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  1. I may use the new 4132 as a closing out game tactic as I hate using IWBs normally, though I know they are better defensively.
  2. Yes pretty much during the main run in of the season. Didn't seem to affect the performance at all.
  3. Thunk I may try traditional wingers this season. Inverted didn't really work as much for me in the PL like they did in the Scottish league. Probably due to the quality of defenders reading the cut ins better. Plus i've found the through balls expected using inverted are few and far between due to strikers movement being a bit weak in this years FM Will report back if it improves my results.
  4. Also, I must of hit the post at least once in every match this season. Crazy stuff.
  5. Sadly wasn't to be this season Got ridiculously unlucky. Arsenal to win their first title since the invincibles and the most clean sheets top trolling lol Got hit with huge injuries to star players. Both my top striker and defender plus a few others in the middle of this fixture pile up at the end of the season Disappointed my team bottled it but i'm sure we will crack it next year.
  6. Who takes the corners for this setup? Is this one more effective than the short corner setup?
  7. Think I will use the new DLP/MEZ in tandem with the double Mez one as a home\away duo. Had a few troubles away from home and seeing some games out in my first season in the Prem with Leicester, but I'm still right in the title race. Fingers Crossed ....
  8. Just walloped the current champions, check the scoreline with a missed pen as well. 2 wins from 2, 11 goals can't complain with my start in the league
  9. Was the P109 With Pressing Forward and Poacher tested with Man U on the last page. Left to take charge of Leicester who finished 11th last season so I'm interested to see what I can achieve with this tactic there. Left them in a very strong position so i'm hopeful they will stay on top while I'm no longer there
  10. Just as the tactic promised....109Pts Best season yet I need to get another job to test it further.
  11. The P109 ALL CUPS 442 Poacher/Pressing Forward tactic. It's very often that my opponent doesn't even have shot on target.
  12. Having an almost flawless start to the season with the 442 109pts All Cups Tactic Chelsea result I had a red card and still really should have won. Best tactic I have used this year for sure.
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