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  1. Thank you for all the suggestions. In this couple days i couldn't play but on the next days i'll give you news on how the pre-season will go
  2. I thought on this 3 tactics for start: 3-5-2 with WB: 4-4-2 diamond no WM's: 4-3-3 no WM's: What do you think?
  3. Hello! I've decided to take a challenge and grab a lower league (3rd tier) team from Portugal. Mondinense FC is a club that just got promotion following the successfull 2016/17 campaign in the 4th tier and as no club honours... like none... zero... not even a 1st place on the most lower divisons in Portugal... Which meets the requirements for me to take charge and start filling that trophy cabinet! In terms of players the team isn't balanced: too many CM's and only 1 AML and 1 AMR. I decided to try a 3-5-2 formation but it's the first time that i'm going to use it. My main doubt is that i don't know how i should set the midfield. I was thinking of going with 2 WM's but then i remembered that i don't have players that take that position lightly so i changed to WB's. But then i've got many doubts on how to set the 3 CM's... Other valuable information: overall the CM's have good passing and vision attributes but lack some technical and physical aspects. The FB's can play as WB's and have good physical attributes but lack technical ones... The board expectations is (obviously) to not being relegated and the media previsions is that we'll finish at the mid table (for the first season is fine to me!) PS: I'm also thinking on a 4-3-3 with no WM's or a 4-4-2 Diamond with no WM's too. Any other question you want me to answer just say it and i'll try to explain!
  4. The team started to defend much better but now what i see is that my DLF(s) is not coming deep as i wanted, and thanks to that my direct passing strategy is resumed to balls kicked from the defenders to no man's land or to a crowded player. Probably i'm going to switch from structured to flexible and see if he comes deep a bit more so that the defenders could pass him the ball without puting my AF(a) on trouble.
  5. Okay @facman going to try it on the next matches. There was an InternationaI break and i arranged 2 friendlies and just by adding the offside trap seemed that it improved a bit.
  6. Okay the only issue now is that i suffer goals from through balls like butter. Not even with a CD on cover duty it works. I'll try and push the defensive line a bit low and play a bit narrow and see what happens.
  7. OMG what a difference! I made changes to the tactic and came out like this: My MC(s) holds the position like @permanentquandary told it and my FB's and WM's supports each others. This was the result: I noticed a huge difference on the way the ball was played. At 20 min i changed from Standard to Control. My FB's and WM's got the assists, 3 of the goals came from the strikers and the other 2 goals from the WM on attack duty. The MC's helped a lot on recovering the ball. Long story short: it was a dream game! I'll post more feedback along the season!
  8. @Rashidi, thank you My only fear was that wwfan's thread was probably outdated, but still i try to use it no matter what. Mea culpa. And sorry if i'm giving you a bit of headache, not my intention for sure! @Cruyffsheirs, Cleon's did that to his strikers too. Gonna test it @permanentquandary, thank you 2 of my strikers are tall and have a decent heading but lacks both the physical attributes xD @YasoKuul, thanks for that thread! Gonna give it a peak @borivoje213, with that MC duo won't i be lacking some defensive wall on the middle? Best regards, Arel
  9. 2 more losses... The board started to warn me... Team crosses more but defensively it's a waste... The opponents score from through balls and crosses...
  10. Thank you for your opinion @permanentquandary. I'll try some changes right away I'm getting a bit frustated here. It's like whatever i do in this FM (like FM16 was) the AI does it even better
  11. Hello (again) !! Once again i need some help. I'll explain it on the "Problem(s)" section. The team and level i'm playing: I'm managing Naval, a portuguese 3rd tier club. The Portuguese 3rd Division is formed by 8 groups with 10 teams each. The top 2 of each group will go on to a "promotion series" group stage and the rest of the teams will go on a "relegation series" group stage. Naval is currently ranked 67th out of 80 teams on the season overview. Expectations: The board expects me to not be relegated, simple as that. Shape/formation: My tactic is based on a flat 4-4-2, Fluid with only 3 TI. I like to keep things simple as possible (from now on). - The RPM(s), DLF(s) and CF(a) are based on Cleon's "Building a Tactic From the Beginning and Maintaining it Long Term"; - "Why is it Fluid?" Since i only have 1 specialist role (the RPM) i decided to go Fluid instead of Very Fluid. This is based on wwfan's "How to Play FM: A Twelve Step Guide"; - I like to start my matches on Standard and change it as the match goes. Problem(s): Okay, my begining of season is not going quite well. I mean, i'm on a good place for Naval level but i verified some problems that are really "grinding my gears". - My CF(a) and my DLF(s) are not being served with crosses from my WM(s) or WM(a) which lead them to have always poor ratings (6.30 average). I've tried the WM's as Wingers and the problem still exists; - I'm getting totally annihilated in all the matches. The opposite teams are having always more than 10/15 shots and i finish my matches with only 5 shots and with 40% of possession or less; - Whatever i do (Control, Standard, Counter) i can't have a bit of control of the game, not even for 10 min in a row; - I suffer most of the goals from through balls. If you need more info, please tell me Best regards, Arel
  12. Teach me master! Ahahah Could you provide a link to your topic please?
  13. I went from winning two consecutive Champions League in FM2015 to being sacked in less than two seasons in FM2016 on every save I've created. I started to question myself too. I was like "For god's sake man, I play this game since it was called Championship Manager 01/02! What the hell is happening with me?!". I spent this summer on hiatus but always paying attention to the community, specially from the "old foxes" of the game and administrators of the forum and sincerely I think you and me are suffering the same exact thing that Mourinho is suffering in real life: we refuse to adapt our tactic ideals. Notice, I'm not talking about adapt to the game itself, but to adapt our mentality and tactical designs. I deeply, deeply love the 442 standard. 442 standard grew up with me, for more than a decade. Of course i used 433 and 4231 in other ocasions, depending on the team i had in hands, but my baby was always the 442. In the modern days and real life the 442 evolved. We simply don't want to believe that his new shape is now a 4132. Trust me, if you put a DM (you can try different roles) along with a MC (again test different roles) you'll have more success. I trully understand when you say "it goes against my principles". I felt the same too. But think that in this kind of relationship (manager-formation shaping) we both need to give away something in order to succeed. You give away the CM(def) position and the formation will give away the worst results you had until now. I'm still learning to play FM2017 and until now 1 season passed and still not sacked! Not a master, just a simple player that loves the game since the 12 years old and sincerelly, it is us who need to evolve. Best regards, Arel PS: this helped me a lot (thank you wwfan):
  14. Just like bitner said. wwfan twelve steps are good to any team from any tier in my opinion. I'm training a 3rd tier club and i started with a structured formation and it was awful. Since they're not genious to play in too complex positions it's good to stay simple with them. I changed to very fluid with 0 special roles and my team started to improve
  15. The majority of the teams use the 433 formation, with 2 CM + 1 OM or 2 CM + 1 DM Yes definitely going to try with 2 standard defenders at the pre-season. (The cover/stopper) Old habits from previous FM's
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