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  1. Thats true. But when you start a new game he is interim manager - and not chief scout. Then when I take over as manager he leaves. He is a legend at Luton Town - I want him to stay as chief scout :-)
  2. Hi, I want to play with Luton Town. Mick Harford is interim manager - but his normal role is chief scout. He is also sat as chief scout in the editor. When I take the manager position he leaves the club. I want him to stay as chief scout. What can I do in the editor so he is only chief scout and not interim manager?
  3. Thanks guys :-) A lot of good suggestions!
  4. Good ideas :-) I actually had a game with Paris FC in FM18. Good fun! Dosnt have to be Europe but the drafting system is not my thing :-|
  5. Hi, I’m looking for a speciel team/club where I can create something big using the editor (cheat a bit with money) - but in a realistic way. You have clubs like Monaco and Wolfsburg from rich cities but not alot of fans. Island teams is also a bit speciel. Mallorca, Las Palmas or Cagliari. At the moment I’m thinking of Marbella FC or Jahn Regensburg. Most people knows about Marbella and Regenburg should be a rich city like Wolfsburg. By population Wolfsburg is number 1, Regensburg 5 Any other suggestions? :-)
  6. How come Belenenses' stadium is Estadio do Bonfim? (Same as Vitoria Setubal) It says that Vitoria Setubal owns Belenenses. That might be true but dont Belenenses play in Estadio Nacional? Shoya Nakajima was sold for 35 million euros in the winter and Portimonense finances is still the same?! I know about player rights but surely some of that money should go to the club?!
  7. Is there anyway that theese pictures can be shown as stadiumbackground on the match day screen?! Is there a skin that suits this?
  8. Stadiumbackgrounds + miniview for the 2018 Brazilian Serie A, B and C + 3 World Cup venues not used by teams in the top 3 divisions Put folders into Documents > Sports interactive > Football manager 2018 > Graphics https://ufile.io/bp6qx
  9. Hi Guys, I want to add a sugar daddy to Paris FC. A chinese one in fact - so I can battle Paris SG arabic owners and the russian owner of Monaco But what do I need to be aware of when there is FFP in the game? Do I have to add good sponsorship deals in the editor? I mean.. very little income with a sugar daddy dosnt really work if want to spend big I know its cheating like hell but I thought I wanting to give it a try
  10. Hi, I have a penalty. Please tell me what to do here! Because normally I can't continue after this - I have to quit the game and start again. It's so frustrating. This thing has totally ruined my FM18 experience! 2-3 months ago when I bought the game I had same issue and tried to ask same question. It's not every time I get a penalty but it surely is to many times. PS. I rebooted my laptop 14 days ago https://community.sigames.com/topic/431427-cant-continue-game-after-penalty-has-been-given/
  11. Yes. I think I tried everything before I decided to quit the game once again. Its weird........ Even tried to change skin last time. Game fully updated
  12. Topic says it all. I only just bought the game - it was released 5 months ago. Please do not tell me this is a bug - its the second time this has happen. Last time I had to quit the game... Nothing happens when I press 'play' - please tell me what to do
  13. I have been reading through this thread.. if I want the stadium backgrounds to show at all time doing the match screen then I have to play 'only commentary' and hide pitch writing: <record get_property="sect" test_mode="0" value="hilp" skip_if_null="false"/> <!-- hide on pitch view -- Is that how? Like you wrote to Beano? Is that the only way? Just bought FM18 - I have loads of stadium backgrounds from FM17 copied into FM18/graphics
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