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  1. I tried this tactic after having a nightmare 2nd premier league season with Stockport. Saved me from certain relegation seeing me jump from 18th to 10th in the final 11 games. Got to close season strengthened the squad predicted to challenge for Europe and - 2 points from 5 games and 2 complete hammerings. Really poor. Tactic fully fluid and I've no idea what the issue is
  2. Franky My season fell away badly and unfortunately I reverted to the same 442 tactic which took me to promotion the previous year from The championship. It gave me 5 wins in my last 7 games to finish 7th and thankfully got in to the Europa League with an penalty shoot out FA Cup Final win over Arsenal. I was getting hit 4, and 5-0 in a shocking run but I like how this tactic generally plays out so am going to give it another shot. I have only been able to improve the squad slightly so am nsure how I'll get on. I started the next season with a completely untried tactic and lost 2-0 at home to Fulham and 5-0 away to a poor Chelsea side. I went back to the 442 and finished the evening with a 2-0 win over Spurs. I am going to give this 442 an extended run first with a view to going back to this at the end of the season or if the tactic fails to produce. In the meantime, I hope I have elped and besy of luck with this or any other tactics pal.
  3. Franky you may be close there. With Sakho and Rashford both getting lengthy injuries I've had a tough run. I upped my expectations when 2nd in January to Europa League qualification and even that will be a right battle now I think. Roll on summer to squad strengthen that bit more!
  4. No problems and yes of course my squad is better than that which won promotion. I will keep you posted without a doubt. My main striker is Marcus Rashford - 25 years old and Diaffra Sakho as my AMC and they are ripping it up. Rashford smacks the winner against Chelsea in a superb 1-0 away win so 9 points out of 9 against Man United, Arsenal and Chelsea. 3rd in the league 2 points off top spot!! I won't bore you after every match but I will update later. The football is fantastic to watch and mixed up between wing play and fast one touch passing through the middle.
  5. Agreed. Based on your reply earlier I've put my striker on the beats offside trap PPM and I'll keep you in the loop on how it goes. Beat Arsenal 1-0 with 10 men now. I'm off work this week as it's my birthday tomorrow so I'm all over this. Chelsea away next to see if I can get 3 wins on the spin during my toughest run so far....... I'd like to add the corners seem really effective have you changed them from previous versions? Again nothing unrealistic but better than previous versions in my save at least.
  6. Hi Franky, Ok no problem. 1. I was predicted to finish 18th. 2. Striker has pace of 17 and no PPMs applied - he's scored 10 for the season in 14 games - remember everyone was misfiring in my first 5 games!! 3. I am getting a nice split of goals, if pushed I would say 60% crosses, 40% through balls but the football is high quality stuff. 4. Always run with control mate this season so far. I change around 70-75 minutes to contain if I am riding the game out but have used counter also and attacking all to some degree of success. I hope this is helpful pal
  7. Wow! Just wow!!! So I ended up with 7 straight wins, then lost at home to Stoke who are romping the league currently and then.......... Man United away, I am the rank outsiders and walk away with all 3 points in a 3-2 win. It was comfortable. 3-1 up and coasting, conceded late on, switched to Contain and they don't get close to stealing a point. I am 3rd and looking good. I actually think my Premier League status will be secured by Christmas and I fancy Champions League football at the first attempt - mid - season FM meltdown notwithstanding of course!!!
  8. Sorry to hog the thread! I finished the night with 4 straight wins. Scored 14 conceded 4. Jumped up to 7th in the table also so very happy up to now. The through balls are working well and as long as I can remain in the premier league I expect that to improve with better players from increased funding. Many through balls dealt with at this level but that's no different to irl. All told a very happy Hatter here.
  9. I am impressed pal I had 2 points from 3 games under a different tactic and I looked poor despite a healthy looking squad. I had Watford at home 1st game after plugging this in, they were 2nd we 19th. I took an early lead, played well but conceded an 86th minute and hit with a 91st minute defeat. Man City away and took a 4-1 pasting which didn't bother me really. Then i have Spurs at home, 1 defeat in their first 5 and me stuck in 20th, beat them convincingly 2-0 and just followed it up with a fantastic 3-0 away win at mid table Fulham - all 3 goals in the 1st half and used your tactical adjustment suggestions to ride the game out. One thing, I am finding that I do well keeping the control mentality on and just changing to wrap up the game late on. my opponents Spurs and Fulham were both odds on to beat me, so good stuff so far pal. I will update more tomorrow.
  10. Hey pal! I got in to the Premier League although I changed tactics to get there, with Stockport. I love how your tactics play and as I simply need to avoid relegation i have some leeway results wise so I am going for this - I have players to suit this so I will update in a while
  11. hey Franky, I did carry on for a few more games after taking a break, but my striker actually has 24 goals in 22 games so I am very happy with that pal. Also I take pastings at relegation strugglers. My final game last night saw me in 5th away to 22nd. I was odds on favourite and lost 5-1.
  12. 4-0 pasting at promotion rivals means I need to stop this experiment now sadly. Not knocking the tactic as it clearly works for many but definitely not for me. I've followed all instructions and even Re- jigged my squad to make sure all the players are right for the tactic. I'm off for something different which can get me in the play offs as I've lost all hope of automatic promotion now despite more than half a season remaining. Keep up the good work Franky I'll look out for other tactics without a doubt in the future pal.
  13. Unfortunately early signs aren't great for me. It's keeping me just outside the play offs liked the tactic I used last season. Winning every home game comfortably but after winning my first game with the tactic away 6-0 I've drawn 2 lost 3 away in there league and lost in the capital one cup away too. Was 3-1 up in a game against a side struggling against the drop but I knew I wouldn't win. Sure enough I draw 3-3. Fully fluid now so I'll see how it goes. Training on defensive positioning now fully fluid - then I concede 3 against a poor side immediately which is disappointing. I'll check in after the next 10 but feel if I'm to get to the premier league I need something that isn't compromised away. Two thirds possession every game home and away and at least double the attempts of opposition every game as well.
  14. Franky - I left the previous wings of fury to try another tactic which worked well for my Stockport side in The Championship to a point. Having just missed out on the play offs I've targeted promotion and lost my first game 1-0 at home. Saw this, downloaded it and went away from home to win 6-0 in the first game using it! Definitely sticking with it for at least this season. Great effort again pal. Still can't get those screenshots to work!
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