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  1. It worked. Thanks man, my OCD is once again under control
  2. Look at the screenshot above. I actually did press 'team' but it looks awful. The squads is sorted but the jobs are lined up so random U19 Squad Coach U19 Squad GK Coach U19 Squad Coach U19 Squad Manager Should be Manager first, Ass. Manager, GK Coach and so on...
  3. Is there an explanation on Goztepe moving from their brand new stadium to Izmir Ataturk stadium?? In the editor there is nothing about a stadium move Update: I fixed it by making Goztepe own the stadium
  4. Hi, Is there anywhere to make the background more transparent while playing a match? See screenshot I tried with FM19 Mod Background Support but it helps everywhere but match screen
  5. Now when you install the game the staff order looks like this: Senior Squad Manager Senior Squad Ass. Manager Senior Squad Coach U19 Squad Manager U19 Squad Ass. Manager U19 Squad Coach Then I pressed something. Now when I try to sort the list after 'job' it now looks like this: Senior Squad Manager U19 Squad Manager Senior Squad Ass. Manager U19 Squad Ass. Manager Then I try to press 'team' and the staff order is all over the place (see screenshot): How do I get it back to norma
  6. Hi guys, Is it possible to remove reserves league? When I manage a club I control everything. How many players I have on first team, second team and youth team. Contracts and stuff. I dont play the games for second team or youth team though. It takes a lot of time so I prefer only to have a first time and a youth team to control. Its a bit of an OCD / nerdy thing :P For instance. I would like to manage with Danubio from Uruguay. Can I delete the reserve league of Uruguay so I only have the a-team and youth team? :-)
  7. Thats true. But when you start a new game he is interim manager - and not chief scout. Then when I take over as manager he leaves. He is a legend at Luton Town - I want him to stay as chief scout :-)
  8. Hi, I want to play with Luton Town. Mick Harford is interim manager - but his normal role is chief scout. He is also sat as chief scout in the editor. When I take the manager position he leaves the club. I want him to stay as chief scout. What can I do in the editor so he is only chief scout and not interim manager?
  9. Good ideas :-) I actually had a game with Paris FC in FM18. Good fun! Dosnt have to be Europe but the drafting system is not my thing :-|
  10. Hi, I’m looking for a speciel team/club where I can create something big using the editor (cheat a bit with money) - but in a realistic way. You have clubs like Monaco and Wolfsburg from rich cities but not alot of fans. Island teams is also a bit speciel. Mallorca, Las Palmas or Cagliari. At the moment I’m thinking of Marbella FC or Jahn Regensburg. Most people knows about Marbella and Regenburg should be a rich city like Wolfsburg. By population Wolfsburg is number 1, Regensburg 5 Any other suggestions? :-)
  11. Is there anyway that theese pictures can be shown as stadiumbackground on the match day screen?! Is there a skin that suits this?
  12. Stadiumbackgrounds + miniview for the 2018 Brazilian Serie A, B and C + 3 World Cup venues not used by teams in the top 3 divisions Put folders into Documents > Sports interactive > Football manager 2018 > Graphics https://ufile.io/bp6qx
  13. Hi Guys, I want to add a sugar daddy to Paris FC. A chinese one in fact - so I can battle Paris SG arabic owners and the russian owner of Monaco But what do I need to be aware of when there is FFP in the game? Do I have to add good sponsorship deals in the editor? I mean.. very little income with a sugar daddy dosnt really work if want to spend big I know its cheating like hell but I thought I wanting to give it a try
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