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  1. Don't want to break the party here but ... I have this message in Steam already for a couple of days.
  2. The guy is 26 years old, isn't that too old for being a talent?
  3. Hi, At the start of a new save there's a possibility to mask the player attributes. Is it possible to enable/disable this after starting a new save?
  4. that's the whole point of a public beta. The people of SI do their best to deliver a top notch game every year and are still kind enough to let us play that game 2 weeks in advance to make the game even better. Posting a bug that is important to you, but also to us as fellow FM fans, is only a small effort IMO ;-)
  5. Hi, Don't know if someone already asked this question but: is it safe for mac users to upgrade to macOS Big Sur and play Football Manager 2021 without any known (big) issues?
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