the board expect me to fight against relegation. If the worst does happen I have loaded the league below so I can't be sacked for playing in an inactive league. At least, this league and the ones above have two or more promotion places.
  3. Is there a limit to how many seasons you can play, on one save, on Football Manager Touch 2019 for the Nintendo Switch?
  4. Im using the YACS version 1.4 skin by ivan on the FM 19 Steam Workshop.
  5. I took APOEL from Cyprus to the Europa League Semi-Final, in my 5th season, on FM 19. Where I played Marseille from France and won the home leg 3-0. I was 3-0 up in the away leg until I conceded 7 goals to lose 7-6 on aggregate and if it wasn't for a 92nd minute own goal I would have won on away goals.
  6. This would be the best comeback ever if I was the winning team. Unfortunately I was the team from Cyprus.
  7. I just realised this but is there a way to get rid of a "long-term" partnership with another club in game? Otherwise I'll have to start the save again with this partnership slightly altered as it prevents me from playing the same league as them.
  8. No team in England can now make substitutions in the league. There is only prize money for teams in Continental competitions. I deleted all of the cups in England. There is only 78 teams in the bottom league. There is 46 in the rest. When I went into the editor to create the leagues I left the reputation of the league as default. So they all have a reputation of 1.
  9. I have created a new league system in England called the Endurance Leagues. I have replaced the standard top 6 tiers with 20 new leagues. In the new system, the top 19 leagues have 46 teams per league who play each other twice. In the main there are 10 promotion and relegation spots per league. However, as I wanted to put all English clubs in the league system, I had to make the bottom league have 78 teams to fit the rest of the clubs in. But in this league they only play each other once, with 10 promotion spot up for grabs. I will be managing New College Academy in the Endurance Level 20 league with the aim to see how far i can get up the pyramid using only youth team players. I have given them the best facilities possible. However as there is no prize money in the leagues I will have to rely on selling players to keep the facilities up to scratch. Managing the fitness of my players will be key as I cannot make any substitutions in these leagues. I will post updates every youth intake day and every four months in game.
  10. After being predicted to battle against relegation again, we defied all expectations and got our 2nd promotion in 4 seasons! With a few transfers I am pretty confident about staying up next year. We now go into the second tier with the aim of beating the drop.
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