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  1. 4 games, 2W, 2L. Every performance has been average at best. The first game was a 3-4 win, JUST about and we were dominated for 60 of the 90 Colombia. 3-0 loss. Battered and it could've been more Brazil, a more understandable 0-1 loss but it was average at best Bolivia, a 0-1 win, but 1 goal, 1 goal against bottom of the WC qualifiers group Bolivia and we played below average. My tactic is below, any help's appreciated
  2. It seems like an okay tactic to me tbh but I'd look to add more width on the left side with your IW and IWB Tight marking also isn't compatible with urgent pressing from what I remember, I'd also remove wbib cause it can overcomplicate attacking play too much and up the passing directness up to shorter as maybe much shorter could also overcomplicate things. For a tiki taka tactic, I'd also remove counter TI, down to you whether you hold shape or leave it undone.
  3. Problems here: - extremely urgent pressing and a low DL and LOE in a formation with 4 up top - your midfield pair is extremely aggressive, nobody there is holding - why pass into space? - SK on attack is strange, would drop it to defend or support - 2 bpd's playing hollywood passes in a seemingly defensive tactic - fb on support is too conservative to support his IW partner frequently There are a couple more, but these stand out for me. I'd make your formation a 4-4-2 or something bottom heavy and defense first if you want to keep the style
  4. I see some problems here: - your TI'S are very possession friendly, pretty much overkill really, especially the in possession ones, but the 5-3-2 is not suited to such style. - urgent pressing combined with less then optimal defensive compactness (gap between DL and LOE) - tight marking doesn't make sense with the supposed possession-looking style - in a bottom heavy formation, prevent short GK distribution doesn't work well - why both TSK and distribute to CB'S? - work ball into box, be more disciplined, lower tempo and narrow is incredibly passive, would make tempo and width default and remove wBiB and BMD.
  5. Your TI'S suggest you want to play defensive football, but you have a wing back on attack and your 2 DM'S are very aggressive. You also have little penetration in that front 4, I'd add another attack duty. Pass into space should only really be used on situational basis so I'd remove that. I'd also like to raise the question: what's your style of play?
  6. FM21 is my first FM, and I've really enjoyed how this year is, the realism it brings without taking away the feeling of playing a football simulation game is amongst the things I like most about this year's game. Something I've noticed is when I'm playing, it's kind of just crowd noise, and I always thought 'they should add commentary to this!' and since I found this forum, here I am. Also, as you've seen in the title: cutscenes. When you finish your team talk for a big cup final, I'd like to see cutscenes and views of the stadium as well as the trophy, I think it'd add something cool and something to hype you for that final I'd appreciate it if SI could implement this in to a future FM, it will bring another dimension in to the game and overall make it better, thanks for reading this if you have 👍
  7. Best you post a screenshot of the current tactic or at least some visual representation
  8. Both of your tactics aren't great, in honesty, but you can tweak: Tactic 1: problems and solutions - overkill in TI'S and a couple not suited to your tiki-taka, I'd remove a good few of them - BME practically means ''don't follow TI'S'' I wouldn't do such TI - SK on AT very much contradicts the tiki taka style, and 2 BPD'S is very risky even for Dortmund - i'd make your CWB'S WB (SU) and FB (AT) - BWM is very aggressive, I'd say CM (DE) in its place - AF is going to be fairly isolated, maybe have him as an attacking role but slightly deeper down - tight marking does not fit with extremely urgent pressing, and with less then optimal defensive compactness, - counter is not logical with tiki taka - WBIB can also overcomplicate attacking play Tactic 2 problems and solutions: - extremely attacking, your bank of midfield 4 is going to be flying forward and your IWB'S will attack a fair bit even on support. - overkill in TI'S again - your 2 ST'S are very very isolated, and 2 attack duties in tiki taka style is a big no-no - why pass into space? - 2 BPD'S, again, risky even for Dortmund - wbib once more can overcomplicate attacking play - counter is, again, not really compatible with such style - why run at defence? - also once more, less than optimal defensive compactness, paired with UTM and extremely urgent pressing. - prevent short GK distribution isn't really great with a bottom heavy formation
  9. I'm not exactly an expert with tactics, but here's some things that don't seem right: - urgent pressing combined with less then optimal defensive compactness - you seem to be using possession friendly TI'S, but wide attacking width is not compatible with such. - with that, the counter TI is also not compatible with your seemingly possession friendly TI'S - you are already taking shorter kicks and distributing to CB'S with PooD, so I see no need tbh I also think that maybe lower tempo is a little too extreme, set that to standard and make the passing shorter. EDIT: I'd also up your mentality to positive.
  10. Thanks for the help 👍 1. I play with a positive mentality, sorry I should've mentioned that in the original post. 2. Well I'm just finishing pre season right now, i haven't really noticed much with my HB but I'll pay attention to the matches. Oh and it's a 4-2DM-1-3, I should've made it look a bit clearer. 3. Yeah, that's the general idea of the tactic, try to overload one side and then free up space on the other. I haven't checked all of the PPM'S, but if none of the players have such, I'll do PI'S, thanks Thank you @HUNT3R 🙂 Right now I'm only just finishing pre season, as I mentioned above, but I just came and posted to see if there was any flaw with the set up so I can tweak for when the Ligue 1 season starts 👍
  11. So, I decided to start a new save with Lyon, and I've made this tactic. Help is welcome In Possession: Shorter passing, PooD, Higher Tempo In Transition: Counter Press Out of Possession: High DL, More Urgent, Use Offside Trap Roles and Duties: SK (SU) WB (SU) BPD (DE) CD (DE) FB (SU) HB (DE) VOL (AT) AP (SU) IW (SU) DLF (AT) W (AT) If anyone sees flaws, I'd be more then happy to take any advice on board, thanks 🙂
  12. Hello guys, finished off my second season at Hamburg. With a predicted finish of 17th, we came a very good 5th place, missing out on Champions League football by just 2 points in the end I usually used a 4-1-4-1 flat, but for the last 10 games of the season I used a 4-3-3 DM Wide. It wasn't bad, but it was fairly inconsistent. So here's the tactic: Positive Mentality TI'S In Possession: Higher Tempo, sometimes i change passing length to short or direct depending on the game situation, pass into space I also sometimes use, but mainly just Higher Tempo TI'S In Transition: Distribute to FB'S, Counter, Counter Press TI'S Out of Possession: High DL, More Urgent, Use offside trap Roles and Duties: SK (SU) WB (SU) BPD (DE) CD (DE) WB (SU) HB (DE) MEZ (AT) CAR (SU) IW (AT) DLF (AT) IW (SU) Help is welcome 👍
  13. With that piece of information in mind, I'd use a combo of DLF on support and then the poacher, since using 2 attack duties isn't compatible with such style.
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