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  1. I didnt know where to post this, but if this isnt the right thread, please do let me know where i can. This is just a general feedback, that i hope will be addressed in FM2022. One of the issues i have had with FM (not just with 21 but even editions before that) is players expecting new contracts almost every season. And if you say you cant (for whatever reason), or if you wish to defer to end of the season, players get unsettled. Others also end up voicing their concerns. Sometimes if your captain has a word, it works, sometimes it doesnt. Most often it leads to players wanting to leave. And its not just an increment, also cause for concern is the amount of increment they expect which often is 100-300%. Just to give an example, I had purchased players and offered wages of around 15K per week for a backup role. After a season they end up expecting to be a first team player and a salary over 50K. Hypothetically you negotiate and offer something 30-35. The same player will want an increment again in the subsequent season. These are not isolated incidents. The same arises for numerous others in the squad, and can get worse for regens who seem to have very unrealistic expectations. I dont know what occurs in real life eg. in England or Italy. But i can tell you in La Liga, players dont get new contracts so easily. Someone whose contract runs out in 2024, may only get an extension in 2022 or 2023. And the player will certainly not keep on asking for extensions annually. Most clubs (except the big ones) operate with salary caps and wont allow two or three fold increments like it occurs in FM. Hope this is something SI can look into. The more realistic the game is, the more fun it is.
  2. A question, how do you start the game in the actual new season i.e. 2021/22?
  3. The transfer update brings a new element in gameplay for FM fans starting a new save. Who would be your first signings in the first transfer window of a new save? I have played three saves now, signing Ugarte, Arezo, Papetti, Rovella, Gavi. These players were must signings, and all could have obtained on the cheap. But who are the best first signings now, given that FM has gotten an update. Arezo is still available, other four are not. Any new hidden gems, bargain buys?
  4. Fran Perez- son of former Valencia footballer and Director of Sporting Rufete Jesus Vasquez- son of former Valencia footballer and Director of Sporting Braulio Vazquez. Jesus Vazquez is actually an excellent leftback in the game.
  5. Are there any new hidden gems with the new update. With the older version i would always sign Ugarte, Arezo. And try to get Rovella, Gavi, etc
  6. I suppose Espanyol will be a very easy save. They are too good for Second Division, and have enough quality to gain promotion in a strong way. I was thinking of Almeria. Not a big club. Recently bought over by a tycoon. Have quite a few bright players, although many of them are on loan. Somehow they managed to get Lucas Robertone, who in older FM editions was always someone i would buy.
  7. Anyone have any experience with Spanish Second Division? There are good teams-Malaga, Espanyol, Zaragoza.
  8. Does anyone have any experience with Spanish Second Division? I was thinking of a challenge whereby i can promote a team to La Liga, and then fight with the big teams.
  9. Is there any way you can use pre game editor to make a player appear transfer listed at the start of the game. In real life there are players who are transfer listed at their clubs or maybe they want to leave, although this doesnt reflect in FM. I am trying to make changes to reflect this. So far i have tried "Doesnt Want to Be A Player at XYZ". But it doesnt quite work.
  10. I am a Valencia CF fan in real life, and usually the club is my first save. This time around they are an even more interesting team to start with-even for neutrals. The team has just lost its core and heart: Parejo, Coquelin and Kondogbia. It lost one of the brightest prospects in world football in Ferran Torres. VCF also parted ways with the likes of Rodrigo Moreno, Garay to name a few. Thus you start with a team lacking in key areas. You do have a few good players who can form the core of the side-Gaya, Soler, Paulista, Wass, Maxi Gomez. You have Yunus Musah who is a very bright spark in the side, and a player you could build the squad around. There are underperforming players like Guedes, Cheryshev. Kangin Lee is someone VCF is struggling to renew in real life (probably wont be an issue in the game). Bottom line you have some ingredients to build the team. But you will need reinforcements, but there isnt much money. The deadwood in the club can be sold but wont bring in much fee. Selling likes of Gameiro can reduce the wage budget though. The staffing roster is in terrible shape. With reinforcements and a bit of luck challenging for EL is possible. But you are at least a couple of seasons away from challenging the likes of Real, Barcelona and Atletico. Mind you VCF could be offered for sale both in real life and the game. So be ready for that scenario as well.
  11. In FM, there have always been players (almost "cult like" for FM fans) you tend to sign in the first window, no matter what save you start. Usually these players are budget buys who can be obtained for a low fee, low release clause, compensation or free signing. Every season there are some new faces. Think Freddy Adu, Cherno Samba, Carlos Fierro, Saivet, Ryan Gauld, Assulin, Lucas/Gaston Romero's, Peruzzi etc. Last year i always signed Naci Unuvar, Nicolo Armini. Montiel was also a terrific budget option. Who are your first window signings in FM21. The heroes who will continue the tradition of Adu's and Armini's.
  12. In FM2020, I used to always sign Naci Unuvar and Nicolo Armini immedeately at the beginning of any save. Both were very cheap, you could spread payments in 4 years for abt 1-1.2 Mill Pounds. Are there any signings like that in FM2021?
  13. Hi, was wondering whether you would be having any updates soon. Eg. Team that i play with Valencia is undergoing serious changes due to financial strain.
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