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  1. Martinelli is about the same. Crazy that now he has a static PA which is not even higher than Nketiah lol. That's disappointing ! He's a future star IRL...
  2. Longer term you'll have a wasted generation of players lol It really kills the game
  3. He didn't start a new save so he's not affected, everything was fine 1st day of the beta.
  4. Update is great Only concerns : 1 penalty per game (sometimes 2) And too many free kicks
  5. 2 seasons with Roma and still getting the 3rd place. Last year Juventus was poor and it was easy to win serie A with 80pts This year it's kinda crazy and i love it
  6. He got overrated real quick meanwhile Martinelli couldnt get the same boost...
  7. Arsenal Pepe - Saliba - Willock - Nelson - Ceballos - Tierney ...What else?
  8. You got it Or that players with 19 dribbling 19 technique can't dribble
  9. Last year ME was better IMO, hell I can argue that 2015 version or whatever were better that this year. Lack of dribbling (for some reason, it's always someone beating another player in a sprint, no skills...) Lack of through balls For the first time in my life I won't play FM in december, crazy huh, I waited for this update but nothing...I'll wait for the other one. My save is in stand by.
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