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  1. weather condition is shown in the tactical meeting before the game same with crowd attendance,
  2. You couldn't you could choose which database to use but not match engine
  3. If you mean.play online together you can't M.
  4. for ajax staff licensing reasons
  5. Actually its 3 in January window and six per season thereafter also won't be able to sign players under 18
  6. Had a couple of failed takeovers then got took over then 6 months later got took over again
  7. At the supermarket i work at we had a father and son order 2 ps5 each for collection and at the bigger store a woman with same surname picked up another 2. Prices people are selling on ebay for are ridiculous.
  8. its still there but minimized you need to expand it to get the full pitch in the top left corner it says- tactics >> that expands it
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