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  1. Hi guys, Is it possible to remove reserves league? When I manage a club I control everything. How many players I have on first team, second team and youth team. Contracts and stuff. I dont play the games for second team or youth team though. It takes a lot of time so I prefer only to have a first time and a youth team to control. Its a bit of an OCD / nerdy thing :P For instance. I would like to manage with Danubio from Uruguay. Can I delete the reserve league of Uruguay so I only have the a-team and youth team? :-)
  2. Thats true. But when you start a new game he is interim manager - and not chief scout. Then when I take over as manager he leaves. He is a legend at Luton Town - I want him to stay as chief scout :-)
  3. Hi, I want to play with Luton Town. Mick Harford is interim manager - but his normal role is chief scout. He is also sat as chief scout in the editor. When I take the manager position he leaves the club. I want him to stay as chief scout. What can I do in the editor so he is only chief scout and not interim manager?
  4. Good ideas :-) I actually had a game with Paris FC in FM18. Good fun! Dosnt have to be Europe but the drafting system is not my thing :-|
  5. Hi, I’m looking for a speciel team/club where I can create something big using the editor (cheat a bit with money) - but in a realistic way. You have clubs like Monaco and Wolfsburg from rich cities but not alot of fans. Island teams is also a bit speciel. Mallorca, Las Palmas or Cagliari. At the moment I’m thinking of Marbella FC or Jahn Regensburg. Most people knows about Marbella and Regenburg should be a rich city like Wolfsburg. By population Wolfsburg is number 1, Regensburg 5 Any other suggestions? :-)
  6. Is there anyway that theese pictures can be shown as stadiumbackground on the match day screen?! Is there a skin that suits this?
  7. Stadiumbackgrounds + miniview for the 2018 Brazilian Serie A, B and C + 3 World Cup venues not used by teams in the top 3 divisions Put folders into Documents > Sports interactive > Football manager 2018 > Graphics https://ufile.io/bp6qx
  8. Hi Guys, I want to add a sugar daddy to Paris FC. A chinese one in fact - so I can battle Paris SG arabic owners and the russian owner of Monaco But what do I need to be aware of when there is FFP in the game? Do I have to add good sponsorship deals in the editor? I mean.. very little income with a sugar daddy dosnt really work if want to spend big I know its cheating like hell but I thought I wanting to give it a try
  9. Hi, I have a penalty. Please tell me what to do here! Because normally I can't continue after this - I have to quit the game and start again. It's so frustrating. This thing has totally ruined my FM18 experience! 2-3 months ago when I bought the game I had same issue and tried to ask same question. It's not every time I get a penalty but it surely is to many times. PS. I rebooted my laptop 14 days ago https://community.sigames.com/topic/431427-cant-continue-game-after-penalty-has-been-given/
  10. Yes. I think I tried everything before I decided to quit the game once again. Its weird........ Even tried to change skin last time. Game fully updated
  11. Topic says it all. I only just bought the game - it was released 5 months ago. Please do not tell me this is a bug - its the second time this has happen. Last time I had to quit the game... Nothing happens when I press 'play' - please tell me what to do
  12. I have been reading through this thread.. if I want the stadium backgrounds to show at all time doing the match screen then I have to play 'only commentary' and hide pitch writing: <record get_property="sect" test_mode="0" value="hilp" skip_if_null="false"/> <!-- hide on pitch view -- Is that how? Like you wrote to Beano? Is that the only way? Just bought FM18 - I have loads of stadium backgrounds from FM17 copied into FM18/graphics
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