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  1. basicly you need to play with 3 at back with Atalanta here people wining seria A with teams like Udinese,Spal and Lecce in first season playing with 3 at back.
  2. 3 in mid is viable but wingers are bad for smaller teams. I highly suggest not to use wingers if you want to win title instantly. I sugest to use Belingham as striker or Mezzala. I won Championship then Premiership instantly using Belingham as striker. Just train on him shot with power. here my Levante team who won La Liga in first season
  3. bundesliga is so easy,there is no loan limit so you can seel entire team and use loan players. Won title with Mainz without any problems in first season.
  4. any advice how to fix them example yesterday i won 11 in row then today lost 5 in row all goals from set pieces and penalties
  5. any advice for set piece setups every game I concede goals from set pieces or penalties
  6. latest home version of tactic. second season started with 5 clean sheets in first 5 games 3-5-2-HOME(V2)-MID-Dominator by Vujevic-V-20.2.4.fmf
  7. here latest official version of away tactic. home tactic is still working 3-5-2-AVAY(v2)-MID-Dominator by Vujevic-V-20.2.4.fmf
  8. Here latest but I need to test it in new season. 3-5-2-MID-Dominator by Vujevic-V(2)-20.2.4.fmf
  9. after last update I struggled with all 3 of my tactics even they stating that they dint do any changes to match engine alot of people can tell you that some tactics droped in perfomanse after last update
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