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  1. National Hero will unlock if you win either the World Cup or a continental cup for example Copa America, European Football Championship etc. It doesn't unlock with the Euro Nations
  2. Hi, could you tell us what device you are using? Also if you could provide us with a pkm where this happens that would help us out greatly.
  3. Hi @PARIATOR, the cup matches will appear once you have been drawn into the competition. As Man United start in the third round you will need to wait until the second round of the Carabao Cup or FA Cup have been played
  4. Hi @yazj, Hi can you attach your dxdiag, and your crash dump file, please? The crash dump file can be located at the following default location: C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\crash dumps  Cheers, Angelos
  5. We have managed to reproduce this issue and it is currently under review.
  6. Hi, could you send us over using your save so we can have a look?
  7. Hi Dean, do you happen to have a save from just before the Spurs match we can have a look at?
  8. Hi, we've been able to reproduce this and it is now under review
  9. If you could provide us with the save that would be very helpful
  10. Hi, the save that you sent over to us was for fmm18. Could you send us over the save file again please?
  11. This should be fixed in the latest update (10.1.0). Could you let us know if it's still occuring?
  12. This is by design as the World Cup is played around the time that the Club World Cup would be played in 2022
  13. Hi @Gerrardno8, Both of these issues are known about and are currently under review.
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