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  1. Hi @Nicholasvanh, were you seeing this in every save you were playing? It's something we'll have a look into, if you could provide us with a save as well that would be great Cheers, Angelos
  2. Hi, which device are you using? Currently we do tests for the time taken in matches and compare between versions but 15 minutes seems to be very long. Usually a game with key highlights should take less time than one with extended, but each game is different, and there could be a game that has a lot of chances that are seen as key. It's definitely something we can look into for future games though.
  3. Moved this to general discussion as it is suggestions for new features and not a bug.
  4. hi, could you send us over your save please so we can have a look
  5. Olá, você vê o editor no menu de opções ao configurar um novo jogo? Hello, do you see the editor on the options menu when setting up a new game?
  6. Just to be clear, are you having issues on both FMM20 and FMM21 on iOS14?
  7. Hi, FM Mobile isn't currently supported on the Galaxy Fold series of devices
  8. Could you send us over both a save where this is happening and a match pkm where you end up playing with 10 men please?
  9. Hi, do you happen to have a save from the season before? It would be useful so we could see what is causing him to disappear
  10. We were not provided photos for either of those players so that's why they do not appear. It is the same for FM on PC and FMT
  11. Hi @mjshill, could you update to 12.2.1 and tell us if the issue is resolved?
  12. Hi @lcutini, could you update to 12.2.1 and see if this is now fixed?
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