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  1. Hi Cyril, Jovane Cabral refused the call to Cabo Verde NT. He wants to play for Portugal NT
  2. Juan Perea Mendoza in his instagram account is named Juan José Perea and plays for Porto B. Official Instagram Juan Perea
  3. Xavi Simmons was born in Amsterdam Ferhat Çoğalan was born in Dunkirk (France) Levent Gundogan was born in Rhyl Martin Murcko was born in Bardejov Leandro Barreiro was born in Luxembourg (Luxembourg) Mohamed Katana Nyanje was born in Mombasa Edo Kayembe was born in Kananga Mason Greenwood was born in Manchester (I think)
  4. Nice work In player profile there are no recent attribute changes showing up
  5. His younger brother Dino is also going to Barcelona and it's also considered a good prospect. You can also create Lovren brother, who is also considered a good prospect.
  6. In youth file, Ellis Bellamy cant be 190cm. Isaiah Brown is 182cm 70kg.
  7. Hi Nik have you noticed a bug with the editor, a bug that don't let you search for ''at least 1 change''. I want to start the Portuguese Fix so let me know if this bug doesn't affect the file. Also don't forget about PSG's Marquinhos nationality, he also has portuguese nationality. One more time FM wouldn't be the same without you, thanks a lot for the effort!
  8. Crazy work in England, I wonder if someone can go all the way up, it will take ages With Expert Rules am I able to change the unique ID of a team?
  9. In portuguese league there are players and managers missing.
  10. I would get the two MCs deeper and you cant have so much support in attack, no problem for R. Micael and Barbosa to have a attack duty, also the WBs should be FBs and depends on the strategy they change automatically
  11. The biggest problem seems to me that you don't have any player on a defensive duty at midfield-
  12. The best way to manage this is by giving to Godinho Lopes favourite person Domingos Paciência and in Domingos contact with SC Braga leaving at the end of the season. This is not a confirmed deal.
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