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  1. also his request came end of august, and there feature meetings are done at the start of the year,
  2. Regen Faces | FM18

    as in the bloke stood in the technical area when watching a match in 3d
  3. Regen Faces | FM18

    it was in a response asking the same question in the last week or two
  4. Regen Faces | FM18

    Seen miles in a tweet say manager photo isnt in
  5. BETA code - will I get it?

    Should be in your game library but cant download until released
  6. also its about sports science and the medical centre
  7. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    They have subtitles if using youtube app 3 dots and captions choose your language and if usibg browser where you lower volume theres a cc button for subtitles
  8. you can see them in the scouting video in one of drop down menus that opens. Segundo Volante, Mezzala and Carrilero and inverted winger.
  9. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    actually the screenshot said mostly Greek not that they all were Greek
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmVvc35M4N8
  11. theres a video detailing the new dynamics feature on sunday
  12. Yes it stops when you get an interview
  13. personally thought the 3d looked better in that clip not much better but better nonetheless
  14. It was a throwaway comment at talk at the national video game arcade in Nottingham at the launch of the fm exhibition