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  1. Best player of our team but Willian still got better stats...anyway. Great update on Emile though You got Eddie still being overrated, he won't make it out in the premier league...
  2. To me he is clearly more of a runner. Although it depends if you train him like that. His finishing and long shot can be overpowered lol I got him at mezzala on the left side and he has been world class (goals plus assists) In your tactic maybe play kana as a Dlp d and move moriba there on Mezzata attack?
  3. Mezzala (attack) gets him plenty of goals, his best position imo. IRL he started last week for Barça at only 17 lol he is the next big thing tbh Two guinean beast (with fati) from la masia
  4. Make him take corners, you'll see. Biggest cheese in FM 21.
  5. Bissouma is the real deal! Love your transfers and if you want to follow Arsenal model its time to shop in the french league (lorient? Monaco? They got few good prospect) Also think about bringing Lamptey on the right side maybe?
  6. I have 2 things I want to point out though - Why, if 7 is extremely good, in non full detail leagues, the best players are close to 8s for a whole season? Are they superhuman? - Can you explain the reasoning behind a key pass and a corner kick? Because it seems like you can put anyone taking set pieces to bump up his rating. I just dont get it.
  7. I like that your board does this to you, in my save ( valencia ) ive sold some players but the board never grab the money so I have an unrealistic 150 mil in budget for years now.
  8. You said it doesnt matter if he doesnt get good ratings but you know he is playing good games. My problem is that you have to watch those games to know if he is your best player on the pitch, because ratings dont tell you the same story. And I know what you mean, I see my DLP doing everything on the pitch...just to have a worse rating than the set piece taker lol And yes defensive midfielders dont win ballon d'Or because their stats are not sexy at all. Still the ratings system is not about stats only, its about how well you play the position (SI said that they worked on it for fm 21
  9. If you are not watching full games, how do you know he is your best player? Ratings are mostly important for awards, price and national teams ( you get called up based on your average rating) So yes it bothers me.
  10. I wanna see your tactic plus if he plays on support or defend ( DLP - S can get decent ratings yes) and if he takes set pieces (aka rating cheese)
  11. DLP - D can make key passes playing from way deep but in the game key passes are ones that can create a chance, but I dont want my DLP - D to be the source of my goals, they rarely get assists....( Jorginho, Busquests, Fernanindho back in the days etc)
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