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  1. Marko Grujic can become a really good player. Mainly plays as a BBM for me.
  2. Davinson Sánchez. Issa Diop. Willi Orban. Dayot Upamecano. A few to get you started.
  3. The punishment is usually a fine. A few million usually, nothing bank breaking.
  4. Just won my 3rd Champions League out of a possible 3. Beat Bayern for the second year in a row. And look at where I won it
  5. Budget? Lemina has been a great BBM for me. What's your budget for a striker? If you can afford Dybala, sign him. He's scored 98 league goals in 83 for me. Just signed Luciano Vietto as well, he's got off to a good start. Marko Grujic is a good BBM midfielder as well.
  6. I was able to get Lallana to sign a new contract in January first season, £98k, which isn't too bad. I'm in my 4th season, and my highest paid player is Dybala, who is on £195k. I expect over the next couple of years I expect my wage bill to rocket when I have to renew some of the top players contracts. I've only the 5th salary per annum with £131m. Whenever a player asks for a new contract I tell them they have plenty of time remaining on their current contract. Only hasn't worked once in 4 years.
  7. He already gets £25k appearance fee at the start of the game, so getting him to stay on the same is decent.
  8. Coutinho has just damaged his cruciate ligaments, out for 6-7 months January first season, so he'll probably miss the start of next season. Top of the table after 24 games, 5 point lead, so it's not all bad. Origi is a great striker.
  9. fm2017 mod

    Thank you sir, much appreciated!
  10. Great news, looking forward to it. It should be in the game, don't see why not.
  11. Possible to implement something like this for FM17? The wide match highlights was a must for me on FM16.
  12. Hopefully this is fixed soon, it says a lot about the game when this is my only gripe, however it does make it nearly unplayable for me
  13. Just had a play around and lowered the resolution to the lowest possible (1024 * 768) and it seemed to be fixed. Playing in windowed mode also fixes it while the window is small, however when I maximise it, the highlighted role comes back. My resolution is 1920*1080 btw.
  14. Same issue here. Last year restarting the game would fix this issue. I use the attribute page as the default page for players and don't like the attributes highlighted. Good to see this is being looked at, it's a small issue in the grand scheme of things but it's a major one for me!