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  1. Yes, Linfield has the highest average attendance in the league so far. Apparently the Portadown manager played for us at some point. Maybe he was on to something, as we lost that game 0-1.
  2. Apparently, the Portadown's manager wanted a bigger team in their Bet Mclean Cup quarter final draw. Do they not realise that Linfield is the best club in Northern Ireland, going by reputation, currently. Unless they invite foreign teams to play in this cup competition they will play no one better.
  3. At the end of the 2151/52 season my club goalie scored 4 goals and assisted 5. He even got an assist from a long throw in! But that will be the last time. because we were conceding too many from counters from our throw ins. Plus having a goalkeeper take throw ins, as well as the rest of set pieces, is a step too far in my opinion. But he will still take the rest of the set pieces. In terms of how the club side did, my former side knocked us out of 3 cup competitions. Twice on penalties and once 0-1. They also won the league, by beating us by an injury time goal, when a draw would have meant we would have won the title. We did win the Charity Shield equivalent and progress to the quarter finals of the Champions League though. On another note, the Chinese No 1 is nearly a 1 in 2 games goal scorer!
  4. I wish Ole would retire already, otherwise I'll never be number 1 on the Worldwide hall of fame!
  5. I have added this challenge to my save in Hong Kong and the Chinese NT. In the 5 games, where my gk was the designated set piece taker, he scored 5 and assisted 5 for China. He even got the top goal scorer award for the East Asian Cup. At club level, my English keeper has 2 goals in 4 games so far (4 games since I made him the set piece taker).
  6. Not bad going for the first game of the new Premier League season. Except for Villa fans I suppose.
  7. It looks like there is a player called PC in FM20. I did not nickname him that either.
  8. In 2019, my goalkeeper scored 19 goals and assisted 18, in 64 games, for club and country. At club level, we got relegated from the Brazilian top flight winning only four of 38 games. We did however, win our state league and are yet to lose as Brazil boss.
  9. He carried the team, as he scored 5 goals, in the 6 playoff games we had, guiding us to the title.
  10. My goalkeeper should have got the top scorer in our Brazilian state league. But, he came second because the guy above him played less. However, he scored 11 goals and the "top" goal scorer got 10! How does that work?
  11. After losing in the League One play-offs and still licking my wounds, I get this horrific inbox message. Our tycoon owner, who has only been here for two years, withdraws funding all together and on the same day names our new stadium after himself! He is not even a favoured personal at the club. He only invested £1 million in the club and would never upgrade the facilities when I asked for it, In fact, we still have the same facilities we had when we were back in the 6 tier. It was not me who asked for this new stadium either. If not after me, the stadium should be named after a player at least. Never in my life have I hated a fictional person more than I do now.
  12. Our Europa League group went a bit too well if you ask me. I bet we lose in the first knockout round now!
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