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  1. No, he only has argentinian and spanish. He has some italian relatives IRL, but never requested it. Remember to give some reliable sources in case of reporting data issues.
  2. Will get this updated for next patches. Although Abel Ruiz it's set as 100M€ in our file, maybe he did sign a new contract in your game?
  3. Please @andremengao check your inbox
  4. Unfortunately, Barça structure can't be replied using current FM roles : Josep Segura is the main football charge, a kind of SuperDirector of Football. Eric Abidal is below him, with Planas as a second in charge, and with Boada as chief of scouts. We've adapted the best possible solution. Abidal is nothing related to General Manager or the roles of a General Manager, as he is only in charge of scouting / reporting potential signings.
  5. You should ask Brazilian research, we haven't reviewed the player ever or asked about it to be added. Anyway, we've asked brazilian HR to remove it. Please, post the errors in the right forum.
  6. We'll ask R. Sociedad researcher to complete his profile for next phases. Please keep the posts polite, otherwise you'll be reported & ignored. Thanks.
  7. Everything that was considered an error/ a valid suggestion has been reported from our side as soon as possible, and many of the reported errors will be fixed for final version / next data update.
  8. Scrolling over the IND button will tell you the reason of player being unavailable...
  9. Could you provide us a savegame/screenshot? I tested on my save, and didn't had such issues... Which message do you receive?
  10. @feche 1) This are not league issues, this are data issues. 2) This is a duplicate of a post you had already done, word by word. 3) Your previous post had already been considered, and changes to argentinian players had been done.
  11. Download Link : http://www.fmsite.net/foro/files/file/276-fm15-tercera-division-espanola/ Activates the real spanish third division leagues (18 groups). No database changes have been made, only third division has been activated. In the future, a new version will be launched updating regional boundaries for a more realistic promotion / relegation system. But current file is 100% playable. Created by Mercurio (fmsite.net)
  12. Don’t forget the cheat of shortlisting the old glories just the day before their retirement, just to see them reincarnated in 17 y.o. from their same nation ready to be signed into your shortlist. That’s how I get Suker and Mijatovic new reincarnations into my Hellas Verona site.
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