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  1. Its improved over the years but I doubt well ever see hyper-realistic 3D animation in FM2020.
  2. Theres 21 reports there when you acknowledge it another 1 comes up.
  3. Not German national team is not licenced anymore.
  4. Fix should be in the next update currently in public beta build
  5. Generally first season there shouldn't be much activity as summer transfers have already happened it should pick up 2nd season onwards.
  6. Qatar world cup doesn't always move if it stays in Qatar fixtures will be altered so world cup will be played Nov dec
  7. If you bought the full game on steam you get fm19 touch free should show in your steam games. Also if you want fm19 touch on tablet that's a separate purchase Fm19 mobile will have to be a separate purchase on phone
  8. advanced - nationality - partially - uk/irish think this will do it
  9. This is a feedback thread for fm19 can we keep it that way this is a feature request
  10. 1. is in training as community outreach and team bonding
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