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  1. Hi Darkness thanks for your work! Coentrão doesn't need a change like you did, he is playing at his home town at low wage. Also Dortmund's Moukoko is left footed. Thanks
  2. Great effort! Can't wait to try your update. Angola seems like a good shot, strong connection with Portugal, every year many players go to Portuguese second and third tier, and if they are really good even first tier.
  3. Hi Cyril, Jovane Cabral refused the call to Cabo Verde NT. He wants to play for Portugal NT
  4. Juan Perea Mendoza in his instagram account is named Juan José Perea and plays for Porto B. Official Instagram Juan Perea
  5. Xavi Simmons was born in Amsterdam Ferhat Çoğalan was born in Dunkirk (France) Levent Gundogan was born in Rhyl Martin Murcko was born in Bardejov Leandro Barreiro was born in Luxembourg (Luxembourg) Mohamed Katana Nyanje was born in Mombasa Edo Kayembe was born in Kananga Mason Greenwood was born in Manchester (I think)
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