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  1. You're more than welcome to join our discord channel, we have a lot of experienced users that would be glad to help you. https://discord.gg/5YyJaWRG7b
  2. Exactly, I can understand games being forgotten if announced to early, tbh Ive pre register for games on Google play and when they come I didn't even remember I had registered 😁but like you said that isn't the case with big titles like FMM (yeah FMM is consistently on top sales charts throughout the year so I would say its a big title on mobile).
  3. It's not a matter of being patient, that's really not what I was asking there,I am genuinely curious about that efficienty question, nothing to do with the game, just honest curiosity (if Marc can talk about that of course). Also no one is asking for a big build up like PC, all we are asking is to know the features a bit early than the usual few days before launch, if you look at coming games in Google play store for example,a lot mention the game features (there's a lot of dodgy games there too 😁)
  4. I know its not your department, but efficient how? The game would sell less? If anything I've seen comments on social networks like "oh it doesn't have anything new, that's why they don't announce". Also I don't think it's competing with FM PC at all. And knowing new features wouldn't create even more hype? I'm actually curious and I think we all would like to understand more why this happens every year (and you guys seeing the same posts about lack of new features announcements every year 😁)
  5. Considering every year is the same regarding new features, I'd say mobile players are quite patient 😁
  6. ... can we, mobile players, get some attention? Yeah it's another eagerness to know more post 😁 I get that the pc version is you guys main focus but can we at least have a little more info of the new features for mobile now that everyone on pc is playing beta? Preferably not just a few days before release 🙄
  7. Exactly. I would also like more options to convince second nationality players and even players gaining nationality in the game
  8. Roughly 270 members currently, feel free to join in to discuss the new upcoming release, we have plans to keep the game fresh and the chat active when it comes out 👍
  9. To be honest I don't care about that personally, I was asking about revamping the way national teams are managed, having more options, close to the pc version.
  10. What about national teams management, any changes? If you can reveal that is 😉
  11. Same here! Finally can go for the pentagon challenge on mobile!
  12. While I understand its not the devs area but it's frustrating for us that love the mobile version, that every year we feel left behind when compared to the main game. I'm not saying we need a interview with Miles to talk about the game like the pc version but the community deserves at least a few new features reveal just like the pc version, year after year we feel like an after thought, only knowing about what's new about a week before release. Alright rant over 😁
  13. Not even from free databases like the old CM01/02 that's been free for years? I would be amazing to have retro databases but I guess these days everything is illegal 😜
  14. Will it ever be possible for players to get second nationality in game after a certain number of years playing in a certain league like in real life?
  15. That's one league I would love to have on mobile! Can we get a African one too? Pretty please? Would love to be able to fight for Africa Champions league, that with 5 leagues loaded would be perfection for journeyman managers like myself. P. S. I wouldn't mind a small surprise like Canada this year, say Gibraltar league maybe?
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