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  1. Starter a couple of games now and when setting up a manager, my favourite team selection never saves and transfers into the game
  2. Players rated 4 1/2 stars appear a little odd....
  3. Following the most recent update, clubs manager history has dissapeared. Formerly under the landmarks tab but isn’t an option on the drop down......
  4. Sorry Alex I only use the iPad, don’t have a pc so am unable to share. Apologies
  5. Not sure if it is just me but I never seem to get a good media handling rating. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I always take part in deadline day and answer all journo questions, are there other media opportunities within the game that I am missing?
  6. Hi Adam, apologies I don’t use iTunes so can’t share a save. I’ve since taken the Pompey job, where there was an assistant manager who I’ve kept in place, already in place and am no longer having to manage the reserves, could this be the issue?
  7. I took a new job at Oxford and now seem to be in control of the reserves too. This hasn’t happened at previous clubs. All I can think of is when I took over Oxford didn’t have an assistant manager. I immediately hired one but am still in control of the reserves. How do I delegate this to the assistant? The reserves fixtures appear in the main fixture bar in the top right of the homepage too
  8. Thanks Adam. Very minor I know but worth a flag
  9. Another VERY minor one. Just before going to match preview before a game you can see the time is 16:00 but th kickoff is 15:00. Surely actual kickoff is 15:00?
  10. Would love to Angelos but unfortunately don’t use a laptop with my iPad so don’t use itunes
  11. Another minor one but all staff show their star rating apart from the chief scout, is this deliberate?
  12. Very minor one but when watching highlights the ‘team shape’ option doesn’t dissapear. You can select an option of team shape then immediately it pops back up
  13. Thanks for the reply Alari. From memory they were, partly how I worked out the workaround
  14. I have one from November 2017 but nothing from that season I’m afraid. I will save one mid 5is current season to see if when I tick over to 20/21 I have the same issue
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