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  1. This is the type of tactic no one has really tried to create this year. Haven't seen many possession based tactics this year will give this a try.
  2. First game with this. Bare in mind this was a rotated squad cause I have a 2nd leg CL game with Man u in 3 days. Haven't had a result like this since the new patch without the super charged set pieces. Will stick with this until the end of the season at least.
  3. I have way too many strikers to try this formation right now. But I will try it when I'm at a different team.
  4. Plugged in from the Dumbarton game. As I said previously starting with the Vol/Mez tactics most games. Bare in mind I have been rotating a lot of games since the league was pretty much won. First league title in over a decade for Rangers in my first full season managing them. Pretty good going
  5. Was skeptical about the Very Attacking mentality, but these tactics are going really will with my Rangers side. Using a mix of all 3 depending on opponents and stages of the match, but mostly the Vol/Mez. Will post some screenshots later.
  6. Only just noticing that the one striker has a lot more PI's than the other in the new tactics. Is this intentional?? and if so do they require different types of players in each position? The wingers and FB also have slightly different PI but to a lesser extent.
  7. Have to say this tactic is an absolute beast for me in the Scottish prem in my first season. I'm the weakest team in the league by far, Predicted 12th completely overachieving. From the red marked game Have to point out the the Rangers and Celtic games were both 1-0 before I got a man sent off, So I was very much in the game against the best teams in the league. It's got me here so far Great Tactic!
  8. Just got promoted to the Scottish prem with this tactic so it still does work. Although I have now changed to the 4420 for the new season and it seems to be going well.
  9. Think you may be on to something with the 3-4-3 Volante All Cups tactic. My search for a permanent tactic may have ended, Tactic used from the red marked match.
  10. Will give this a go since people are saying it still works. A bit worrying about the striker not scoring much but I will try it out anyway.
  11. Been waiting on the 3-5-2. Thanks Knap will give this a try.
  12. Hey Knap. You planning on developing a 3-5-2? Currently using Blue matter 4-3-3 but would like an alternative whilst keeping the midfield 3 shape intact.
  13. Update Won the League cup and I'm in the FA Cup final against Spurs next. In a normal season, this points tally would have won me the league but Man U were ridiculously consistent. They trolled me at the end of the season losing their first 2 games of the season in a row after already securing the title. Think I will try strikerless Argus next season.
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