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  1. Hi @Footix, Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it is now under review with the dev team. Cheers, Angelos
  2. Angelos Antoniades

    My game doesn't start

    Hi @Galaxy A5 Could you please tell us what device you are using and what your OS you currently are on? Also, could you try reinstalling the game and see if that allows you to get past the screen you have posted us? Cheers, Angelos
  3. Angelos Antoniades

    Substitutions when simulating not happening

    Hi @stonfiesta5, Are you using a created match plan when you simulate the game? If so could you tell us what instructions you have in the match plan so we can try to reproduce this Cheers, Angelos
  4. Hi @dr_chuff, Thanks for reporting this to us. We have managed to reproduce it in house and it is now under review. Cheers, Angelos
  5. Angelos Antoniades

    Can’t hire coaches, scouts or physios

    Hi @HawkesR11, In FMT the only staff you can hire are Assistant Manager, Head of Youth Development, Head Physio, Chief Scout and Director Of Football. On the Staff Overview page you can seen the ability ratings for each of your staff members and by bringing in a higher rated staff member you should see the team report change Cheers, Angelos
  6. Hi @profk, Are you still having this problem when trying to play FMT Switch? Does this still occur if you try playing as a different team? We have tried to reproduce but we have not been able to get the same results. Cheers, Angelos
  7. Angelos Antoniades

    E3 2018 Thread - 11th June *Contains Leaks and Spoilers*

    Also Ori is a MS game and that did very well
  8. Angelos Antoniades

    FMT 18 ipad offline

    Hi @NixoN1994 You shouldn't need wifi or 4g to play FMT18 on your iPad.
  9. Angelos Antoniades

    Transfer Windows closing on the wrong date.

    Hi @TomH2118, The 2018/19 transfer window for English clubs closes on the Thursday before the first game of the season. This is how it is going to be in real life so it's not a bug. Cheers, Angelos
  10. Angelos Antoniades

    Tooltips not working as intended

    Hi @Mbrown108, We're aware that there is an issue with tooltips when you are playing in handheld mode and we are looking into it. As a workaround if you double tap the area you want the tooltip to appear on the touchscreen they should start reappear when you hover with the cursor again. Cheers, Angelos
  11. @PleasedToMichu You can set the game to commentary only from the Options menu (Press L) when you're in a match.
  12. Lowest leagues in England are the Vanarama North and South leagues. FMT Switch has the same nations/leagues that FM/FMT have on PC
  13. Angelos Antoniades

    Cannot load game properly

    Unfortunately as you have put a password on your user you would have to take control of your manager each time you were to load up your save again. As long as you do not press continue (ZR) after loading the save you should be on the date that your save was on and you can just put in your password via the Take Control button and carry on as normal. Cheers, Angelos
  14. Angelos Antoniades

    Cannot load game properly

    Hi Wiped89, When you say that the game was skipping ahead were you pressing continue on the Game Status screen? (The one which has the option to Take Control of your manager)? Cheers, Angelos
  15. Hi Ackter, Thanks for reporting this to us, we're now looking into it to see if we are able to reproduce it in house. Cheers Angelos