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  1. That was discussed in this same thread, page 2. It's corrected already.
  2. Hi! Just a quick question, when you say: I assume you mean that risk of injury and fatigue will go up and condition will go down, right?
  3. The Zidanes are a weird family... xD.
  4. Actually, I think that's very easy to explain: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid and Sevilla. Honestly, I don't see what's the link between Real Madrid winning 3 Champions League and a Valladolid CA increase...
  5. Maybe, in time, we'll remember him differently. Today, most Madrid fans don't see him as an Icon. About Neymar, there are a lot of Madrid fans who don't want to see Neymar at Bernabeu, myself included. Unfortunately, Madrid's president is obsessed with him and probably will do anything to sign him.
  6. Nope, sorry. Ronaldo doesn't give a **** about Madrid, Ronaldo just cares about Ronaldo. Casillas has spent the last years talking **** about Real Madrid every chance he had. They have been very important in the recent history of the club, they're great, magnificent players... but they're not loved by most of the fans.
  7. Actually, it's 23 M after taxes per year: https://www.eleconomista.es/deporte-negocio/noticias/9221549/06/18/El-nuevo-salario-de-Antoine-Griezmann-supera-a-los-ingresos-de-30-selecciones-del-Mundial.html 63.333 per day, 443.331 per week. With the current taxes, that makes around 800.000 euros per week, gross.
  8. I strongly disagree. Specially with Ronaldo and Casillas. About Ramos, we'll see how he finish his career...
  9. I've uploaded a .rar named "Zinegod crash dump files" at FM>Game-crash, there you have my crash dump files. Let me know if you need anything else.
  10. Hi, Neil. I've tried removing all custom graphics, and following all your steps, and it keeps happening, with different saves and games.
  11. Hi! I have noticed that, if I go to the Scouting screen and try to refine a shortlist of scouted player by looking for Transfer listed players with Asking price of 0€, the game crashes. I have tried this in multiple saves and different games and happened everytime, with different leagues and teams. If you need any save or anything to check the bug, please let me know, thanks.
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