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  1. "All other gameplay" should be fine, to post about this issue.
  2. If you know that no matter the value set on his board confidence it doesn't change anything, then this isn't the place to post this. It's not a database issue.
  3. That's not a dabatase issue anymore. His board confidence was increased to 150, it's not 200 because he said that would leave after this last term that he won. I don't control the AI of the game to make him win the elections, and those need to happen, to simulate real life. And very sorry that you can't play FM because Luis Filipe Vieira doesn't win the elections in the game.
  4. Unfortunately, nothing i can do there, it's coding issues. It's all logged for quite a long time.
  5. I'm sorry, i understand that you want to see your team in FM how you see it "with your eyes", i'm sure there are many more persons with the same opinion about Tiago Tomás that you have. Unfortunately i'm not one of them. I see Tiago Tomás as a fast, determinated, hardworking player, not among the best when it comes to talent though. In the end there's always this advice in the 1st post. Maybe one day he will prove me wrong. I have failed before, i will fail again no doubts about it. Hopefully i fail this one, as it means we will have another great player for our national team
  6. Yes, you want us to increase Tiago Tomás PA, that's your opinion, not ours, hence why it is subjective.
  7. Let me explain this, appearances mean 0 to the players evaluation. He could be a starter with PA -5 He could be a reserve with a PA -9 It's our subjective opinion about his skills and potential that matter. If someone isn't happy with our evaluation, there's always the editor available to increase/decrease skills that you don't agree.
  8. No i'm not, researchers are not SI employees, i just answered to you using the same tone you blamed us. I don't answer the rest, because we don't answer to subjective data, like we've always done. Matheus Nunes was not a subjective data, hence why i replied about it.
  9. what about doing some maths? Time is not static, i wrote on the 18th that the database was closed 4 days prior to that, that means, on the 14th. Sporting announced it on the 17th! https://web3.cmvm.pt/sdi/emitentes/docs/FR78223.pdf
  10. Database is already closed since like 4 days ago.
  11. Thanks, those were already correct for the upcoming database update upcoming database update
  12. The ones playing FMT could you please raise your problems in FM Touch forum please? Different platforms and coders.
  13. Any news about it? I know we are on holidays time, but this is a huge bug that must be corrected soon, because it affects many leagues with B teams. This bug also happens on other game platforms (FMT), which don't have u19 teams to use as workaround, therefore those are unplayable.
  14. Not even remotely close. Disciplinary rules are nowhere near as important as the correct sorting of the Portugal championship league teams. One is high priority, other one is low priority, but in the end, both should be fixed. And no, nothing related to coding is my job. I work with the database. It's very common to have league rules getting broken with the constant reshaping of the Portuguese competitions. Blame the Portuguese Federation/League, for this constant mess. I don't have any doubts that next season some more bugs will show up, because of the major changes Portuguese
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