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  1. Into 2023/24 season with Nykobing, top division & after 11 games I was given 674k for my current position within the table. Is this correct or should the money only come via TV through the season & end of season payouts?
  2. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/542128-fm21skin-tcs-2021/?do=findComment&comment=12972467 This fixes the stars. I linked it to you the other day..
  3. I guess this fix will work for it. Credit to bluetillidie00 for this.
  4. I'd like to know too if there is a way of removing some of the panels? I don't need 8, maybe only 4. Too much info being shown for me.
  5. Excuse my ignorance and stupidity, but how do i get the side bar icons only?
  6. @bluestillidie00 Sorry to bother you with this mate as I know you are busy but just wondering if theres anyway I can fix this small issue - I'm playing on 100% scaling & my monitor is 1920 x 1080. For some odd reason the 'upcoming fixtures' & stadium name/capacity is not showing fully. I've removed my stadium pack but doesn't fix it. Is there somewhere I can edit a file to either remove the 'upcoming fixtures' and maybe make the stadium smaller so all the info fits? Thanks again for this amazing skin!
  7. So glad this skins back! Some nice ones out there but nothing compares to this one in my opinion. Downloaded the header colours mod above & so far working with no issues. Thanks again for a brilliant skin!
  8. Please excuse my potential ignorance & apologies if I am incorrect, but looking at Deportivo's wages on some of the players - Maybe they are too high? For example, Uche Agbo on £9,750 p/w. Surely too high at the level in Spain or am I not taking into consideration the size of team Deportivo are(could compare them to a Sunderland/Ipswich in 3rd divion of England).
  9. Play as Deportivo Coruna in the 3rd division. Managed to reach the 'promotion stage' but for some reason there is a 28 day gap between my last game and the next(Last game of the season).
  10. Just the one offical skin by SI this year. You'll have to visit the 'skinning hideout' for skins others create.
  11. Hello. - Those clauses should be removed for when the full game comes out. - Can you expand please on this issue? I've looked through each player & they all have the correct app/goals. Only found Joe Mattock & Jamie Proctor who have not got the 'runners up' achievement though regarding Proctor, having played 3 times doesn't count for it as he was out on loan twice for the full season pretty much. - We have a u23's team which plays in the 'Central League' & due to covid a lot of games this season are not being played atm. Thanks again for your input.
  12. @MS Should the ball be yellow all the time or only during the snow/winter time? Started a test out save with Brondby, in all games so far the ball has been yellow, even during sunny days.
  13. Brondby IF Blas Riveros - Ruptured his knee ligament on the 8/11. Looks to be out for around a year.
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