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  1. under review

    Hi guys, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've been able to reproduce it and it's now under review internally. Cheers, Angelos
  2. Hi Mike, thanks for sending in your save. We've managed to reproduce the crash on our in house devices using your save and it is now under review internally. Cheers, Angelos
  3. need more info

    Hi Oggy4, could you please send us your save so we can see if we can reproduce the crash? Cheers, Angelos
  4. under review

    Hi Oleg, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We've been able to replicate it on our in house devices, and it is now under review internally. Cheers, Angelos
  5. need more info

    Hi Mark, could you please send us in your save file so we can see if we can reproduce the crash Cheers, Angelos
  6. need more info

    hi Olly, are you starting a new game on the 17.3 database? We have started a game with Portsmouth and both Lowe and Kabamba are in the squads. If you start a new game and see that they are still not there it could be because FMT Tablet does not extract the full FM database due to memory, so players with lower reputation will get left out. I hope this helps you out, Angelos
  7. need more info

    Hi Dan, Could you please send us your save file so we can see if we can get it to reproduce? Cheers, Angelos
  8. need more info

    Hi Johnson20177, is this an FMT issue or FMM? As our latest update was 17.3. Cheers, Angelos
  9. info provided

    Hi Steve, 17GB will be more than enough space to download the update. I don't think that iPads are initially made to do auto-updates especially for big updates (17.3 is around 3GB), so could you please check the App Store, click on the updates button in the bottom right hand corner and see if FMT 17 is listed. If it is you should be able to download and install the update and play on 17.3 I hope this helps you out, Cheers. Angelos
  10. need more info

    Just to be on the safe side I would recommend trying to clear about 500mb more. I'd try installing again and then please tell us if it works fine or if you're still getting the problem Cheers, Angelos
  11. info provided

    Hi Valetillidie1, sorry to hear this is happening. Before uninstalling the game you can back up your saves by following the steps here Once you've backed them up, I would suggest uninstalling the game and then reinstalling and seeing it that helps. Please get back to us if the game still won't launch. Cheers, Angelos
  12. info provided

    Hi Craig, could you tell me whether you have other apps backgrounded while you play? Cheers, Angelos
  13. need more info

    Hi Julio, Could you go to the Application Manager via Settings, go to FMT17, press force stop and then clear data on your tablet and then uninstall the game. After that could you tell us how much space you have left on your device? Cheers, Angelos
  14. info provided

    Hi Keyzer Soze, the .fct files are saves made by the game before you go into game or recovery saves that pop up when you reopen the game. We wouldn't recommend deleting any of those but they usually aren't as big as your fmv files. The pkm files are basically recordings of any matches played and are safe to delete if you need the space. In regards to the pkm files, could you tell us what size the files in your Matches folder are on average and how many you've got in your folder? Cheers, Angelos
  15. info provided

    Hi Aryton, your iPad is compatible with the game and so it should download. Try the advice given by marris09 first and if that doesn't work get back to us. Cheers, Angelos