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  1. Where is the download link for this tactic?, it is not in the original post...
  2. Can anyone share a link for the RDF tweak?, all I see is people saying how great it is but not how you can download??
  3. Hi Rosler I decided to go back to a tactic that was very successful in FM19 for me and your Rosler 451 19.3 I have transferred over to FM20 and it is the most consistent tactic I have ever used, I have taken over a very poor Wolves team in 2025 struggling in the championship and moved from 17th to 5th place very quickly through good defensive performances , considering I do not have the team for it, even transposed the corner tactics as well and it is working... with your permission Rosler can I post the tactic here?
  4. Fingers crossed @Mr U Rosler I have the same issue, got Bolton promoted to the Championship and did well against top teams but struggled against "Lesser Teams", very frustrating!! I would prefer to use your tactics over anyone elses as they have served me well in the past, thanks for all the hard work you put in.
  5. Thanks for that, I am just going to try now with my Southampton team, hit a wall with tactics from the beginning of the season, tried numerous tactics over the last week and none seem to give consistency, fingers crossed on this. Thanks
  6. Thanks a lot geat tactic by the way
  7. What OI and training schedule do you use?
  8. Hi, do you use any Opposition instructions? What Training for pre season do you use and also once the tactic is fully fluid? Thanks
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