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  1. Update*** After the Pre season games above, we played Doncaster in the first round of the League Cup, we took a 1-0 lead but then my Central defender got sent off and they managed to turn round the result. What followed was not expected at all... 11 Games unbeaten, 9 wins and 2 draws up to my first defeat, in which my squad was heavily rotated. 3 wins, 3 draws and another defeat made up the next 7 games. December followed in what is a notoriously busy month, but no problem for this BWFC team 😀😀 9 wins on the bounce, scoring 21 goals, and conceding only 3 goals. Safe to say we are comfortably top of the league (Below) The only thing I did from my earlier post was to hire an assistant manager that had good tactical knowledge, and asked him to take care of the OI....Crazy?? Long may this continue!!
  2. This below was my pre - season First competitive game next against Doncaster in the League Cup, I stopped adding the OI after the Ipswich game.
  3. Morning, Started a new game with my beloved Bolton Wanderers, not made any signings as the squad is far too big at the moment, and also the fact that we have no money haha! First friendly got battered by Slavia Prague 4-0, and then in the second friendly against Ipswich we lost 2-0 in what was a more evenly matched encounter. I have decided to use the OI I picked up from a Ryan Cassidy tactic on Omega Luke's Discord, I am not sure if this is causing issues so I will take them off for the next match, and see if that helps anymore with the tactic. I also appreciate the tactic is in its infancy with the new team, so as the team get more used to it performances will improve.
  4. Thanks, I am just about to fire up a new game and use this tactic. I will keep you updated on any progress and hopefully people will jump on board, do you have any tips on the best way to use this tactic?
  5. Hi, I have never come across this tactic until it was at the top of the list this morning, it is very interesting! I have become a bit lazy with FM21 lately, starting a new game every week, not really happy with any tactics I am using, or create.... This may just peak my interest again and maybe one last Hurrah before the new game comes out 😀😀 I await your update 👍🏼
  6. Ahhh Okay thanks, I probably need to arrange more friendlies in my first season to get the tactic up to scratch before the season starts Thanks for that
  7. Hi, great results for you there..... How long did it take the tactic to bed in and start working?
  8. @jjacopoThis guy is just showing the forum what a great tactic HE has created and is finding it to be (and by the looks of it he is not on his own).... This is the 2nd comment you have put on here, and neither constructive in any way shape or form. Why the negativity? This is looking good @DavyDepuydt1, I have been keeping my eye on this thread, I am tempted to try it at the end of my current season after my tried and tested tactic has started to falter with the new ME update. Keep up with the updates on tactic testing 👍
  9. Hi, Can you let me know who takes what on Throw-ins, corners etc... Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Hi @Mr U Rosler Apologies I have not updated for a while, had a issue with my laptop and lost everything 😥😥 Managed to get one from my brother who has a shiny new laptop from work, so he has borrowed me his until I get a brand new one. I will be starting again and will be using this tactic (Of Course!) I hope the new update has not messed the tactic up. If it is okay with you @Mr U RoslerI will update once I have finished a new season... It wont be with my beloved BWFC but I may try and start in another nation.
  11. Hi mate, I changed nothing at all, straight plug and play. I may try that against the top 6 teams this season, although I have just gone to Anfield and lost only 1-0 on Attacking.
  12. First season in Premier league. We finished 8th, after media prediction of finishing bottom of the league. No OI No shouts used during the game Assistant manager was doing the team talks I did take some hammerings though: 9-0 Away Loss against Man Utd 7-1 Home loss against Man City
  13. Third season finished, and back to back to back promotions....All the way up to the Premier League! This season was hard though, sneaked into the play off's with two games to go, scored a ridiculous amount of goals (And conceded a ridiculous amount!) Top scorer was Ricky-Jade Jones, who scored a total of 36 goals. We did also pick up a large amount of booking and red cards this season. No OI No shouts used during the game Assistant manager was doing the team talks I have managed to do this with purely loans players and free transfers. Now as shown below I have been given a massive war-chest to keep us in the Premier league I have to give Rosler the greatest respect for this tactic :-)
  14. I will keep posting to this tactic, as I feel it does not get the recognition it deserves Second season finished with Bolton. Finished 2nd and won automatic promotion to the Championship No OI No shouts used during the game Assistant manager was doing the team talks Onto the next season :-)
  15. Just finished my first season with Bolton. Finished champions with 91 points, a few results towards the end of the season after gaining automatic promotion stopped me from getting near the 100 point mark. I also won the Papa John Trophy as well, beating Hull 3-0 in the Final!! No OI No shouts used during the game Assistant manager was doing the team talks A true plug and play tactic, really enjoyed the football as well. Onto league one
  16. Thanks for that, I suppose the inconsistent form could be put down to it being the first season, should fair better in the second season if it keeps you up
  17. Been looking forward to this tactic, will load into my game over the weekend, and let you know how I get on
  18. Apologies for not being clear, yes a new updated tactic for 2021 is what I meant. I am glad to hear you are working on a new tactic
  19. Thanks for this, they are a great read and really looking forward to seeing how you do on FM21. Have you got an updated tactic for this year?
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