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  1. Hi Ben, Thank for the feedback, the fix should resolve problem in current saves? I still find this is un issue. I upload the save Hugo Santos - Manchester United.fm
  2. Hi, I have encountered a weird bug, a sub Corona for Wan-Bissaka around the 60m mark, then I have McTominay sent off, and i enter the tactics screen before the game took me there when somebody has sent off, push the forward to dmc and sub Cavani off for Van de Beek, I confirm and resume. Then I notice Cavani was still on the pitch and a sub again van de beek, I thought somehow I made a mistake, then a realise Corona was also still on the pitch, so i was back to the tactics screen to put again Wan-Bissaka, then says I cannot make any more subs.
  3. Hi, I believe this record is wrong, since Benfica sold Jiménes to Wolves for 38M€.
  4. Hi, Man City, made a lot of offers for the same player with the same fee, this is just an example, i receive more than 20 offers. if u need the save just tell me.
  5. Hi, I receive a information that looks very strange, I'm managing Benfica in Portugal, as far as i know Portugal don't have any kind of work permit needed, never seen it, never heard of, then I receive a info from one director, saying Dani Ceballos a Spanish player saying the following: Ps: I have a lot of foreign players, including others spanish, if this is a thing should not apply to all foreigner?
  6. Hi Ben, Any news on this matter? Two more examples, i upload the save Players reject offer to leave.fm
  7. Hi, Ben I dont have just before, but I have a save during that period, I just upload the file Players keep turning down offers to be bought.fm Try sell for example, Vertonghen, Gabriel, Santon.
  8. Hi, I'm at the start of the second season and i ran into a lot of players don't agree terms with clubs that are trying to buy them, even when i pay em meet demands because they would get a pay cut. One example
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