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  1. II disagree when it comes to manager reputation, doesn't make any sense or realistic at all when a manager climbs up the divisions and the only job he can find after doing this is back in the lower divisions, which is what we normally get with regional reputation, at the very least clubs from top division should start to look at said manager.
  2. Yeah, if you resign you seem to lose reputation, that's one example I've seen it be downgraded, probably if you have a bad season too.
  3. That's one of the problems with reputation in my opinion. Yeah by winning that award your reputation should have a boost, but what you already achieved you should have, at least, national rep. In real life you would have other La Liga teams looking at you as a possible manager but with regional rep that won't happen.
  4. I'm theory yes but I've tried with Argentinian nationality and got same results.
  5. The manager reputation has been my "battle" for a while now, so, based on my experience I've decided to post my experience with finding jobs in game, starting unemployed with local or unknown rep (doesn't seem to make any difference one or the other) Argentina: almost impossible to get a job, rarely got a job in second tier, seems its a real small chance Australia: its very possible to get a job in one of the best teams, doesn't happen always but the chance seems higher than previous league for example Belgium: a pain to get a job, even in lower tiers, I find its the hardest l
  6. I would also like to see something similar to PC, scouts having knowledge on certain leagues or countries aka finding more and better players in those areas. Right now all we have to do is find natural and gold scouts and that's it pretty much, I feel like it could be expanded so we actually cared about our scouts 😁
  7. Could you not make it optional at the start of the game? Like the unlockables for example.
  8. Yes to this! Would enjoy the game much more with real life rules.
  9. That's a minor great feature for me, if combined with national team management revamp 😁
  10. So I've doing a challenge from our discord server that involves only buying players that scouts find, ignoring manual search and I've found that scouting on mobile is incredibly limited. For example I needed a RB but I can't tell my scouts to look for one, only hoping they come across one. Are there any future plans to revamp scouting? For example sending them to a specific country/league we have loaded? Or scouting by position?
  11. I'm actually curious about that too, for human managers and AI managers too. Also @Marc Vaughandoes our manager stats influence in some way? That would be cool, say a club that bets on youth players would be more inclined to a manager with 20 in youth players for example. Or for a more loyal manager or one that buys mostly national players. That would give use to stats that seems mostly for show.
  12. Maybe combine rep with the interview? I can't recall how it works with the PC version but you could go against what the club wants (youth or certain type of football for example) but with a world class rep you most likely get the job anyway. Just thought of the interview as I can't really think of anything else that would add some diversity to the job offers.
  13. I've started countless unemployed journeyman saves (with unknown reputation) it's the way I love to play and discover new teams but over the years I've found that I can easily tell who are the teams who are going to offer me a job, some will always offer me a job, some quite often, others on very rare occasions (I'm talking about lower league teams). With that said, I would love to have a factor that would add some variety, I'm not sure if job interviews would be the solution but right know only reputation counts. I remember clearly, back when I had the life to play full FM on PC, s
  14. Thanks! Not a big issue but would be nice to have that looked at
  15. At least we can now remove useless affiliates, hopefully next year will be a better feature. Is it next year we are going to have a revamp to national team management btw? 😉
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