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  1. After I reached the Prem with a custom club, because our current club's stadium did not reach the standards for the league we now play at Bolton's former ground. They now play at a different stadium than they did at the start of the save. So we don't have to pay rent, we are in the process of buying Bolton's old ground, the one they had at the start of the save.
  2. Yes I am using a custom database. It was a tier 10 England database that youtuber Bood FM edited for his custom club series. The "so many retirements.fm" file is from when the bug happened. If you advance further into the game, my profile manager gets sacked straight away. All the player and staff retirements are now read messages in the inbox tab. The "Dillan Pickford - TVFC - Save File.fm" is the earliest point I could find before the bug. Although after having this problem, I reloaded to this point and processed to the point of the error and it did not happen again.
  3. I was just about to start a new season in Summer 2036, but then the whole of playable England disappears, which causes most of my players and all my staff to retire! I cannot even view the nations tab in the world drop down menu?
  4. My gk got an 8 match rating despite leaking 6 goals. He is also 2nd in the Championship top average ratings so far.
  5. After getting FM 21, I though I would give this challenge another go. As with before, I will be managing both San Giovanni and the San Marino NT. I won my first game too, a 4-0 thrashing of Liechtenstein in the Nations League.
  6. On my Everton save, in the second season, the board have requested a meeting about our failed club vision. They expect me to reach the Euro Cup proper by the end of next season. Yet we are not in Europe at all this season, so how can this be?
  7. I am 8th in the prem with my created club after 10 games with a game in hand. My team is literally Crystal Palace with a new name. Although, I have had a fairly easy start to the season. The only "big 6 teams" I played are Tottenham and Liverpool away, I lost them both by one goal. Zaha has 16 in 13 games for me so far!
  8. Happy Valley in Hong Kong and when they get promoted King Fung.
  9. Praise the mighty Lord Miles, they have finally fixed goalkeeper match ratings!
  10. I do believe that some people cheat on the leader board, because how can you get 68 million points in one season in China, yet I win 8 trophies and get no where near that. I do have the attribute masking ticked. If you make any changes to the game database using the pre-game editor your score does not count for that individual save. I used a San Marino League database on FM 20 and got no score. The official SI Canada and Gibraltar league packs do count though, as they have not made any changes to the database, at least according to the Game status screen. I have 8 million points on my FM 20 Gi
  11. Although I do not know how the point system works, the most points I got in a season was just short of 3 million. That would have been the season where I went unbeaten in the league, won 8 trophies including the Club World Cup with Dreams FC from Hong Kong and the East Asian Cup with China.
  12. I am 25th on the all time FM 19 Steam leader board and 15th for a single game file.
  13. Can you do this challenge in a league with only one tier and does it have to be in Europe?
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