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  1. Non playable division, therefore not fully updated. By the time the research closed, there wasn't even a squad announced.
  2. I'm pretty sure i explained it clearly, that it's not my job. U19 regionals are nothing but a bonus. So i'm not wasting my time trying to find rules and teams for these levels. if you want it done, then research it and post it, that's the minimum you can do, after complaining this much.
  3. Thanks, but no need to post recent news about transfers or manager changes, we are aware of all of those. Those will be updated for the winter transfers update
  4. Liie i said, on my db, i can't choose the stadium for specific youth yeams within the same team. There is one for all youth teams, and Academia Forte Paixão is set as Lourosa's youth stadium. If it doesn't show like that in the game, it is then some coding bug, not database issue. I will report it. Thanks
  5. Hence why i have my priorities, u19 regional divisions are not a priority and is bottom of the non priority things to update. I answer on my own thread, the database one, that's what i work with, not league issues, those are all coding stuff. And i get the same attention as you when i report errors. i agree with you, but nothing i can do. I have been battling to get them improved since i started to collaborate with them, but i don't get answers at all. It's all under review. Every single year. Coding Coding feel free to post on the database issues thread, the teams that should be created and placed on both u19 regional divisions missing, and how do the promotions/relegations work. What level is it supposed to be etc. It's easier that way to create and send rules to SI to code into the game.
  6. All Lourosa's youth are set to play there. There isn't any option to specifically choose where each youth team play. Winter update in February Thanks
  7. 1) is a coding issue, therefore nothing i can do 2) My collaboration with SI is to update the playable divisions ONLY (1st, 2nd, CP). Since i become HR, 4 years ago, i created every single regional division (20 x 18/20 teams- and i try to keep them updated until the database lock, on early September) and created hundreds of new teams, stadiums, cities, referees etc, added league histories since the regional leagues were created, even though i didn't have to do it, and actually advised not to do it, because it's a very time consuming, and only one person from the entire research team, can do all these tasks, the one in charge of the database, and that's me. Suddenly a 8k people database became a 26,5K people database I'm also the researcher for 90% of the premier league teams, more than half 2nd league teams and dozens of CP teams. My weekends are basically being on a bus/train going north to south watching games, with expenses/tickets bought with my own money. All this, even though i have a job (we- research team - aren't SI employees) and not having holidays since i became HR. My summer holidays from my job is to be sitting on a chair updating the FM database, on most deadlines, i stay awake 26-28h straight updating the database, not even sleeping. I've had a burnout 2 years ago, never complained, kept working like nothing was worrying me, just to provide all the best possible database to FM fans, because i like what i do, but i don't have time to do anything else in my life. Last year, i was asked to add youth leagues. I could only have added the1st and 2nd tiers, and it would be more than enough, after all, regional leagues are never going to become a priority, there aren't even youths created from those levels. I added a few regional leagues, some aren't even with the correct structure, like Porto, because it is not a priority. This year i didn't even have the time to update u19 regional divisions, only updated the 1st and 2nd league leagues. Plus, most u19 regional division structures are published after my database lock. So, i'll keep focusing on my priorities, the playable divisions. The rest, i will update IF i have time It's not laziness, or even discrimination. I'm doing way beyond the agreed collaboration with SI, but i do have personal life and professional life besides Football Manager PS: Besides the research work we do, we also coordinate a whole team, we make tests, teach hundreds of candidates, and correct their flaws. Then we need to take a closer look on how they are doing, to avoid mistakes like Tó Madeira. Helping 50-80 people, including 30 new guys every year, also slows us down (HRs). All to provide more reliable data of playable divisions.
  8. I get the same answer as you, lately i get ignored or just be told that it's under review(no updates after that). Nothing i can do regarding coding, Database i can change, not coding.
  9. This. We are a bit lost on what to do atm. Hoprefully soon it will be clarified. Thanks, we'll update it
  10. Uploaded on SI Cloud, it is called Portugal - Juniores.png
  11. At national teams, it shows correctly u21, u20 but then it shows Junior Team on u19 National team, please correct it. We don't call junior team to the u19 NT - It is Sub 19
  12. U23 league is working well for me now. I've tested it 4 times, and everything went smoothly @Freddie Sands check these other rules which need fixing.
  13. Gonçalo Costa had another need for a surgery when he was still recovering from another surgery, that didn't went well. Raphinha is 19 out of 20 as Right Winger, not bad for a player who played there 3 times before this season Acuña is fine the way it is. Plus the database closed long time ago (way before his first game as LB for Sporting). We rate players based on the previous seasons, not current ones. It's not like Fifa, with weekly updates.
  14. Don't use files which change names. It is correctly set in the database, plus we don't even use the word Paços due to licence issues, it is P. Ferreira in the database.
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