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  1. just an off hand comment in his vlog on the vlog channel seen a few fm youtubers mention there in London this weekend.
  2. shouldn't be far off lollujo has mentioned on his vlog that hes down in London splitting his time between egx and football manager hq for the captcha event, so shouldn't be too long for more info.
  3. You cant play between game pass and steam so doubt this will work
  4. Google stadia hasn't a release date yet other than november so could be anytime In november
  5. No release date as of yet anything so far is pure guess work, its unusual for it not to have a release date set though this close to November guessing there waiting on google.
  6. not always release dates of past fms has been from mid October to mid November. from what I googled
  7. They don't do it for xbox that's still PC same with stadia but that's streaming the game from google servers. Basically it didn't sell when they tried console
  8. Yes it will be only on what platform you order it on as there different platforms. Release date I'm guessing there waiting on Google as it's a launch title for stadia from what I can see all google has said stadia is out in November no date set so guessing google will have an announcement for the release date of stadia soon.
  9. Because they've released on consoles before and sales weren't good enough.
  10. no but there are unofficial transfer updates out there
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