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  1. Just to be clear, are you having issues on both FMM20 and FMM21 on iOS14?
  2. Hi, FM Mobile isn't currently supported on the Galaxy Fold series of devices
  3. Could you send us over both a save where this is happening and a match pkm where you end up playing with 10 men please?
  4. Hi, do you happen to have a save from the season before? It would be useful so we could see what is causing him to disappear
  5. We were not provided photos for either of those players so that's why they do not appear. It is the same for FM on PC and FMT
  6. Hi @mjshill, could you update to 12.2.1 and tell us if the issue is resolved?
  7. Hi @lcutini, could you update to 12.2.1 and see if this is now fixed?
  8. Hi, we're aware of the issue. It's happening for any save created before the 12.1 update. It's under review with the dev team at the moment
  9. @mjshill thanks for bringing this to our attention. When exactly was your save game created? We think we know the cause but this will help us track it down
  10. Could you send us over the save so we can have a look at this?
  11. Hi, this is an issue that we're aware of and it is under review with the dev team.
  12. Hi, has this been happening since the latest update for FMM?
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