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  1. Most of this should be fixed for release.
  2. Hi @Schwoods thanks, already talked about this with Pete, and will have it sorted ASAP. Valladolid pays around 1M€ wages of Sandro, and his wages at Everton will be lowered.
  3. Yes, the competition has been redone from scratch this year by FA, and it doesn't start until mid december.
  4. Hi. Rating stats its quite a personal view, not a data issue. Both players are very similar in stats,CA and PA, none of them being far inferior than the another.
  5. Thanks, this has been logged. This should be reported at italian thread, as it should be updated on juventus files. Thanks. Some of this wages have been logged. Except for Coric which it's right as it is. Thanks, logged. Sergio García appears by his common name "Paisa": https://www.transfermarkt.es/paisa/profil/spieler/420122 We'll try to get the other points sorted, but it's mostly AI who decides which player needs to be set at B/u19, not much we can do about it...
  6. Download Link : http://www.fmsite.net/foro/files/file/276-fm15-tercera-division-espanola/ Activates the real spanish third division leagues (18 groups). No database changes have been made, only third division has been activated. In the future, a new version will be launched updating regional boundaries for a more realistic promotion / relegation system. But current file is 100% playable. Created by Mercurio (fmsite.net)
  7. Don’t forget the cheat of shortlisting the old glories just the day before their retirement, just to see them reincarnated in 17 y.o. from their same nation ready to be signed into your shortlist. That’s how I get Suker and Mijatovic new reincarnations into my Hellas Verona site.
  8. And it would work on a computer without steam?
  9. Has someone managed to work with FM13 editor as stand-alone software? I'd like to copy editor and DB to my USB, so I can edit on all my diferent computers.
  10. 2-4-4 was the key for unbeaten success in CM93... Julien Joachim....absolute legend (Flair 20!!)
  11. This nationalisations are done via "marriage". By residence, it's still at 20 years.
  12. Anyone discovered if it's possible to add double-game promotion playoffs?
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