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  1. I'd suggest visiting the tactics forum for some advice, as that tactic is very unbalanced.
  2. I was lucky, they got rid of the WP and you were only allowed 17 foreign players in the first team. Then all the players who had been in England for more than 5 years just took up British nationality.
  3. Not sure if it's the case now, but when it was first brought into FM it was only to aid the AI managers making their choice where to put a player. It didn't affect how a player actually plays.
  4. Yeah it's a strange one. I find it vital, I always have attributes above 15 in orange.
  5. On preferences just type "colour" in, and viola
  6. No, the previous game version was as you said, the ME version is still v2040.
  7. Yeah I switched to a 4-2-3-1 after the second season. In that second season he played as you said.
  8. Bayern won the league first season, Dortmund in 10th. Second season Dortmund were second, 11 points behind me, with Bayern one point behind them. 3rd season after 21 games Bayern are 6th, 21 points behind, Dortmund are 9th, 28 points behind. So it's quite easy to dominate so far.
  9. I use him as an inside forward support on the right hand side.
  10. Still have them both. Havertz hasn't done brilliantly, but it looks like I'm getting more of of him in the 3rd season. Bailey has done well.
  11. Into the third season now. First season, I finished second in the league with 59 points, knocked out of the CL at the first knock out round, and won the DFB-Pokal. At one point I was under pressure from the media, and was 2nd in the predicted sack race. My home form was poor, I actually won more games away from home. 2nd to 11th was seperated by only 10 points. Bayern won the league with only 68 points, in the next seaosn that would have only been good enough for 4th. I brought in a couple of players in January, on loan, that really helped me get 2nd position. Mariano came in and greatly improved my goal scoring, Rugani came in and I think we went 8 games without conceding, and Hysaj joined with a mandatory transfer at the end of the loan. Charles Aránguiz left in February to a Chinese club for £35m, didn't want to sell him but he wanted the extra money they could pay him. Before the second season I made big changes. Ended up winning the league, supercup and somehow the Champions League. The only tough team I played before the final was PSG, but managed to beat them 3-1 at home after they had a man sent off. Beat Man City in the final 2-1, but it was largely a uneventful final. The main reason I did so well was Moussa Dembélé, after only 6 months I had to give him a new contract to get rid of his £65m release clause!
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