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  1. Is this the europa league if so they've took out the 2 legs for that season due to the quatar world cup should be back to 2 legs the following season
  2. they posted In the bugs forum hours before your post, Hey everyone, Firstly thank you to everyone who provided PKM's for us to review. They have been useful for us to pass onto the devs, indentifying different variables that could lead to the same outcome for some of the known issues we've had. Unfortunately we can not give an exact date for when the update will be public, but we are working hard to improve all the known issues which have been raised and hope you will all enjoy playing on an improved Match Engine as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued feedback. CJ
  3. You have to take control of something u23 u18 related eg training
  4. Not at this time if it does it will be next year. See post couple posts back
  5. club logos will only be available where theyve got licences for juventus will still be zebra for the same reason no licence
  6. You can still watch it on the twitch channel under past broadcast
  7. Not really at the moment its automatic going by this it gives you the choice.
  8. That's the database it prompts you for either summer or winter transfer database update.doesnt effect me.
  9. just an off hand comment in his vlog on the vlog channel seen a few fm youtubers mention there in London this weekend.
  10. shouldn't be far off lollujo has mentioned on his vlog that hes down in London splitting his time between egx and football manager hq for the captcha event, so shouldn't be too long for more info.
  11. You cant play between game pass and steam so doubt this will work
  12. Google stadia hasn't a release date yet other than november so could be anytime In november
  13. No release date as of yet anything so far is pure guess work, its unusual for it not to have a release date set though this close to November guessing there waiting on google.
  14. not always release dates of past fms has been from mid October to mid November. from what I googled
  15. They don't do it for xbox that's still PC same with stadia but that's streaming the game from google servers. Basically it didn't sell when they tried console
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