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  1. Hi, do you have a cleaning or virus checker app on your device?
  2. Hi, we've managed to reproduce this internally and it is now under review with the dev team
  3. Hi Barry, what device are you using? Are you on the latest build (10.2.2) of the game?
  4. Hi, do you happen to have a save from just before you tried to scout Fort? Also, is this the only player that you have seen this issue happen with?
  5. Do you happen to have a save from before this started to happen or did you get this as soon as you installed the game?
  6. Hi MFERRIS, with the original issue, did you negotiate the contract before going on holiday? If you didn't your assistant will do it as you are on holiday and that will cause the transfer to go through. This is just how the game is and isn't a bug. The second issue (loan back) we have managed to reproduce.
  7. Hi Koppman, You will need to get into contact with Sega as we are only the developers of the game and do not handle the transactions. Your best bet would be to email help@sega.co.uk with your proof of purchase and see if you can get a refund.
  8. Hi, could you send us over your save so we can have a look at this?
  9. Closing this thread as the issue has already been raised
  10. @Toom we believe that your second issue has been reproduced in house and is under review with the dev team
  11. @Ceiran thank you for sending over your save. The issue is now under review with the dev team.
  12. HI, could you send us over your save so we can have a look?
  13. The issue is still under review. When we have an update out we will inform you
  14. Is this on the latest build (10.2.1)? Where abouts are you in your season?
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