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  1. lollujos save https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcofa5y1dvtnc2d/20YearsSave.fm?dl=1
  2. actually scotland remaining with the eu and leaving uk is in the game as one of the possibilities.
  3. i think thats the point the uncertainty of whats going to happen, that the managers / clubs are going through now do they ignore it until theres more information on how its going to effect them, or do they start preparing for it.
  4. yes sub him off when he has 2,,,, think they need to link it maybe to the captains leadership qualities, and squads mentality and other factors, but also would like to see players take the ball off the dedicated penalty taker.
  5. Like the idea but the amount of work needed for this would be not cost effective considering the amount of players in the database and then how many lanquages it would need to be translated into makes it a no for me
  6. the next one usually is end of feb start of march time
  7. need more info

    southamptons away kit is black while bournemouth home is black and red would have been a clash issue i think.
  8. When making a loan offer one of the clauses available is 'Can play for parent club reserves'. If this was part of the loan deal then their patent club will be free to play them in their U23 matches,
  9. Brexit for me should be in the game cause the football clubs in real life dont know whats going to happen so theyve got to start thinking do we start to prepare for the worse case scenario now or just carry on as nothing is changing and take the hit when they learn whats happening. and the outcomes are all possible could happen
  10. Yes updates reinstall the deleted file
  11. rules have been changed no emergency loans anymore
  12. Didnt whenever i did it it just ended with player saying thats fair everytime
  13. in the player interaction when they come asking for a move to another club one of the answers is you will sell him if they match this valution of him, but it doesn't show a valuation think there should be a box that you enter a valuation.
  14. you can change it to land on the attribute screen which is a lot less less cluttered, in preferences - interface - landing page
  15. just click on the priority label and it sorts the the list so you can have urgent at top