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  1. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    @Freddie Sands Yes it is true. They can only play in the 3rd level (regional level)
  2. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    @Freddie Sands The following rules are only meant for the 2nd league, not the 1st league. Could this be removed from the 1st league? There are no u23 players rule for the 1st league match squad, only for the squad registrations (maximum 20 u23 for teams without b teams, maximum 28 for teams with b teams)
  3. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    it was an error, CA should be 131. Corrected now both corrected
  4. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    Because there are no CA points available to rate them higher. If i improve some skills i'll have to lower other ones. According to his CA his current skills are the best ones. Keep in mind that Ricardo is better in FM2018 than Nelson Semedo on FM2017. Because he used to shoot very often from distance. Rafa Leão is a -8 player, which is s very high value) Far too low? He's in every list for wonderkids in FM2018.
  5. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    Thank you, it will be corrected. They are cousins
  6. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    Again Please type in english in these boards. Fabio Paim is obviously created in the game.
  7. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    it's not the goal average that counts. It's the combined results between the 3 teams which finished tied in the 1st place. Imagine Benfica 1x0 Porto Porto 3-0 Benfica Porto 2-1 Sporting Sporting 2-0 Porto Benfica 1-0 Sporting Sporting 1-1 Benfica Benfica 7 points Porto 6 points Sporting 4 points it's translation or even text error, not the rule.
  8. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    So far, nobody else reported the same. Something's wrong there.
  9. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    The one with finishing 14 and not belonging 100% to Porto belongs to the beta version. Make sure you aren't playing an older saved game.
  10. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    No... That's not how they work in real life. Managers from senior team can choose players from B team, not the opposite. You have to use what the senior team manager allows you to.
  11. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    I've reported that since last year...the name is correctly set if the game is played in English, not Portuguese.
  12. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    Please always speak English in these boards There are no plans to improve him at this moment, his valuation seems more than fair. His finishing technique is below pair. His heading ability the same. Thank you, will be corrected for the winter update At this moment, it's not possible.
  13. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    not all marketing is about shirt sales well let's just say that he has 170k followers on instagram, his team has 5k followers. He's one of the most followed players in the Portuguese league, above some big stars. Maritimo's facebook page lost plenty of likes after Haghighi left, so they signed another Iranian keeper(who kept Haghighi's shirt number #1), to keep the Iranian persons interested on them. And obviously he is a very interesting person for Iranian football lovers because he is the son of Iran's legend Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh.
  14. [Portugal] (Official) Data Issues

    he is rated as a 2nd league goalkeeper, which seems fair because he didn't even impress in the 3rd league for Barreirense. He was signed and given the #1 shirt for marketing purposes. Like i said, we will keep watching him, and if he deserves he will get the boost. Thanks for your inputs, we will take them into consideration. Obviously we don't rate players based on form, but their capacities. FM is basically a valuation report, not a descriptive one where we would add that they are going through a good phase and scoring goals. we don't do that. Otherwise players like Pena after being topscorers of the league would be great players in the game, and they were not, just like Marega. The database closed in September(José Sá or Svilar weren't even starters by then), long time ago. And yes they all had CA/PA/skill changes, just compare when the game comes out and use the editor. Don't expect us to make complete profile changes every year. Players don't change their style every year, we make small adjustments. Call back clauses with monetary compensation are not available in the game, so we can't do anything regarding that issue.
  15. [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Not a bug. It happens in real life. If not miskaten, around 18 teams who lose in 1st round, are brought back to the 2nd round.