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  1. Is Burton Albion supposed to have State of the Art Training and Youth facilities. EDIT: Just read an article. Nevermind this post.
  2. Is it possible to resize the kits on a clubs Overview -> Profile page?
  3. MLS teams are missing their International/Continental honours on the honours page.
  4. Edits to Highest and Lowest Attendance records in the Competition Records page don't show up in game because you can't specify on which date the game was played. Edits to "Most League Goals By a Player in a Season" in Club Records page also don't show up in game because you can't specify which season the record was set. And "Most Goals Overall by a Player in a Season" is completely missing from editor.
  5. You added "Most Goals in a Season" to club records in the game, but didn't add this record to the editor. Hopefully this will be added in later patch. EDIT: Also missing, is the option to edit which season for "Top League Goalscorer" under club records.
  6. I tried editing the colors of Champions League and Europa League but it doesn't show up when starting a new game. Also, in-game the record for "Most Goals in a Match" for the Premier League is Dimitar Berbatov with 5 goals in 2010. But in the editor it shows as Alan Shearer has the record with 5 goals in 1999. I tried to edit the record to Andrew Cole, who was the first to score 5 in a game, back in 1995, but to no avail. It stil shows as Berbatov's record in-game.
  7. Are we gonna get to add competition info to club records this year? It annoys me to no end to see record results etc. without competition info.
  8. Also, would be cool to have stadium pics on the profile page.
  9. German clubs can't get tycoons. They have to be owned by a majority of club members. The so called 50+1 rule.
  10. I get decrytion error when trying to download... EDIT: Fixed. Had to install the app.
  11. Can't figure out difference between fmf and xml files? Sometimes it saves to either file. And what is difference between import/load editor data? I know import loads xml and load editor data loads fmf... But why the two options? Very confusing loading and saving system.
  12. Really hate that I can't have complete club names on the club screens, because it is limited to 30 characters. In what panel do I change that?
  13. This is amazing! Just one question, what stadium packs are you guys using?
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