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  1. mine is not and is best non winger tactic on all test forums! tactic name is 3-5-2- No 10 by Vujevic I used this one to win instant titles with shity teams in first season(Burnley,Benevento Granada,Stutgart and others). I often check Knap topic that one day he will create some good 3 at back tactic but that is not his thing. I tryed Argus but definitly is not good for small team. definitely Knap doing best 4 at back tactics around
  2. knap can I have one your test league because I need to do tests for mine 3 at back tactics
  3. My old twich acount was hacked few years ago. New one is zlatkovujevic 12 I do daily live streams with shity teams. you can find from last year plenty cariers where i do 3 year projects with teams and i win titles and cl instantly. Milwal,qpr,swansea all won championship then premiership then Cl.
  4. Everthing is easy if you know how to play game properly but most of people are just bad. I mean people still play with wingers and use instant results. Yesterday I won spain instantly with Granada. Today started with Benevento due to people wish to win with them. Also I decided only italian players can be signed to be more chalenging!
  5. I won Championship playing as Stoke with only one players signed Main striker scored 39 goals ! Only chalenging team is Wycombe rest is to easy. I also won instant titles with Burnley Leeds Everton and offcourse i play with 3 at back. English divisions are just to easy!
  6. Depends of your team and quality of your midfield players. If you are not sure use 3-5-2 in every away game, and 3-4-3 only against mid and low table teams at home! please watch some of my you tube carriers all explained there! my next club will be Benevento hopping to win title instantly with them. Also I started to do Wycombe on twich what is one of most challenging teams in the game.
  7. Every year I am creating 3 man at back tactics and I do You Tube carriers where I am wining instant titles with shity teams. In my saves I use 4 different tactics and I often mix them during the games. my tactics are demanding and they require proper way of playing Fm. Example you need to watch and observe your games and use extended higlights dont use instant results like total amaters. I am very critical person regarding Fm players so If you dont like my playstyle just ignore me! Feedback from other players who using this tactic is great. I saw a lot of screens
  8. I am not so active on this forum but I would like to share my latest tactic what I am using. results with this tactic Parma won Seria A instantly without any transfers! Everton won Premiership instantly without any transfers! Leeds won Premiership instantly with transfers! Stuttgart won double in first season,only 1 defeat ! some epic wins achieved including 9-0 against Dortmund! when you play away add team instruction to be more disciplined! ONLY AMATERS USE 1 MAN STRIKER UP FRONT! http://www.mediafire.com/file/23i144bnhhw6l5t/Attaccante-3-4-3-by
  9. Easy title with Newcastle I was leading entire year. Ai ****ed my 3 at back in december so I lost some point until January when i signed 2 world class wingers. Spended insane amount of money and also bought for next season Tonali and Bastoni. Still have 30m so Rice or Talles Magno for next season are recomended. Newcastle is so easy to play no need money from new owners.
  10. Last 2hr I was on twich playing with Newcastle just for fun and to folow my guide instructions for them. I still have 25m on transfer budget and around 15 players on transfer list. All top wonderkinds from game like for example Bastoni they are ready to join to Newcastle. If you cannot be in top 4 with any Premiership team you are bad in this game. Do not blame everything else why you fail in this game. This goes for so called experienced FM players how are saying 10 place is good for this team.
  11. yesterday on Twich I played with Eibar finished 3 folowing my guide. I lost title in last few games when Ai adapted to my tactic so that cost me home defeat against Vilareal.
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