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  1. Hello @Marachi. Long-term Apple fan boy here. Pros: M1-powered machines are lightyears ahead of any other Apple product, and this is no different when running FM. Graphics are fantastic, the speed is brilliant and I haven't heard the fan come on once. Those using a MacBook have reported strong battery life compared to previous MBP versions too, although I cannot confirm personally. Cons: Make sure it has at least 16GB unified memory. This won't have a huge affect your game, but more the longevity of the machine. (The M1 Pro/Max are fine in this regard, but the M1 chip needs to be personalised via Apple's website). Intel versions are bobbins by comparison, unless you want your machine to sound like a light aircraft on take-off and for MBP's to run out of battery within the hour. The increase in price far exceeds the increase in FM performance if you upgrade from M1 to M1 Pro/Max. Personally, I run FM on an M1 Mac Mini with 16GB unified memory. Internally, it's essentially the same machine as the 13" M1 MBP but without the screen, mobility or a significant chunk of the price. Would recommend to any readers passing through. Disclaimer: Windows fans, keep your hair on, any quantifications above are relative only to Apple's line of products. Yes, you can get "really, really powerful Windows machines at a fraction of the cost". Well done.
  2. Bit surprised that M1 Macs don't appear to be supported... or am I being silly?
  3. Yeah, it’s a known bug. I’m both amazed and disappointed that it still hasn’t been fixed.
  4. I’m so sorry, I want to side with you! But four games is just far too much to protect your dodgy internet. Because of my network save I have ‘auto save after every game’ turned on. I’d absolutely be forcing a restart if I’ve been disadvantaged beyond my control as long as doing so wouldn’t force my competitor to be unfairly disadvantaged too.
  5. I do find it funny how people feel that they can tell others that their experiences are not true and they are not happening. The game is vast hence and people play it in very different ways meaning that for one person it's 'broken' and not for another. Maybe the true test of whether something is 'broken' is what happens next for that individual. For me, having played management simulators since being a child (don't judge), I don't ever recall stopping playing the game. But with FM21.2, I have. Instead I lurk these forums every day hoping that bugs have been acknowledged and praying for a hotfix. My save means I'm a tiny team in a league far too big for me, so it is already a challenge. I'm expected to lose more games than I win and staying in the league/keeping hold of my job will already be a tough ask. I'm the archetypal spreadsheet manager, I'll look at what happens in the match engine but I'm more bothered about what happens over a long period of time rather than individual matches. So when my team is losing matches, how am I meant to assess whether it's my tactics or just the quality of my squad when stats have disappeared and ratings have taken a nosedive? I have players getting 6.1s even when we win! How do I keep morale up? How do I protect their transfer values? For the players who are truly out of form or not match fit, how am I meant to correct this without an U23/U18s squad or the ability to request one? How am I meant to build a team to stay in the league when my best player, who 'wants to renew', doesn't renew and leaves on a free (acknowledged bug)? Or when my young talent hands in a transfer request because I didn't loan him out although I attempted to on multiple occasions and no one was interested? Again, how am I meant to keep morale up when these things damage it (particularly the latter)? How am I meant to keep loan players/managers happy when they are "played out of role" when they are not played out of role and what happens when they get recalled because of it? What happens in my network save when someones ends the dreaded 'winless streak' by - get this - drawing the game? What if I end up getting the sack because something I achieved in the club vision comes up as failed? These things may not be impacting you because of the way you play the game. But they are definitely impacting others. These bugs are true, acknowledged by SI and genuinely occurring. Just because it doesn't impact the quality of your game or the way you play, doesn't mean it doesn't impact ours or that our experiences don't matter. We all pay money for the game.
  6. "Who reported that? I won't answer questions regarding Daley Blind sources."
  7. Yeah, I wouldn’t bother. Stay on the old version if you can. My plan was to spend my two week Christmas break playing FM (there’s not too much else to do right now!). But I’ve gone back to FM20 for now. FM21.2 broke the game for me. Won’t try it again until there’s a hotfix. But not holding out much hope that the game will be near playable before 21.3 with the amount of issues still live and the current time of year. Completely agree. Very frustrating. I swing back and forth between ‘ahh, but they’ll have faced COVID challenges’ and ‘the size of the studio has expanded and I still paid full price for a game that still isn’t retail-ready as of the 30th December.’
  8. After growing increasingly frustrated at the quality of the game ever since the release of the beta, I'm not too far away from uninstalling the game until a third major patch is released. This must be the poorest quality Football Manager released in a very long time. I'm surprised a beta was even released because the level of bugs even after two major patches is staggering. Instead of ironing out bugs, new ones are being introduced! I'd be very intrigued to see what stats SI have relating to bugs and how FM21 matches up to previous versions. I can only assume that the poor quality of the finished product is driven by challenges from COVID-19/home working. But, if the world is not back to normal soon enough and SI continue to be entirely home working, then please reduce the number of new feature sets and focus upon releasing a game that is retail-ready without the need for three major patches.
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