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  1. Greg Crane is Norwich U18 Manager but he is not in the game Evidence: https://www.canaries.co.uk/club/fans/academy-staff
  2. Guy Laurence is a Chief Executive for Chelsea but not in the game..Should be either Managing Director or just a Director. Thanks. Evidence: https://www.chelseafc.com/en/about-chelsea/about-the-club/club-personnel/guy-laurence
  3. So surely is this a bug then that EPL clubs try to sign another Assistant straight away? This needs sorting..
  4. Scott Gardner is Leeds U18 Manager but he is not in the game. Evidence: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/leeds-united-u18/mitarbeiter/verein/10161 & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeds_United_F.C._Reserves_and_Youth_Team#Under_18s
  5. So I've brought this topic up a few times now for different versions of the game, I've also seen there are other topics in the forums talking about this so I'm want to suggest this again, The ability to set your Personal Assistant a nickname or to be able to use the support_staff.edt file to set the Personal Assistants name before a new game. Your able to set a Player Liaison Officer and Press Officer name in the file support_staff.edt with the following... "STARTING_SUPPORT_STAFF" "PLAYER_LIAISON_OFFICER" "STARTING_SUPPORT_STAFF" "PRESS_OFFICER" This would be the Personal Assistant text... "STARTING_SUPPORT_STAFF" "PERSONAL_ASSISTANT" So I would LOVE in FM22 to be able to set my Personal Assistant's name before a new game or at least to be able to set them a nickname, I can't tell you the amount of times I've restarted game after game after game trying to get a name for my Personal Assistant that I like, So hopefully you can add either to FM22. Thanks guys.
  6. Like I said he would be the Technical Director of the Academy, Hiring Staff, Firing Staff and dealing with New Contracts, Head of Youth can be used in Training Schedule for the Academies but Academy Manager shouldn't. The Academy Manager strictly deals with the Academy off-field Business. Head of Youth can be used on-field in training/matches. It could also be the same argument as what does the Technical Director role add that the Director of Football couldn't do, Same as Director of Football and Chief Scout, I think if the role exists in real life and most teams have one then it should be in the game, It also stops coaches having the wrong job title in game which bugs me .
  7. So in football there are multiple roles within the Academy, Such as Head of Youth Development, Academy Manager, Head of Player Development, Assistant Head of Player Development and Head of Coaching to name a few, but in FM there is only 1 main role for the Academies which is Head of Youth Development. In FM21 I've seen Academy Manager's roles be Loan Manager, First Team Coach, U23 Coach, U18 Coach and even Technical Director, Here are some examples.. Ben Bartlett is Head of Academy Coaching for Fulham - In Game he's a First Team Coach. Huw Jennings is Academy Director for Fulham, So in FM22 Huw Jennings would be Academy Manager & Ben Bartlett would be Head of Youth Development instead of First Team Coach. Nicky Butt was Head of First Team Development for Man Utd - In Game he's Technical Director. Nick Cox is Head of Academy, Not sure who would take which role out of these two, But Nicky Butt was definitely not the Technical Director for Man Utd which is I highlighted this as a good example. Ben Dawson is Head of Coaching for Newcastle - In Game he's also Technical Director. Joe Joyce was Academy Manager for Newcastle (Replaced by Steve Harper Recently). So Ben Dawson can be Head of Youth Development instead of Technical Director. Matt Hale is Academy Director for Southampton - In Game he's the Loan Manager. Dean Rastrick is Academy Manager for Tottenham. They are just a few of my examples just from the Premier League why I think the role Academy Manager should be added into FM22. The role could be a Director of Football/Technical Director but for the Academies. Using the abilities a Director of Football/Technical Director would use for the First Team but with the added ability of Working with Youngsters. Also not all clubs would need to hire an Academy Manager, Just like not all clubs hire a Technical Director in Game, Should be the clubs choice. I think this is a must for FM22, Hopefully you do too. Thanks Guys.
  8. Change Job Role - So whenever I move a manager to a different club I try to bring his backroom staff with him that they usually brings everywhere, Example: So if they always bring a Head Performance Analyst but I would like to keep the current Head Performance Analyst involved in the club I can change the job role from Head Performance Analyst > Performance Analyst without sacking them and then re-hiring them in a new role. Add Multiple Assistants - So I spoke with Luke Hume and I brought up the fact there might be a bug but he suggested that it should be a new feature request so I'm gonna listen to him, Every time I try to add another assistant to a team that already has an assistant I get this message (Screenshot), Then a couple days go past and the club try to hire another assistant anyway, so I'd like the ability to add multiple assistant from the in game editor.
