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  1. Well if you pre-order it now and end up not liking the features announced you can simply cancel your pre order
  2. FM18 NEWS??!!

    the schedule from miles twitter Gameplay feature complete - this week UI feature complete - Friday Art complete - Sept 15th Only then can comms start taking screens/videos
  3. FM18 NEWS??!!

    twitter most likely
  4. basically Hashtag United F.C. is an English YouTube-based football club that was founded in 2016. They gained notability due to recording their matches, making videos around them and posting them to their player/manager, Spencer Owen's YouTube channel, known as Spencer FC, . They have played many teams including several Premier League staff teams such as Manchester City and West Ham United as well as the staff teams of Major League Soccer clubs, Atlanta United and New York City F.C.. They have also played and beaten some semi-professional teams, such as Biggleswade United F.C. and Newhaven F.C they played sports interactive and if they won they would get included as newgens in the game, they won so they got included. this sort f thing has been included in all of the fms.
  5. Miles has said in the past that training is an area that needs improvement but that they don't know which direction to take it as one time they did it differently it got slated so I would expect it to change sometime
  6. As has been said many times that is simply showing limited video sequences to suit whereas FM calculates what is happening on the pitch 8 times every in game second, thats every player, official, the ball etc etc. From those calculations the graphics have to be created, every single movement. The graphics in Rush Football are not even close to being able to show what FM calculates on that second by second basis.
  7. (Suggest) Womens Leagues

    So has said they want to include it but at the moment it's not financially viable. Miles has said in the past once a few leagues are getting championship level attendances theyĺl include it.
  8. but also bear in mind steamspy only has the data that have bought the game from steam, it doesnt include the sales of boxed versions
  9. personally it would need a massive overhaul and be more streamlined for it to go on xbox ps,
  10. lollujos save https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcofa5y1dvtnc2d/20YearsSave.fm?dl=1
  11. actually scotland remaining with the eu and leaving uk is in the game as one of the possibilities.
  12. i think thats the point the uncertainty of whats going to happen, that the managers / clubs are going through now do they ignore it until theres more information on how its going to effect them, or do they start preparing for it.
  13. yes sub him off when he has 2,,,, think they need to link it maybe to the captains leadership qualities, and squads mentality and other factors, but also would like to see players take the ball off the dedicated penalty taker.
  14. Add commentator

    Like the idea but the amount of work needed for this would be not cost effective considering the amount of players in the database and then how many lanquages it would need to be translated into makes it a no for me
  15. Final Update?

    the next one usually is end of feb start of march time