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  1. Spedding

    The Walking Dead *Possible Spoilers*

    Andrew lincoln reportedly leaving during season 9 with norman reedus character taking the lead role.
  2. Been tried before just like Fife it wiĺl get repetitive. Also financially doesn't make sense the cost of getting someone to do it, then translation costs as well will make it not viable
  3. From next season the transfer window closes before the season starts
  4. It always showed all the available jobs there's a filter that you can filter out the roles
  5. Spedding

    Winter update

    usually end of feb early march no set date is announced
  6. Spedding

    Equal pay at Tesco

    In stores warehouse is same grade as stock control and most other departments. It's the big warehouse depots that get paid more. From what I'm aware of depots get paid more cause they can't retain staff as it is. I know of at least 2 depots that are desperate for more people just can't get them. It's much easier for stores to get staff.
  7. Have you posted it in the bugs section and upload your save then they can look at it
  8. Spedding

    Voice commentary

    Also translation costs
  9. Spedding

    New Transfer Deadline Day

    yeah its happening in real life
  10. Is it a Nvidia graphics card if so there's a known issue with high end cards. There's a thread in the match engine bug forum at the top.
  11. Spedding

    Starting without transfer budget

    you can ask the board to increase transfer budget
  12. There's only one database next database update is jan feb transfer deadline In march
  13. the next data update is usually the January transfer window update around march time.