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  1. Getting sorted next patch. They are having issues with the 2nd part of the defensive phase. Must be to do with the set piece setups they've added
  2. Ok I get you. Yes those are the factors that the manager would use. I don't know of anything else I obvious that would say otherwise. But also look at the Data Hub and possibly watch a few games of the opposition AI, there's a lot of information of where they win the ball and also what player roles they normally use
  3. Not sure what your question is? Are you asking because you are seeing alot of managers play a certain style?
  4. But the debates are about issues with the game. If a mod was to reach out and basically say “this is a known issue being looked into, so there is no reason to debate anymore” these wouldn’t be occurring as much.
  5. Noticing threads being locked also because of ‘bickering’, couldn’t SI just release a ‘Known Bug List’ so all this bickering stops. Doesn’t seem fair that there’s information within these threads that get lost and then new users post asking the same questions.
  6. Can someone from SI nip this in the bud once and for all. in regards to people saying the game feels to easy at present, does this have to with 1) Subs not being used correctly (85th min etc) 2) AI not managing squads as it should 3) Are these league specific, reputational or something else There is a lot of of debates going on and I think someone from SI need to end it now as it’s getting frustrating with all these theories of what is going on. edit: if it does get clarified, can you pin it in the main forum for all to see
  7. Jimmy Wong pinned the next major patch will include Improvements to AI squad building and substitutions logic if only a ‘few’ people experienced, then why is it in the major patch. Just stop please! So many people have posted it as a problem! Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  8. For me personally, I will only buy next years edition once I see where they go from here. A beta branch is a logical solution to an ongoing problem. To have to wait for the major patches to play the game is not the way forward. Having that beta branch would alleviate the pressure from the HARDCORE users from these forums and would create more constructive feedback. Everyone at present is guessing. If beta branch was available now for example, the players not on it would ask, “has it resolved this particular problem”. If so, they probably would jump on it as well. What is game breaking for one person isn’t for another and having that option of a beta branch would probably resolve quite a few users issues, instead of again waiting weeks after release for the major patch
  9. Probably next year they will change the title from a ‘Football Simulation’ game to ‘Football Arcade’ game
  10. 1. It's a known issue that someone in the feedback thread pointed out 2. If memory serves me correct, the salary cap is an issue going back a couple of editions, due to it not being as flexible. Users complained of being promoted multiple times and the salary cap not being flexible 3. Might be one for the big forums to ask. As it's just 2 players, might be just a coincidence.
  11. Alot of games offer beta for PC branch but not for consoles, which is understandable. Considering majority of the userbase who play FM are actually on PC, you'd think it wouldn't be an issue. It would be like companies banning game mods on PC for the reason the console owners cannot use them.
  12. Maybe worth posting this in the hugs forum. Unless a mod knows otherwise?
  13. I think it's more of SI releasing a game with known issues, especially with regards to features, and not being open about it on release day. This is after the promise of more communication pre-release
  14. There’s perfect and there’s things working as promised. We all play our version of how the game is to be played. I want to play FM24 how I played FM23
  15. Do you understand the point of early access? Check my history, I had reported bugs. I reported bugs hoping on release day majority of them would be fixed like others. And did I say I had completed seasons for every club? MK Dons was my longest save. The others I would get until Feb normally, just after the first transfer window for me because I always disable the first. And when I play the games, they are not in tandem, they are one after another. I’ve been on these forums since 2003 and seen how it’s really changed. So taking all the information I’ve just given you into account, I do think I know what I’m on about
  16. I’ve had the game longer than two weeks! I’ve had it since early access. So Ive played the game for about 3 weeks in total. I haven’t played the game since just after release due to the issues not being fixed. I have a job where I can work from home and have a lot of time to play the game. It’s basically the only game I play, as it allows me to multitask. And I will say again, I didn’t mention you. Check my posts and you can see who I’m on about. But if you basically admitting you are part of that ‘cult’, there is nothing more to say
  17. I had 5 other league saves going on. Dynamo Dresden, nordsjælland fc, Hamburg and Amiens. Unless I’m some tactical genius, which I am not, I was breezing through the leagues. Breaking club winning streaks, sometimes the league! So no, it just not to do with the English leagues!
  18. Didn’t realise it was sarcasm at first 😂 but it’s true, for every 5 negative comments, one of the ‘cult’ pop-up with denials a bug even exists!
  19. Basing it in game sales doesn’t mean the game is working as it was promised! With McDonald’s being the most popular takeout in the world, does that mean it’s not bad for you either! I am merely saying long term saves are not working like previous editions. Im overachieving because the game mechanic is not working like it should. This years edition is the easiest I have ever experienced. I’m not saying it’s game breaking! I am merely suggesting to players who get into long term saves to hold off in its current state.
  20. I’m overachieving because the AI is not working as it should be. Subs not being used correctly for example! Seriously man, no need to back SI to the hilt, people can experience bugs you know!
  21. Long term saves involves immersion for me. I’m MK Dons, 3rd season, sitting top of Championship. Being told after every promotion I’m relegation favourites, only to go on and win League 2 and League 1 and now sitting top of Championship. I would say, yeh, game breaking for immersion. Also if I was going to compare it to FM23, it’s pretty obvious it’s broken as it is not doing the same things it did as before.
  22. I think for me last year was the first time people felt something didn’t feel right, in regards to how things were being communicated. But promises from SI said there would be more transparency. Then the licensing issue, 150 missing players and it’s current state with the AI in this years edition has made me question… why not just do what you said you was going to do! Someone had to have made that decision to not make it public. I don’t even know why they just don’t give us the target date for the patch. If it gets delayed, communicate as promised! I know there are passionate people at SI, who are also part of the community who interact with us. I doubt they would’ve wanted to hold back information as well. So yes, something or someone(s) have got to change. Whoever makes the decisions to not inform us because they are doing the opposite of what Si are promising in regards to transparency
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