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  1. @John Kendall-Torry this actually happened on the FM Streamer Showdown the other weekend. So there should be plenty of video evidence as to what played out and how.
  2. Yeah, it’s a known bug. I’m both amazed and disappointed that it still hasn’t been fixed.
  3. @John Kendall-TorryNo problem. Happy to help as best as I can. Recognise that it's a pretty difficult one to recreate. If it happens again whilst you're still investigating, is there anything I could collect that would help? Pretty much exactly that. The only thing is that I can't say it whether it was the 50th minute, the 60th minute or the 77th minute... all I can say is that somewhere between the 50th and 78th minute the host and the client starting viewing different games. We know it was somewhere between the 50th and 78th minute by comparing the 'notable events' in the client's ve
  4. I'm surprised that the FME vs QME has generated so much debate! They are two different MEs designed to do two different things and so will never be directly comparable. Not sure what is so controversial about this? Also not sure what was controversial about explaining how to essentially just use one ME if you are really keen to have directly comparable stats and are willing to sacrifice performance / have the computer set up to handle it. Recognise that you'll want to play it safe, @Jack Joyce... but how confident are you guys that a fix for registering the missing match stats in the FME
  5. I'm surprised that some are still finding this game breaking post-hotfix? In my opinion, there is still a ratings issue. I'm not sure how you can assess a central defender's performance, for instance, without knowing how many key tackles he's made or even how many tackles he's attempted. The only position I cannot seem to get a good rating out of at any point is anyone playing in the DM strata. For the time being I can live with that, as I can live with ratings that I don't truly believe in, as it isn't damaging morale, transfer value, etc. at the same time. I am praying for another
  6. Hi @John Kendall-Torry, thanks for the response. At no point were we aware of any disconnection - we've made a rather large assumption that he has been disconnected because every time the issue has occurred, the host and the player's game have the exact same events up until a random point of the match. Then, at this point, they veer off in different directions. For example, the second image I posted was what the player actually played 'live' on his PC. Williams scored in the 19th minute and Glendon equalised in the 50th minute. This was exactly as it played out for the host, as shown
  7. I’m so sorry, I want to side with you! But four games is just far too much to protect your dodgy internet. Because of my network save I have ‘auto save after every game’ turned on. I’d absolutely be forcing a restart if I’ve been disadvantaged beyond my control as long as doing so wouldn’t force my competitor to be unfairly disadvantaged too.
  8. I do find it funny how people feel that they can tell others that their experiences are not true and they are not happening. The game is vast hence and people play it in very different ways meaning that for one person it's 'broken' and not for another. Maybe the true test of whether something is 'broken' is what happens next for that individual. For me, having played management simulators since being a child (don't judge), I don't ever recall stopping playing the game. But with FM21.2, I have. Instead I lurk these forums every day hoping that bugs have been acknowledged and praying for a hotfi
  9. Yeah, I've found this since FM20 to be honest. I don't know if it only impacts certain squad types (for instance, whether it's a B team / U23 / U20, etc.). If I make them available after I've had the news item asking if I want to make them available then they will never be selected (even if I make them available using the news item itself). If I make them available before I receive the news item then they are selected. If I forget to make them available prior to receiving the news item, I get around it by going into the squad screen and selecting quick pick. Takes a couple of seconds and
  10. If you need a save game, @Tony Garvey, Dan Rooney.fm will contain this (you may need to switch manager to be Chester... it's a two-player save).
  11. Hi @Ben Kenney. The save file Dan Rooney.fm will contain this issue. Thanks.
  12. "Who reported that? I won't answer questions regarding Daley Blind sources."
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