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  1. End of 2050/51 season: After 5 games this season, we had already dropped 7 points. At one point we were in 6th place and I started to panic a bit. But, thankfully our form picked up and we only drew 2 games in all competitions for the rest of the season. We won the rest of the games. So far the only competitions we failed to win was the Community Cup. Carrying one from last season, we were once again knocked out of the Champions League by Guangzhou Evergrande, but, on away goals this time round. We will continue our run into the Champions League quarter-final next season, where I hope to add to our 4 wins of this competition. We failed to reach the final of the AFC Asian Cup, losing in the quarter-final stage to Japan on penalties after the scores finished at 2-2. Which to me is bitterly disappointing as had we won that game the only teams left would have been North Korea, Australia and Iran and I think we could have beaten any of them. I just hope we do better in the next East Asian Cup. Our World ranking is 44th and our League reputation has dropped to 15th.
  2. End of 2049/50 season: This season we won every domestic trophy available and will go into the Champions League quarter-final at the start of next season. At the World Cup, we topped a group which contained France and Uruguay. Unfortunately, we lost to Mexico 3-2 in the first knockout round. Which is not bad considering, they would have won the World Cup, in the end, if not for an extra time loss against Italy in the final. After the tournament, our 3-2 win against Uruguay was named as the best match and we broke the record for the youngest ever goal scorer at a World Cup finals. We have moved up to a record World ranking of 45th.
  3. We now have a new owner at the club. As he has put £3 million+, as well as the £4 million+ we got from sponsors, I have decided to upgrade both our stadium's maximum capacity and our youth facilities
  4. End of 2049 update: We made it to the Champions League Semi-Final where we lost 3-2, over 2 legs, against the record 11 time winners Guangzhou Evergrande. We have qualified for the 2050 World Cup Finals. We once again finished 2nd behind China in the East Asian Cup. However, this time round we lost on goal difference rather than points. Chinese teams are our biggest rivals at both club and international level. Although, I have beaten Chinese clubs in the Champions League before, against the Chinese National team we are yet to draw against them. In fact, 5 of our 7 defeats at Hong Kong have been against China. Going forward I would like a point in the World Cup. But, to be honest I would take 2 narrow losses in the Group Stage, especially now that we have been drawn against Uruguay and France. I aim aiming to win the East Asian Cup next time round and would like to be in the Final of the AFC Asian Cup. As it stands we are ranked 52nd in the World Rankings and 14th in the Asian League reputation charts.
  5. There is one from 2035 onwards. But, I left Dreams FC for Eastern AA. This save is the same one with the difference being rather than leave the club, I stayed and carried playing.
  6. End of 2048/49 season: For the first time in 4 seasons, we won all 5 domestic trophies that were up for grabs. Which included our 30th consecutive League title win. We also have the Champions League quarter-final to look forward to. Unfortunately, we lost our 141 game unbeaten streak in league this season. This season I upgraded our club's training facilities from adequate level to average. Which has cost us over £5 million to complete! I wonder how much it would cost to upgrade them to the best available training facilities. We are also in the planning stage of a potential stadium expansion, which, if it goes ahead, will cost us £1.8 million. Then the Dillan Pickford Stadium will have a seating capacity of over 9,000! Our league reputation is now back up to the 14th best in Asia. Our World Ranking has risen slightly to 52nd place. We have already qualified for the 2050 World Cup Finals.
  7. End of 2047/48 season: This season we won the League, FA Cup and Senior Challenge Shield. Hong Kong made it through to the Final Stage of the Asian World Cup qualifiers. I am pretty sure we will qualify for the Finals. Despite us winning the Champions League and our good run in the Club World Cup, our League Reputation has dropped. Our National team World ranking is still 55th.
  8. 2047 update: At club level, we won our 4th Asian Champions League trophy! Which gained us entry into the Club World Cup, where we ended up reaching our first Final but, ended up losing 4-0 to Tottenham. I would say we did pretty good, especially because we went down to 10 men in 2 of the 3 Club World Cup games and I called up 15 players from my club side to the Hong Kong National Team. With Hong Kong, we achieved a joint best ever 3rd place playoff win in the AFC Asian Cup, after losing in the Semis and we got our best ever finish in the East Asian Cup where we came in 2nd place! Before having played all the games in this calendar year, we sit in our best ever World Ranking of 55th and our League has the 14th best reputation in Asia. By the end of this season, I would expect both of these rankings to shoot up.
  9. End of 2046/47 season: This season we won our 28th league title in a row as well as 3 other cups. We unfortunately lost in the Sapling Cup Final Stage 1-0 after going down a man early.
  10. 2046 World Cup update: As I expected we did not make it out of the Group Stage. But, I would say a 3-1 loss to England is a respectable scoreline. We did also, at one point, have a 4-2 lead against Uruguay. However, we ended up losing 5-4 in the end which is disappointing. Although we did not win a game, I am content with how we performed. We now have the East Asian Cup Qualifying stage and AFC Asian Cup to look forward to next season, which are two competitions that the Nation are yet to win. Can we surprise a few? I hope so!
  11. My Gk once got an 8.1 match rating in a game where he saved 15 shots, including a penalty, where we had 3 red cards and still won 1-0 away from home!
  12. I am currently 28 seasons deep into my FM19 in Hong Kong. I have managed Dreams F.C. since the beginning and have just taken charge of the Hong Kong National team. My first competitive game in charge will be against my former side England in the group stage of the 2046 World Cup. The other team I have been drawn against is Uraguay, so I am next expecting much from this tournament. We are currently ranked 62nd in the World rankings. The highest we have ever been is 59th. At club level we are aiming for a 28th League title win in a row and have collected 99 Cups trophies over the years. The Hong Kong First Division League is the 14th best League in terms of reputation in Asia. The aim of this save is to win the World Cup with Hong Kong and turn the Hong Kong First Division League into the best league in the world! I will post updates after each World Cup showing how we have done in that period as well as the League reputation and our World ranking at the time.
  13. End of 2019/20 season We had a good league campaign this season as we finished 8th in the league. We did okay in the cups except losing to a team in the league below us in the 3rd round of the Coupe de la Ligue BKT. We only spent £2.8 million on first team players along with a few loan signings. The rest was just players that my Head of Youth Development signed for both my reserve and youth teams. No one of note was sold.
  14. In this save I will be managing Nimes Olympique from France who play in Ligue 1 Conforama. The board expect us to avoid a relegation battle this season. I will post seasonal updates.
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