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  1. According to this message in my inbox, in our FA Cup Third Round match there will be twice as many away fans as home fans. Which baffles me as we are at home and the away team are bottom of the league below us.
  2. I am just curious as to how many hours, anyone other than me, has played the Football Manager game series for. Here is mine over 2 steam accounts.
  3. When I downloaded Bood FM's The Lion King save, I was not expecting this. This is how I started the save... ...2 games played, 27 goals scored. I think I broke the game!
  4. End of 2031/32 Season: In our first ever season in League One, we managed to finish in 12th place. Our new Director of Football took a while to get going with his transfers. This season he focused on the loan market too much which is not ideal. With the exception of one player in the summer, he only bought three players all season. Going forward I would like him to focus more on free transfers, or at least players we actually own. Next season I would like to finish in the top half and maybe challenge for a playoff place. But, unless significant investment is made, us finishing nearer to the bottom half of the table is more likely.
  5. Going into our first season in League One, I have decided to axe Tony Adams for a better and younger new Director of Football. May I present to you former Arsenal youngster Jay Emmanuel-Thomas.
  6. End of 2030/31 season: This season we defied expectations yet again and won the league. We have now been promoted to League One for the first time after just three seasons in League Two. My aim for the upcoming season is to avoid relegation. We also reached the FA Cup 4th round losing by two goals against Liverpool.
  7. End of season 2029/30: We were so close to going up finishing one point outside the automatic promotion places in 4th place. We lost in the playoff semi final as well. We lost to Manchester City in the League Cup but made £600,000 in gate receipts from this game alone. Overall it was a great season. Lets just hope we can go one better next season.
  8. We are currently the only team left in the League Cup who is not a Premier League team. Not bad for a League 2 team . I am not expected to get through though as we are playing the Premier League leaders, and six time defending champions Manchester City . Anyone remember Bradford City's heroics in the 2013 League Cup campaign? I wonder if we could do the same or better. Even if we do go out, we need the money so playing them away from home is ideal.
  9. End of 2028/29 season: In our club's first ever League 2 campaign, we finished in 19th place. Although it could have been much better, as we were in the top half at the half way point. But we stayed up which was my aim for this season. My aims for the upcoming season is to finish in mid table and reach the FA Cup 3rd round for the first time. Tony Adams finally splashed out on Chris and Jordan to bolster our back line for a mouth watering combined fee of £14,000.
  10. End of 2027/28 season: In my 10th season in charge, we managed to win the playoffs in only my 3rd season in the National League and get promoted into League 2. I am aiming to avoid relegation next season.
  11. Thanks. I am aiming for playoffs this season. However, as we are predicted to finish in 20th place by the media, I would be happy to finish mid table again.
  12. End of 2026/27 season: After being expected to fight bravely against relegation this season, we finished in 9th place. Although our Director of Football used the loan market again this season, his best transfers were his permanent ones. We also sold our first player for actual money.
  13. Thanks, this season I am hoping to avoid relegation again, but maybe not leave it to the end of the season before our stay in the league is confirmed.
  14. Funnily enough we do need to improve our defensive training. I tried offering him a dual Director of Football/Coach role, to improve this, but he turned my offer down. Maybe he should stick to the transfers.
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