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  1. Don't think I've seen him mentioned on the forums. A couple of years into the game and he was a steal at £9.5m. He's been a very solid replacement for Janmaat, and only cost £6m.
  2. http://m0.joe.ie/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/22104757/liverpool.jpg New kit? Looks decent.
  3. To be fair, only Aubameyang, Kurzawa and de Vrij were signed with the tycoon money, all the rest signed before But aye, really let me challenge Juventus this season, and now I have a squad that can compete in Europe.
  4. Really enjoying my Milan save. First season I struggled a bit, but ended up finishing in 3rd. Juventus went the season unbeaten, and only conceded 9 goals. I brought in a lot of younger players, as the squad was quite old, and honestly, poor. Second season is a different story, helped by this happening... This enabled me to make a couple of big signings to complement my younger players.
  5. Should have checked before I posted that! Cheers.
  6. New patch just released? My game has updated to 16.3.1.
  7. Odds on it falling through at the last minute?
  8. Alban Lafont looks like he's got the potential to become a world class keeper.
  9. Lucas has played excellently tonight.
  10. Lincoln hasn't even arrived at my club yet, and I'm already excited. Picked him up for £600k in the first transfer window, bargain!
  11. Uploaded a PKM "Man City v Liverpool.pkm" (sorry for not sticking to the naming convention!) of what I believe is this issue.
  12. I got a £35m bid for Moreno, so replaced him with Jorge and Andrew Robertson.
  13. I did, only for the last couple of months of the league as he got a 8 month injury very early on, and want him to get some regular football before the second season.
  14. very strange sorting, would much, much prefer it to be by positions.
  15. I was thinking about making Rajkovic my first choice in the second year once he gets his work permit, looks a top, top prospect.