  9. Ok so I just wanna say I would of put this in the In Game & Pre Game Editor Section but I never get a reply whenever I post stuff there, So I've played FM since FM12 but only the past 2 Years I've started to use In Game Editor, I like to be in control of all aspects of the game, I mainly use it to select which managers go where (I've got 8 Pages in my Notes of where managers will go), But I also have a lot of Future Requests I would LOVE to add to FM22, I've been asking for several years but never got any luck, So Hopefully FM22 will be the Year. The ability to Change Numbers of Players From Other Teams, I've once seen Neymar rejoin Barcelona and Take #6, I think that enough of a reason to have this added next year haha, (Could easily be placed in Edit Club Contract Details when on the players profile who's number you want to change.) The ability to Add Players Preferred Number, (This could be placed in Edit Player's Personal Details when on the players profile.) I've always wanted the ability to Select an Interim Manager for a club, Perfect example why this should be added is Guus Hiddink & Rafa Benitez both hired by Chelsea to see the rest of the season out as Interim Managers, When in the game the club can only hire an Interim Manager if that person is already at the club. (This could be placed in Move to Other Club when on the managers profile and be an available role to select from just like Manager & Assistant.) Terminate Club & National Contract. So many times now if I want to terminate the contract of a coach for the National Team but he is at a Club it will terminate his Club Contract instead of the National Team Contract. So an easy and Obvious fix would be to replace the 1 option Terminate Contract & replace it with 2 options Terminate Club Contract & Terminate National Team Contract. The ability to Edit Staff Tendencies, So you can edit player traits in the Edit Player Attribute Section but there isn't an option to edit staff tendencies in Edit Staff Details, The ability to add or remove a tendency such as Tends not to Hire a Director of Football or Tends not to hire an Assistant should be available to add or remove in the Edit Staff Details section when on the staff's profile, It's possible to edit this in the Pre Game Editor under Non Player Data > Tendencies so I don't see why its not available to Edit In Game also. The ability to Add Secondary Jobs to Staff, There have been multiple new features added to FM recently such as this feature and the Ability to Edit in the Pre Game Editor but not in the In Game Editor, this is something I believe needs to be added in FM22. The ability to Add Multiple Assistants, Now that you're allowed multiple assistants I thought the in game editor you would also be able to add multiple assistants but nope, You can only hire 1 assistant and if you try and hire another assistant for a team you get this message (Screenshot), This could be a bug that needs fixing for FM22 but I thought I'd bring it up. I know that's a lot of requests but I've been suggesting these for about 2 or 3 years and no luck so far so I'd really appreciate it if some of these (if not all of these) where to be added in FM22. Thanks Guys.
  10. More evidence of them sacking all the staff at the end of the 1st season and not replacing them.
  11. I think a cool new feature to FM22 would be the ability to search for players and staff members by searching who they are wanted by, So if I was a team like Tottenham and I wanted to search who my league rivals are interested in I could search "Wanted by" in the Transfer section search (shown below for players and staff). I could find newgens who my scouts have missed, and also could work in the staff section, I think this would be a great addition. Thanks Guys.
  12. Why in the Pre Game Editor can you add a Second Job for Staff but in the In Game Editor you can't? I'd like to see this feature added to FM22.
  13. Talking of B Teams, If you don't have the B Teams Leagues loaded they always sack the manager and almost all the staff in the B Team at the end of the first season? Why is this? In Portugal and Spain, But teams in the Premier League always keep their U23 Managers and other U23 Staff, why does this happen to managers just in Spain and Portugal, Needs to be looked at for FM22.
  14. 2nd & International Favoured Numbers - Pretty straight forward in FM Pre Game Editor under players favoured number I think there should be 2 more options of 2nd & International Favoured Numbers. Eg. Whenever Xavi & Iniesta Played for Barcelona Xavi was #6 & Iniesta was #8 but when they played for Spain it was Xavi #8 & Iniesta #6 so that would be their favoured International Numbers. For 2nd Favoured Number my example would be David Beckham where he would want #23 but if it was not available he would take #32 like he did at AC Milan & PSG. Also with Renato Sanches, wanted #85 but wasn't allowed it at Bayern or Swansea so took #35. Its the little details that go along away for me. I've been asking for this for multiple years now so hopefully you can add this for FM22. Numbers - I also think you should be able to change numbers in the In Game Editor for other teams, Because most the numbers the AI selects is so bad (sorry but its true), I remember in FM20 Neymar resigned for Barcelona and was #6 . So if you're a number obsessive like me this will help 100%, This is also something I have asked for for multiple years. Staff Tendencies - I think in the Pre Game Editor in the Staff Tendencies it has the option for a manager to "Operate without Assistant" I think another option should be "Operates with multiple Assistants" because every time a new manager is appointed for a team in the nations top leagues (eg. Premier League, Serie A, La Liga), they ALWAYS hire multiple assistants when in reality this is a rare occurrence. So it should be an option in Pre Game Editor for managers who are known for hiring multiple assistants. So if they don't have the Tendency to hire multiple Assistants they will only hire 1 Assistant and Multiple Coaches. Thanks Guys.
  15. Hi Guys, I know this is not possible to be fixed for FM21 but hopefully FM22, As you can see in the example (Adnan Januzaj) it shows Sociedad B & C in his playing history when he never played a competitive game for them, I think it should only show in his history if he has actually played a competitive game for the team because 1. The information is not needed if he hasn't played a competitive game, 2. It looks awful, Thanks Guys.
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