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  1. Talking about BBC v ITV, fair play to the BBC for streaming in UHD. ITV meanwhile streaming in 720p, looks awful on a 4K TV.
  2. I'd suggest visiting the tactics forum for some advice, as that tactic is very unbalanced.
  3. I was lucky, they got rid of the WP and you were only allowed 17 foreign players in the first team. Then all the players who had been in England for more than 5 years just took up British nationality.
  4. Not sure if it's the case now, but when it was first brought into FM it was only to aid the AI managers making their choice where to put a player. It didn't affect how a player actually plays.
  5. Yeah it's a strange one. I find it vital, I always have attributes above 15 in orange.
  6. On preferences just type "colour" in, and viola
  7. No, the previous game version was as you said, the ME version is still v2040.
  8. I believe the UI could be helpful in this case, as I've seen a lot of people thinking that automatic is it's own duty.
  9. Automatic sets the duty in relation to the mentality (defend = very defensive & defensive, support = cautious, balanced and positive, attack = attacking and very attacking), so if he's using defensive or very defensive, this advice will actually do nothing.
  10. The lag I seemed to get in the menus (think it was because the FPS was dropping to 5 in the menus) seems to have dissapeared. Happy already! And the ME is now running at a buttery smooth 60FPS, rather than running at 55FPS and being a stuttering mess.
  11. To add to this, if the ball goes out of play after the tackle, it won't be given as a penalty.
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