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  1. Playing as Billericay. Currently 5th in the league with 1 league loss in 12 yet I keep on getting the 'Billericay boss under scrutiny' before every game suggesting if I lose this game I could be sacked. Not had anything from the board and all of this is media talk. Never been in this situation before so if this something new or a bug? I'm 20 points away from 1st so could this be the problem with us having high expectations?
  2. Craig_R.U.F.C

    FM11 : Alexey Rudenok

    I'll never forget the good times <3
  3. Craig_R.U.F.C

    Slow processing between matches

    Hi Lucas! Seems a lot better now thank you very much. Thank the team for all the hard work too specially with it being just after the weekend. Happy gaming!
  4. Craig_R.U.F.C

    Slow processing between matches

    Still the same unfortunately. Even tried starting a new game with just English league loaded and it still happens.
  5. Thought I would post a thread to see if the problem I am having will help you guys fix it in the future. DxDiag.txt
  6. Sorry guys not been able to get on this at all.. Here is the 15.3 updated version of the file. It'll work properly and the link should be up forever now as it's on a proper upload site. I left the wages as they were so if you want to change them then go ahead in the editor and do it for yourself for whichever team you are going to be managing! https://mega.co.nz/#!LFkESTrK!1SWKTYb0YEA9asL8LnJk7auFP7cdJYWEm_uuhfB3KD8 Have fun.
  7. I have spent over 4 hours doing this database trying to get it close to perfect as possible. Every club that is playable from the start of the game has no players at all. Same goes for every country. I have also released a few more players from unplayable leagues/teams mainly players above 90CA. There is a few who I spotted still with clubs but they are not the best of players or they are very old in countries you can't manage in anyway. Over 111,000 database changes. Updated as of 15.1.3 patch. Here is the link to the database - http://www.gamefront.com/files/24629558/Free+Agent+Database.rar
  8. Craig_R.U.F.C

    Free Transfer Database

    http://www.gamefront.com/files/24629558/Free+Agent+Database.rar - Here it is. I have also uploaded the file onto steam workshop for people who find that way easier.
  9. Craig_R.U.F.C

    Free Transfer Database

    I started on this the other day and going to continue doing this until It's finished. Will update when all the playable leagues have no players in their squads. Leaving in the staff though as that tends to cause problems if there is no staff at any clubs.
  10. None of the players will get boosts. Possibly that'll happen for the winter update but not for release in a weeks time.
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/402307-FM15-Rotherham-United-Ambitious-But-brilliant - Rotherham United Thread is now up!
  12. Craig_R.U.F.C

    FM15: Rotherham United - Ambitious, But brilliant

    You may now post. Looking forward to it this season!
  13. Craig_R.U.F.C

    FM15: Rotherham United - Ambitious, But brilliant

    Patch Notes/Data Changes