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  1. Going to try strikerless for the first time. Left Brechin to go to Dundee Utd and figured I would give it a go since they were more suited to it. First game 5-0. The amount of clean breakaways at goal from different players is something unlike any other tactic I have tried. Think I'm going to enjoy this one. When strikerless works it usually is great like in previous versions.
  2. 3 Promotions in a row with FM21PaeisienneWalkwaysKnapPar1s4231P101CC Had a stuttering end to the season due to my top scorer just flat out stopped scoring or even making dangerous runs. Pretty much shuts the tactic down when that happens. Then on top of that 3 of my back four were out for my last two games and my backups are trash. Definitely just need a solid back four and GK. Hardly kept a clean sheet all season and it shows in goals conceded.
  3. 7 Points clear in the Scottish championship with Parisienne Walkways. Being a weaker team, I have tried to use cautious away from home....Doesn't work for me we sit back, keep most of the ball but barely make chances and end up getting spanked. I'm just going to keep attacking in all games now. Least if I get beat I would have caused problems for the opponent
  4. Hey @knap Since strikerless seems so effective on the latest patch, you have any plans on recreating a tactic you had for one of the older FMs when strikerless was king. I think it was either FM16 or 17. it was a 3-4-3-0 Strikerless, wingbacks with 3 SS upfront. Also think you had a version with AP-AM-SS. It was a beast, Wish I could find it but it was on an older pc I had. Sorry if you have already have made this somewhere but I didn't see it anywhere.
  5. Update, Back to back promotions! My now 18 Year old striker still tearing it up Saw the West Brom save with the same tactic coming 3rd in PL on positive mentality. I have been experimenting with different mentalities in game but maybe I will start with positive. I was using it when I felt the play was too rushed and they do seem to make better decisions on positive, but I was cautious that it might blunt the attack too much with most players on support. Thanks Again @knap
  6. Last season I was all over the place trying to find a tactic that worked for me. This season I stuck with FM21PARISIENNEWALKWAY Winger version the whole season. Predicted 7th My young 17 Year old striker was also Top goalscorer with 40 League goals. Strikerless looks interesting right now, but playing in the lower leagues I think I will stick to a more traditional setup and see how far I can take it
  7. I honestly can't get the Diamond/4312 Variants to work at all despite all the good results in here with it. I saw it has been working for lower leagues as well but I have 0 luck with it myself in the Scottish L2. Will just stick with 4231 for now.
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