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  1. Ok so I posted this in the Beta Bug Forum, but just to give you an update It seems like because the info is missing in the non playing history in pre game editor so its not appearing in game, but last year the info was missing also in the pre game editor but in game it appeared I'll use Tony Khan as an example FM21 In Game - No History is appearing FM21 Pre Game Editor - No Non Playing History FM20 In Game - Shows History FM20 Pre Game Editor - No Date in Non Playing History But Still Shows in Game Unlike FM21 Sorry for all the screenshots hah
  2. When trying to change the date joined section for International Coaches it just reverts back to the original date and says not successful. This has been going on for years a couple years still hasn't been fixed, is it possible to even fix it? 1. 2. 3. 4. This also happens even if you add a new staff member and try and change their date joined to an earlier date.
  3. Regarding Tottenham People to be added in game: Jonathan Turner - Tottenham Director https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/the-club/investor-relations/club-directors/ Stuart Campbell - Tottenham Physio https://uk.linkedin.com/in/stuart-campbell-81264369 Matt Davies - Tottenham Physio https://uk.linkedin.com/in/matt-davies-13740776 Tamim Khanbhai - Tottenham Doctor https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tamim-khanbhai-14142256?challengeId=AQG5WmrEYj_zrwAAAXW3xLrzXR0EbRPBpVc3W7rtMxkfn34hdVmYT-haBzEApPhzYboVbYIBgEIwhSC7qr_Kepx1OynhD1Rb-Q&submissionId=d9671184-557b
  4. This is the real reason its needed! Otherwise you have to go into the other screen to make multiple subs for you to be able to fully use all subs allowed!
  5. Ok this may or may not be a bug, But I feel like last year the clubs names that I circled was colour coded like in the 2nd picture I may be wrong but just checking? If not is it possible to be added or is that too late? Thanks guys!
  6. I Agree with this, Usually only shows the years the World Cup has taken place, looks ugly showing no award given and also unnecessary!
  7. So during the match I've noticed 2 things... 1. Why isn't there a customisation button for the match stats on the left of the screen when there is one on the right? surely you should be able to customise both to your liking no? 2. Why is there no drop down option on "the dugout" just like there is on "match stats" and "formation" surely it should be my choice of what I want to see especially since Ive never been a fan of all these graphs and graphics just bit too much in my opinion, that's why I would much rather be able to decide which stats I can see and not see, thanks.
  8. Im also not a fan of this change! I would rather be able to see everything without having to click and only getting a little box in the corner!
  9. I've been going through a few staff pages looking who to sign and I've noticed a lot of staff have missing information in their history and it shows nothing! I've got just 4 examples but there are multiple, near enough every team I've gone through have someone on the coaching staff with this missing data and shows nothing in their history.
  10. Just a little interface bug I've noticed is that the u18 manager is placed above the first team manager in the staff responsibilities page, Screenshot provided, just thought this was weird placement because it wasn't like this last year and on other pages where the U23 Manager and U18 Manager are shown they are in order of First Team Manager then U23 Manager then U18 Manager..
  11. I was just gonna make a new topic about this too, I also have a screenshot, When comparing players it always shows 0, This has got to be a bug!
  12. He's left now John McDermott will be the new TD, but I agree there should be a TD role for National Teams
  13. Everywhere you look it says U18 Manager? So why you saying he's not?
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