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  1. @Harrison Modeste this is a problem even on the normal FM(not only touch version). I've seen the president winning the elections and spending 300 Million Euros on one player too, but more often he buys 2 players worth 70-120M€ Completely unrealistic.
  2. Example of a 17 determination person - (This is Shakhtar Donetsk Assistant Manager) - complaining about being considered "Razoavelmente Determinado"
  3. Do you have the values(1-20) for each level? 14 being just enough is a little underwhelming, should be on the "Professional" category What is the description for a 10-11 skilled person? @Brian Stapleton
  4. Consideravelmente for me it is fine, but not sure if it is too long to fit in on that space @Brian Stapleton Can you see if it would fit in fine, or Consideravelmente Profissional has to many characters?
  5. Actually it was me who asked the translation team to change it. Razoavelmente is not the correct word to translate it, means "Just enough". A person with skill 14 is not "just enough" it's above enough, it's quite a lot = consideravelmente profissional, which is more than "profissional" Several professional players and staff complained to me that it meant they were rated "just enough" when the skill was obviously better than that. Razoavelmente/just enough is a 10/11 skilled person, not a 14 one. I vote against it's change back to razoavelmente. Better to find other word, if Bastante doesn't suit it.
  6. That rule is only for players who were at the same team on the previous season.
  7. If it would be their priority, then it would be ok in the game, because in the database there are 2 groups like in reality They simply chose to join them together.
  8. I'm the HR, I was told last year that u19 leagues with 2 different groups should be joined together, because they are not SI's priority, and having 2 groups would demand more coding time. So yeah. nothing i can do.
  9. Not sure what were his tasks, but he has been correcting lots of errors from the other translators (and errors which were on the game text for years), hence why i always send him the errors that i find. I think tutorials and other important stuff are assigned to the portuguese translators team coordinator, and that's not him. we better stop the offtopic
  10. Agreed, there are 1-2 persons on the Portuguese translation team who never played FM and most of all, are not familiar to football (technical) terms. It's like asking me to translate a biochemistry English thesis to Portuguese. I would be able to translate it, but most likely lots of important stuff would be lost on translation. A bit like this: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/10354620/wales-azerbaijan-translator-giggs-bale/ Thankfully, Luis Marciano have been correcting lots of stuff which were wrong from the previous versions.
  11. A base de dados já está fechada. Agora só para o Inverno.
  12. No teams on any domestic leagues in Portugal receive cash prizes. The teams receiveing them on the 3rd level are incorrect and should be fixed.
  13. Ele assumiu publicamente ser Benfiquista ainda durante a primeira passagem pelo Sporting Braga
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