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  1. Arsenal Pepe - Saliba - Willock - Nelson - Ceballos - Tierney ...What else?
  2. You got it Or that players with 19 dribbling 19 technique can't dribble
  3. Last year ME was better IMO, hell I can argue that 2015 version or whatever were better that this year. Lack of dribbling (for some reason, it's always someone beating another player in a sprint, no skills...) Lack of through balls For the first time in my life I won't play FM in december, crazy huh, I waited for this update but nothing...I'll wait for the other one. My save is in stand by.
  4. I think it's a bit too easy though. Taking over top clubs shouldn't mean winning everything I mean, I may not want to buy FM to take a small club. i understand that some try to exploit the game too, but as far as my experience, there's nothing I dislike more than Arsenal winning the champions league with his current squad, like...really?
  5. I believe Real is fun again, after Ronaldo leaves and Modric gets older Not that challenging but a nice first save I do think Not to mention they dont have quite the transfert budget i expected (59 m 1st season then 39 m the 2nd one!)
  6. Lucas torreira is a beast Had a 7.77 rating on my 3rd season as a DLP-D (!!!!! That never happened on fm18 lol) Always my best player.
  7. I dont think this is an issue its actually great to see some players struggle to develop while others can do it fast! No more automatic easy wonderkids who rule the world by 21!
  8. Ndombele is so underrated in this fm, he's the next big thing in France, not sure why his passing isnt better
  9. Thank you! Well I have my assistant doing his training, but he started 29 games and hasnt been injured. Paqueta started the whole season too I have torreira who also hasnt gotten a green arrow all year All are under leaders mentorship like koscielny and ramsey Maybe its more hit and miss than fm 18? That never happened before
  10. I've played 1 season thus far, I noticed that Guendouzi (High potential) havent improve at all (not one single stat...) Is it part of the new training system? Slower developement for some players? Same thing for Paqueta..
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