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  1. Beta is only through approved digital retailers for digital copies only. At a glance no mention of beta on website so could be boxed copy you bought
  2. bottom of the pitch is used for recent match analysis once you've played games resize is probably best put in new features suggestions forum
  3. Spedding

    Training visuals?

    no just some basic animation for the tactic presets
  4. Spedding

    Set piece takers

    It's a known issue
  5. Yep my local conference team has signed players on loan and free recently so its unrealistic to have a blanket ban till the January January window
  6. My feedback so far ui is a big improvement on last year. Only negative so far is when playing with no transfers it blocks all transfers till January including frees and loans which is unrealistic for lower league teams my local conference have recently loaned a couple of players and signed a free.
  7. Beta was only available through approved online digital retailers not the boxed version looking at Amazon they only have the boxed version listed.
  8. you still get access if bought through an approved online retailer,
  9. beta was only through approved online digital retailer only, not available
  10. @Neil Brock @Miles Jacobson
  11. Would prefer it to apply only to the end of the transfer window