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  1. watching highlights

    Hi Karakus, could you give us some more information about what is going on? Is it highlights of previous games? or is this when you're playing a match none of the highlights are appearing? Cheers, Angelos
  2. Hi Karakus, This issue is fixed in the current build of the game (17.3.2). I would recommend that you update in order to get all the latest fixes in the game Cheers, Angelos
  3. cant cross save from pc to ipad

    The version number is in the top left corner on both. The latest versions should be 17.3.2 (I've used your screenshot that you sent over)

    That's fine If you happen to have any other problems just send us another message Cheers, Angelos

    So you're able to download the game now?
  6. cant cross save from pc to ipad

    Hi Karakus, One thing I have noticed is that your tablet build is on 17.2. Could you try updating you app to the latest version (17.3.2) and then try loading the game again? I'd recommend backing up your saves onto a PC before updating. If you update it and the save still doesn't work then please message us again. Thanks, Angelos

    Hi @paul008, could you please give us your tablet's model number? It should be on the Settings menu under About Device Cheers, Angelos
  8. Ios 11

    Hi marris09, FMT17 is compatible with iOS 11 so you should have no problems playing. Cheers, Angelos
  9. New stadium purchase

    Hi @Hilly93, do you happen to have a save just after you purchased the new stadium? If not a save from before the move in date would be good. Please follow the steps using this link and then tell us the file name. Cheers, Angelos
  10. downloading data servers

    Hi @SephDarkheart, Are you installing the data onto an SD card? This usually causes download speeds to be slower on android devices. cheers, Angelos
  11. Game will not load on my iPad Air 2

    Hi @Indi Is it that games are not loading when FMT17 is playing or that the actual app will not open? Also, could you please tell us what iOS your iPad Air 2 is on? Cheers, Angelos
  12. News Feed timeline issue

    Hi Spenceavfc, Could you send us a save before the news item appears so we can have a look at it? Please follow the steps using this link and then tell us the file name. Cheers, Angelos
  13. Having to deal with reserves

    FMT PC is sold separately to the Tablet version so you would need to pay for it. Can you send us your current save (when your assistant has left and you are now in charge of the reserve matches) using the steps from the link in my previous post and then message me the file name on FTP? Cheers, Angelos
  14. Having to deal with reserves

    Hi Neil, Unfortunately on FMT Tablet there isn't a way to set staff responsibilities. However if you have FMT PC you can use cross-save to move your save and change the responsibilities on there. If you don't have the PC version, do you happen to have a save just before your assistant manager gets poached? If so, could you send us your save via this link and then just chuck us a message telling us the name of the save. Cheers, Angelos
  15. Hi greglev456, Could you please send us your save file so we can have a look. Please follow the steps using this link and then respond with the name of the file on here. Cheers, Angelos