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  1. So I've brought this topic up a few times now for different versions of the game, I've also seen there are other topics in the forums talking about this so I'm want to suggest this again, The ability to set your Personal Assistant a nickname or to be able to use the support_staff.edt file to set the Personal Assistants name before a new game. Your able to set a Player Liaison Officer and Press Officer name in the file support_staff.edt with the following... "STARTING_SUPPORT_STAFF" "PLAYER_LIAISON_OFFICER" "STARTING_SUPPORT_STAFF" "PRESS_OFFICER" This would be the Personal
  2. No problem mate! Hopefully it gets resolved! Thanks for always getting back to me!
  3. More evidence this is a bug and not a new feature request, Tottenham are advertising for another Assistant (Screenshot 1) even though they already have one (Screenshot 2), But when I try and add another assistant because they clearly want another I get this message again (Screenshot 3). Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
  4. So as you can see in Screenshot 1, I decided to terminate the contract of Steve Bould U23 Manager of Arsenal on the 13/7/2020, Then the same day I replaced him with Martin Hunter as U23 Manager (Screenshot 2). Then on the 15/7/2020 2 days later the game didn't recognise that I already replaced Steve Bould with Martin Hunter on the 13/7/2020 as seen in Screenshot 2 and the game tried to hire Dave Watson in Screenshot 3 when there is already a manager there who I hired (Martin Hunter) and to my understanding you can't hire 2 U23 Managers & When Dave Watson agrees to sign the contract he beco
  5. Since FM20 so this is the 3rd time I'm asking for this to be looked at and fixed. So If I decide to remove a coach (Steve Bould - Screenshot 1) and replace him with another coach (Martin Hunter - Screenshot 2) the game doesn't recognise that I've replaced the coach and it acts like there still isn't a U23 Manager and tries to hire another coach for this role 2 days later (Dave Watson - Screenshot 3). This happens with every role not just the U23 Managers job I just used this an an example, The only job role that this doesn't happen for is the First Team Manager role I can replace the Firs
  6. Like I said he would be the Technical Director of the Academy, Hiring Staff, Firing Staff and dealing with New Contracts, Head of Youth can be used in Training Schedule for the Academies but Academy Manager shouldn't. The Academy Manager strictly deals with the Academy off-field Business. Head of Youth can be used on-field in training/matches. It could also be the same argument as what does the Technical Director role add that the Director of Football couldn't do, Same as Director of Football and Chief Scout, I think if the role exists in real life and most teams have one then it should b
  7. So in football there are multiple roles within the Academy, Such as Head of Youth Development, Academy Manager, Head of Player Development, Assistant Head of Player Development and Head of Coaching to name a few, but in FM there is only 1 main role for the Academies which is Head of Youth Development. In FM21 I've seen Academy Manager's roles be Loan Manager, First Team Coach, U23 Coach, U18 Coach and even Technical Director, Here are some examples.. Ben Bartlett is Head of Academy Coaching for Fulham - In Game he's a First Team Coach. Huw Jennings is Academy Director for Fulham, So
  8. Change Job Role - So whenever I move a manager to a different club I try to bring his backroom staff with him that they usually brings everywhere, Example: So if they always bring a Head Performance Analyst but I would like to keep the current Head Performance Analyst involved in the club I can change the job role from Head Performance Analyst > Performance Analyst without sacking them and then re-hiring them in a new role. Add Multiple Assistants - So I spoke with Luke Hume and I brought up the fact there might be a bug but he suggested that it should be a new feature request so I'm g
  9. Talking of wrong information ... As you can see in the example (Adnan Januzaj) it shows Sociedad B & C in his playing history when he never played a competitive game for them, I think it should only show in his history if he has actually played a competitive game for the team because 1. The information is not needed if he hasn't played a competitive game, 2. It looks awful, could you imagine he played there for 5 years and every year it showed Sociedad B & C but never played a game, I think its best to remove that information and only show it if he plays a competitive game for the
  10. More evidence in a different save! There have been so many bugs this year with minimal updates, Hopefully most of these can get sorted out for the game next year. Thanks Guys. Will Norris, Edson Alvarez & Andre Onana all sign on 22/23/24 of Jun 2021 but shows in the 2020/21 season transfers? When it should just be 2021/22 season, to stop this from happening the seasonal deadline should be 1/6/2020 - 31/5/2021 Andre Onana also shows in 2021/22 transfers so I guess the seasonal deadline is 23/6/2021, This needs to change to 31/5/2021
  11. As another test I just done I saw when I appointed Allegri for Arsenal that Landucci was waiting for a work permit, so before he got his work permit I appointed Lombardo as Assistant because no one was assistant yet (officially), then I skipped a few days and they had approached another assistant Rui Pedro Silva. So they can 100% have more than 1 assistant but that message still pops up if I tried to offer the assistants job to another coach, Just to clarify that this must be a bug and not just the board allowing only allowing 1 assistant. Thanks Luke.
  12. Thanks for getting back to me Luke I really appreciate it, I would normally agree with you but I just checked and tried it again with Arsenal (who have an assistant Marco Landucci) and were trying to get another assistant (Brian Kidd) so that obviously means to me the board would allow multiple assistants, so when I tried to add another assistant (Attilo Lombardo) I got the same alert pop up. - First Image showing Arsenal have an assistant already - Second Screenshot showing Arsenal are trying to get another assistant (Brian Kidd) - Third Screenshot showing the same
  13. Ok so I just wanna say I would of put this in the In Game & Pre Game Editor Section but I never get a reply whenever I post stuff there, So I've played FM since FM12 but only the past 2 Years I've started to use In Game Editor, I like to be in control of all aspects of the game, I mainly use it to select which managers go where (I've got 8 Pages in my Notes of where managers will go), But I also have a lot of Future Requests I would LOVE to add to FM22, I've been asking for several years but never got any luck, So Hopefully FM22 will be the Year. The ability to Change Numbers of Play
  14. So I've just finished my first year in a new save and I've noticed that Free Transfers for the next season show in the previous season transfers. So Real Madrid signed Memphis and Eric Garcia on Free Transfers for next season 2021/22 but it is showing in the clubs Transfers for 2020/21 instead. This also happens with staff. Shrewsbury and Gillingham sacked their manager in 2020/21 but hired a manager after 1/6/2021 which should be the cut off point for the new season staff and player transfers and it still shows that they hired a manager last season instead of the new season whi
  15. More evidence of them sacking all the staff at the end of the 1st season and not replacing them.
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