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  1. The first thing that screams out to me is the BWM as the DM. Unless some of the tactical gurus of the site know how to work some magic there, I don't trust their defensive responsibility. They can end up deserting their post in pursuit of closing down the opposition. I play a similar(ish) set up and my DM is Defensive Midfielder on support duty.
  2. Any help require V50, you know where to find me
  3. Well for what it is worth, Cleon. I don't post here often but do read a lot and incorporate a lot of your points in my own game. You have added to the enjoyment the game has brought me.
  4. Ninjaman

    Adding a nation to the ECC

    You need to add your country in the section called Agreements. There you will see the countries in the EEC, EU and Cotonou, if you search for them
  5. Have no problem with that. Willing to help anyone. Just ask.
  6. I will wish him good luck with that as I've almost given up trying to make the league.
  7. Ninjaman

    FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    Have you tried ticking the "Use Squad Numbers" box in the fixture rules? I've just opened up version 4.04 of the file and I think you will have to amend fixture rule 7 as this one works for levels 6 and below. Other than that, I wouldn't know what else to do.
  8. Ninjaman

    FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    Thanks for the answers, JBZ. I must say if your answer to #3 is the case then the league is a non-starter as below the top level, it is all regional and regions within a region.
  9. Ninjaman

    FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    Hi all. Need some asisstance to implement this league structure. I'm trying to create a more accurate representation of Jamaica. I've set out all the general stuff, nation rules, fixture rules, disciplinary, transfer windows etc... Even fixtures inside the leagues. Just having a problem with promotion/relegation and this issue of multiple regional leagues at the same level. Apologies if these questions have been asked and answered previously Just some quick questions. 1) Is it best to have the promotion playoff as a stage of either of the tournaments above or below it or as its own seperate competition for which they qualify for. 2) How do you manage regional leagues? Is it best to set them all up as a single leagues under one larger multiple competition or under a parent competition? 3) How do you manage the issue of varying numbers of teams being relegated/promoted depending on events. For example, in Super League A, 0 or 1 team could win promotion; 0, 1 or 2 teams could be relegated into it from above and 4 to 6 teams could be relegated to maintain the same number of teams. Is the game smart enough to make the necessary changes on where the relegation threshold is especially when the promotion playoff occurs AFTER the actual league is over? Or do you have to do something extra? Thanks for any assistance
  10. Ninjaman


    Hi The_SouL, had a quick look at your league. One immediate error i saw was with the regional divisions and which teams play in which. If you do choose to amend this file I can help you with this. I'll probably holiday this sometime soon to see if relegation/promotion, which is where I had my own problems creating my own league, work properly. But in general, it looks really good.
  11. Ninjaman

    How To Change The Columns In The Search Results

    Thanks Michael. Surely this thread should be a sticky?