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  1. Thanks @krlenjushka, I already found that out by myself an hour ago. I didn't know that the game is really that smart that it creates the rounds itself depending on the number of teams Really nice stuff. Problem solved!
  2. Ok, I tried it now but it didn't work properly... If I set up multiple stages and tick the "Don't add stage if not enough teams" in each stage, the stages are yet played ingame. I set up 9 stages for the cup competition (from 8 to 16 teams) and all 9 stages are played in the season! Although I ticked the box everywhere...
  3. Hey, I'd like to set up a regional cup competition of Lower Saxony in Germany. According to the real rules, all clubs from Lower Saxony that play in 3. Liga and Regionalliga Nord are participating in that cup. That means, that the number of participating teams changes every year depending on how many teams from Lower Saxony play in 3. Liga and Regionalliga Nord. So is there any chance to set up a cup competition with a variable number of teams each year? Haven't found any function in the editor that can be used for such an intention. Thanks in advance!
  4. Okay thank you So the file from this thread is now final and I can start a carreer?
  5. @Uncle_Sam As I live in Germany, I am not familiar with the soccer system in the US, but, did I understand it correctly that promotion and relegation will be introduced into the US soccer system in real life?? Or is it semi-fictional what you are working on at the moment?
  6. @Uncle_Sam As far as I understand the open post correctly, there are no more plans existing considering the expansion to the UPSL?
  7. @Uncle_Sam Are you still planning to expand to the UPSL? I would wait with starting my save until this update was released if it's still planned.
  8. Can't wait for the file - I'm the first one who'll download it as soon as it is released!
  9. Great to see you back, @Uncle_Sam! And great news that the work on the data is continuing. I'm sure you will find the best solution for the NASL/USL thing.
  10. Thank you very much for your effort, @claassen! One thing that I came across: In the USA file, the USL isn't splitted into two conferences, instead it's one huge league with 30 teams. I think this is not as it should be?!
  11. To be honest, if I were you, I'd bother them till such time as they finally change it. It is so aggravating that they don't bother about their own database in the game! And as you already said, 2-3 days of work and the work is done FOREVER and wouldn't have to be done again in the future. It's so incomprehensible to me...
  12. claassen should refrain from doing an Austria file as long as it is not possible to do one with original rules. A file with downgraded or even distorted rules would be a compromise of his ingenious megapack!
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