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  1. Regardless of what option I select from the top selection (Play, instant result, back) it then goes into game. If I haven’t amended tactics or players it’s too late, the game starts. I’ve taken to removing my goalkeeper after every game so it won’t auto progress and I get a notification. It just needs a pop up stating are you sure you want to play game.
  2. Hi Harry. I’m in Jan 2021 and it’s yet to be used
  3. I’ve noticed this too. Only the substituted on players appear in the kit
  4. It appears that my team never play in the away kit and just revert to the 3rd kit. Have waited for a few games to pass and expected us to wear the away (yellow) against Sheffield United, with our home kit being White and the 3rd kit red
  5. This has happened at both club and country level. Pre game, when the team is announced the little box at the bottom that says Rashford is in for Foden for example doesn’t display the second player, just #Male2
  6. Hi harry. No sub was made, just a touch line shout which then I tried to cancel but couldn’t. To add, I’ve just gone into my next game and it is still not letting me make any tactical changes. I haven’t even tried to make any in this game, this appeared immediately at kick off. Just stuck with the box in the bottom left.
  7. I have just berated Mario Lemina and regretted it. Went to cancel, at which point it pauses the game. I press play but now still cannot cancel. It meant I couldn’t then make any further tactical changes for the remainder of the game. Occurring on iPad Air 2
  8. Not a bug so apologies for this if I’m putting it in the wrong bit of the forum. It’s Al Fayed, not El Fayed. Minor one too but Kit Symons is nowhere near Fulham icon status. Most Fulham fans would probably list about 50 players ahead of him before he made it onto the shortlist.... sorry Kit!
  9. Incredibly minor one but players on the bench have the first few letters of their surname appear. When I then press the 2 << arrows to go to the other tactic view, then back to the view of the pitch the names appear correctly. Using an iPad Air 2
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