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  1. That picture has decided who I want to win. I'd forgotten how much I hate Tintin.
  2. Brazil 1998? Scotland, Morocco and Norway group stage. Chile, Denmark and Netherlands in the knock-outs. Pretty similar really - I don't remember Chile being anything special back then. If we beat Croatia then you can sub them in for the Dutch. I'm sure I could find more examples if I could be bothered going back further. At the end of the day - people only remember the champions.
  3. I know the route to the final (if we get there) has been favourable - but it's not like it hasn't happened before. Look at Germany in 2002. They faced Cameroon, Saudi Arabia and Ireland in the group stage. Followed by Paraguay, USA and South Korea. Was that really any harder? Can only beat the teams in front of you and no-one will really think about who we faced to get there if we do the unthinkable and win the tournament. Plus it add's a nice symmetry to holding all the mens World Cup titles at the different age groups in one cycle.
  4. We’re really not. People weren’t expecting to get anywhere near the final. Everyone is enjoying the fact that things have gone so well with the draw opening up as the big sides crashed out. If you had a serious conversation with anyone - I don’t think you’d find a single person outside of the deluded diehards who think England are the best team or are playing amazing football. They are just happy that they are playing as a team and not surrounded by the usual crap that follows the team around competitions. No-one has really expected it to ‘come home’. I really think you are missing the ‘joke’ and fun people are having. The videos for example are just people trying to outdo each other with an even more stupid / sillier one than the last.
  5. Second thread I've seen you post a similar sort of comment. What are you basing it upon? If you mean the threads on here and places like Twitter then I think you are missing the fact that the majority of people are just joking around. No-one really believes most of what is being said. It's just been a few jokey comments at the beginning that has snowballed into a big national one as the tournament has gone on.
  6. England through to the last 7 without even playing. Just need to avoid being thrown out of the competition before tomorrow's game and we're in the last 6. Getting closer.
  7. OK fine disgard Panama as well. The point still stands - there were enough chances in the Tunisia game to have scored about 5 goals. Who cares whether it was spread across one-half or the full-game? It was enough to say that we created a decent amount of chances in that game. Especially when Tunisia's aim was to play for a draw. Last night most teams would probably have struggled to create with the kind of game Colombia wanted to make it. Saying that England are any worse than other sides at creating chances is wrong when the sample size of games is so small. But it's nice you've moved on to criticising their attack. A few games ago it was their defense and how Colombia / any other good attacking side would rip it apart.
  8. That's just not true though is it? Created plenty against Tunisia in the first-half but didn't take them. Scored 6 against Panama. Some were set-pieces and penalties but we did create chances. Don't think Belgium is worth talking about because of the changes both sides made. Last night was difficult because Colombia turned it into a battle rather than a game of football. I think the amount of chances overall is about the same as any of the other sides left in the competition.
  9. That and they are so desperate for England to fail. I know this thread (in the main) isn't to be taken seriously as people are joking around but there is some seriously pathetic people on this forum who stink up every England match thread. All because they get upset that the TV stations have the nerve to be biased. Forgetting that if they actually qualified they would receive similar treatment.
  10. Such a laughable post. Not because of what you said about Neville but it describes you to a tee! Just repeating the same stuff over and over again. Your Jesus hate / Firminho love in is so tiresome every Brazil match. And you’re just as bad when it comes to England matches.
  11. I heard someone say you couldn't change the manager that close to the tournament. They had to select someone from their current group of personal for that reason. Kind of like how players can't be changed unless injured. I have no idea if that was true or not - it's not exactly easy to find the rules on that kind of thing!
  12. Hopefully Southgate has learnt from the last time the draw opened up for him. Man Utd and Chelsea knocked out the day before. Just beat a Cardiff team a division below at home and you're into a semi-final against Portsmouth, WBA or Barnsley. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007–08_FA_Cup#Sixth_Round_Proper I was obviously convinced it was Coming Home till someone reminded me of that this morning. I need a pep talk from someone.
  13. Got done by corners as well. Took over 0.5 goals in the first half, over 3.5 goals and over 6.5 corners. Pretty pleased at half-time and then just the single corner in the second-half. Worst part was the corners was only 1.2 which I added out of greed to boost the odds even more thinking it would be a formality!
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