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  1. Unsure if anyone can help but technophobe here. I followed the step by step guides to install the file but nothing whatsoever is showing when I open the game. There are no editor files. The file isn't zipped and shows as in the right files. I have a MacBook air. any help appreciated. Thank you
  2. Is that tactic for underdogs? I ask because I took one year more than you to get Stockport County to the PL and consistently just stuck in 5th/6th so looking to take that extra leap. In 2033 so squad is new gens but got some quality. Still doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m using Echoes 4231 currently.
  3. Sorry if already mentioned but I used some uploaded (on here) training schedules in fm20, are people doing the same in fm21?
  4. Had a look on the spreadsheet and can't see this Warrior 370 its which is spoken of. Can anyone tell me which Warrior this tactic is on the spreadsheet please? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for posting this mate. I've spent some time putting this in motion this morning and it's moved the performances up a notch without a doubt. 👍
  6. Apologies if this is a repeat of any earlier posts but where can I find the RDF training guide? It appears to be deleted from the OP. Thanks in advance.
  7. Where can I find the download for Kashmir 433 vol 3 p110 EC CC? On the spreadsheet it takes me to a different version. Thanks in advance.
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