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  1. Think I will try the RUN LIKE HELL variants after I leave my current club. BEOWULF after like 8 seasons doesn't seem to be as effective as it once was for me this season. Will probably still win me the league but more off the strength of my squad than the tactic itself. Seems like the AI finally figured it out somewhat
  2. Glad this has returned and looks good. Will use this with Beowulf as an away/Tough game alternative.
  3. I have noticed after the recent update, that no matter how high I put the monthly loan fee, I am only getting offers of 120k back from each club. Before the patch I was generally getting the amount that I advertised to clubs but now they all seem to offer 120k. Example Neto has just been on loan the last 2 seasons fee ranging 250-300k per month. New patch I off him for the same and this is what I get back
  4. What would you say is a better tactic for away games for a top team, this or Black Echo?? I would assume Black Echo would have more control due to lower tempo and shorter passing.
  5. I like many am using one of Knap's many great tactics. Only problem is I'm always losing the battle at set pieces, I either concede or the opposition at least usually gets to the ball 90% of the time. Has anyone found any good defensive set pieces to use?
  6. Has been amazing so far with the new patch at home but I'm afraid to try it away lol. Hows it performing away from home for you?
  7. Hopefully we can get the P-PF version of this tactic with WBs working for this FM.
  8. Using Beowulf/Wulf I have managed to mount a strong title run at my first full season at Spurs. In the middle of a title run. I've been handed this clusterf*ck schedule. FM really got to sort this out. 4 Games in a week span
  9. Hope set piece defending is sorted out in the next patch. over 60% of my goals are conceded from them regardless of the quality of players, it's really pissing me off.
  10. No I got promoted from the championship to the PL I'm literally just hoping I stay up in the PL next season Winning it first season would be pretty crazy, I conceded over 70 in the Championship I just happened to be the top scorer as well, only way I managed to win the league. So looking to tighten up for next season.
  11. Got promoted and won the league on the last game of the season to the PL. Scared to death of going to the PL with the defensive record I have though, really think it's probably happened a season too early. May use Preaching Blues 4141 hopefully gives me a bit some defensive stability next season.
  12. Result since plugging in new Sympathy. Most the goals I am conceding are from Set pieces, Freekicks/Short Freekicks/Corners etc...which is pretty annoying. Not sure if it's the quality of my team or just being punished for the amount of fouls the tactic gives away, but they just switch off at set pieces.
  13. Has nobody tried the new Sympathy out yet?? I was striking out with all other tactics. Plugged it in and have won 6 out of 8. Even the games I didn't win I should have and it's been the most effective for me preventing chances also. Certain if I started the season with it I would have been top right now. Considering I'm an underdog plus I started the season building a squad for Argus 352, so I don't even have the right players for the formation yet. I can't wait until next season to get the right players for the formation, Or maybe I could get some players in for Jan if the board allows me.
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