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  1. I am not so active on this forum but I would like to share my latest tactic what I am using. results with this tactic Parma won Seria A instantly without any transfers! Everton won Premiership instantly without any transfers! Leeds won Premiership instantly with transfers! Stuttgart won double in first season,only 1 defeat ! some epic wins achieved including 9-0 against Dortmund! when you play away add team instruction to be more disciplined! ONLY AMATERS USE 1 MAN STRIKER UP FRONT! http://www.mediafire.com/file/23i144bnhhw6l5t/Attaccante-3-4-3-by
  2. Easy title with Newcastle I was leading entire year. Ai ****ed my 3 at back in december so I lost some point until January when i signed 2 world class wingers. Spended insane amount of money and also bought for next season Tonali and Bastoni. Still have 30m so Rice or Talles Magno for next season are recomended. Newcastle is so easy to play no need money from new owners.
  3. Last 2hr I was on twich playing with Newcastle just for fun and to folow my guide instructions for them. I still have 25m on transfer budget and around 15 players on transfer list. All top wonderkinds from game like for example Bastoni they are ready to join to Newcastle. If you cannot be in top 4 with any Premiership team you are bad in this game. Do not blame everything else why you fail in this game. This goes for so called experienced FM players how are saying 10 place is good for this team.
  4. yesterday on Twich I played with Eibar finished 3 folowing my guide. I lost title in last few games when Ai adapted to my tactic so that cost me home defeat against Vilareal.
  5. Eibar starting budget 400k and I still menaged to buy new 8 starting players instantly. People need to learn how to play game properly!
  6. Milwal preparations for Premiership started with first transfer! On image are details how I managed to sign him!
  7. they are not on loan I bought them. If you offer a lot of money in installments and high percentage of next sale you can get a lot of players! off course normaly I gave them star player role in team. entire preseason you can find on my twich. for Pelegri i offer 5 m in cash 7,5m in 12 month instalment and 30 perc of next sale.
  8. I change tactics when AI adapts on them, If for example I dont win two games in row I change. off course I watch my statistics during matches especially shot on targets.
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