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  1. Looking to change the CL format to the old style but have no idea where to start. Been playing around on the editor but can't figure this out.
  2. It's not a bug. 2 contributing factors, A lot of lower league teams don't have many youth players and/or It can be hard for the researchers to get this type of information if the clubs don't release it. So clubs of this stature could have youth players in real life but can't be implemented in game unless we know about their existence.
  3. Waiting on an update to come out before starting my main long term save. Hopefully comes out before the weekend.
  4. I had this from start of early access but couldn't get it to reproduce. Spoken to many others running into the same issue.
  5. I would agree if something like this was time consuming to change. The stadium sponsorship is in the game so why not stadium name? Takes longer to add in the sponsorship. Has it not been called Jackman's since 19/20 season?
  6. Any way for me to change font size on specific pages?
  7. Not many database changes. Only 'major'. Shame really. Per below; 'Thank you to everyone who has posted in this thread up and until Release. As explained earlier, the database for the Release was locked on 18th October. That is, before you saw Early Access. That date was out of our hands. Since the 18th we have only been able to update major data issues that can be both easily changed in our 'dbc files', and also can be tested easily on all formats. So, we apologise for any issues that you have brought up that are still evident in the Release database. We aim to fix as many issues as we can in a formal data update as soon as we can. That will include any issues already raised, and any that may be raised after Release. In the meantime, your feedback continues to help us hugely. Thank you.'
  8. Shouldn't the stadium be called 'Jakemans Community Stadium'? https://www.bostonunited.co.uk/d/sponsors.html
  9. Getting an issue with sponsors being so long. Everything below 'Additional Kit Sponsor' is incorrect and made up. This shouldn't be happening as everything's been updated in the ORDB For quite some time.
  10. Is he still on loan at Real Madrid? According to ORDB he's still at Real Madrid 'B' but in game he has no loan set.
  11. Did a simulation save for 1 season to see who each team did. Checked Vanarama North and came across this! The amount of teams scoring over 100 goals and conceding so many is craziness. Re-loaded & simmed again but can't seem to replicate it. Thought I'd bring it up just in case there is something to look into.
  12. Billy Sharp's wages are extremely low. I'd imagine they'd be more in the range of 8-10k considering he rejected us after we offered something similar.
  13. Guess that explains it! Brilliant work on the research, by the way!
  14. Feels like these are very high for a lot of teams all things considered. I am an outsider looking in, so I assume there is reasonable explanations for this however it does feel a little bit too much considering the reputation of the league & comparing to rival leagues? Again, I could be completely misjudging! Copenhagen - 55m Brondby - 49.3m Midtjylland - 33.9m Nordsjaelland - 32m Aarhus - 16.8m Odense - 15.9m Viborg - 12.3m Silkeborg - 7.4m Randers - 4.1m Lyndby - 3.2m Velje - 2.2m Hvidovre - 43k
  15. As always, fantastic work and appreciate the job you guys go every year! Quick questions though in terms of the font size on certain areas. I'm looking to make the text similar to FM23 - is there a way for me to change something in a file myself? I've attached examples below of places I want to change with comparisons to both FM 23 and 24. Screenshots from FM23 are from using WTSC5 v1.2. FM23; FM24;
  16. Guus Til showing transfer fee twice & for some reason Spartak Moscow in-between?
  17. Had a few players come to me & say they are unhappy about being underpaid and would like a new contract. These players are in the u18's. Attached photo's of players - Seems to be only players with 6 months left on contract are doing this. Feels way too many? Zimuangana & Gil y Muinos were released before screenshotting which is reason for no contract data. Thanks.
  18. Team: Leiria(Portugal 2nd division) Year: 2024 Balance: £31m Budget: £3m Wages available: £25k Takeover type: Back end Leagues loaded: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil(2 leagues), Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, England(4 leagues),France,Germany, Italy, Mexico, Holland, Norway, Portugal(4 leagues), Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA. Link to file: https://mega.nz/file/HIkQQZRD#cWz2kubBMnOqWlLjTc7viFSPOzFeljjJ-QX1P_VwOjw
  19. I can confirm having the same issue here in the Portuguese 4th division, 17th Feb I got the e-mail.
  20. Verifying some of the files you want to use by using the editor seems to have fixed them.
  21. If anything, Challinor should be placed on the 'disliked' list for Hartlepool instead of a rivalry.
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